Sunday, 22 June 2014


Nana's concert for today got cancelled.

It was due to Nana getting a bad case of laryngitis last night after the first concert here in Kitakyushu. I did feel last night that there was something off with her, and during Appassionato her voice was even about to crack really badly but she fixed it in the midst of it. After that her singing seemed to require more effort and during the final song, DISCOTHEQUE, her voice was almost cracking again. I didn't trust my observations though (since who I am to claim I know Nana well enough to tell) and didn't think much of it… but now it is clear that something indeed was wrong. orz

Seems to be the first time it has ever happened, from what I understood there was a similar situation with an Osaka concert for LIVE ACADEMY, but she still ended up doing that one. And in LIVE JOURNEY there was of course the case with Sendai because of earthquake aftermath, but that got rescheduled.

Anyways… while of course it is sad missing out on a concert I was planning to attend, the most important thing is Nana and her health. I really wish her a speedy recovery and that this remains as a one time thing. I am really happy that she made this hard choice of canceling a live instead of pushing herself too far. I mean, she pushes herself too far all the time anyway… Mishi-P came to announce this in person outside the venue (I wasn't there at the time) and said she should be better in 3 days and that the next concerts will be happening. Giving her only 3 days for recovery seems a bit short, so I dearly hope that she will truly be better by next weekend and just won't make it worse by pushing on. Please remember that your health is first and foremost always Nana!! 

Nana's blog entry on the matter: [北九州公演2日目について]
Cancellation announcement on her website: [北九州公演中止のお知らせ]

I have to say that after today's tragedy I have much more respect for Nana fans. I have not heard even one complaint about the live not happening, but instead everyone is worried about Nana's health above all else. 

So please take care of yourself Nana, rest up and get well soon. We'll always be here to support you! 


  1. What a bummer that this is the one you wanted to go to. :( Are you going to attend some other live of this tour?

    This hasn't been a good year for Nana.

    I've read about Laryngitis a bit, and it usually recovers rather quickly. I wonder if this lingers for awhile already. She lipsynched Appassionato at Music Dragon, and sounded rather bad at some other TV show with the same song, including the cracking bit, just days later. Maybe she has problems for awhile already? :(

    I hope she regards this as a warning sign. She has reached an age where she can't badass any disease and health problem to death, and just needs to do things more relaxed in the future. What worth is a career if it affects the health in a bad way. Sleep more and work less, at this point she can easily effort it. Her sales have dropped ever since Vitalization anyway, use it as an opportunity to cut back on work. But who am i going to fool. She will rush back to the stage, and break her neck while falling of it, or get a heart attack during rehearsals or whatever. Nothing is worth this shit.

    1. =.=? warning sign? its just events that happen....

      so you say all the bad things happening around the world is a warning sign to them?

      by the way theres people older than Nana-san, still on singing/voice acting career. i sure she can take care herself with along with people who are close to Nana-san

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    3. Less sleep + more stress = weaker immune system = more diseases. Shit happens but some shit is provoked.

      And how many of those older people just sing, or also do plenty of other voice work?

    4. let see i know theres Yui Horie and Yukari Tamura who are doing both Seiyū and Singing (meaning same page as Nana)

      TM.R is still on singing career, KinKi Kids
      its not on the number, mainly there are like some in their late 50s still singing or voice acting or even being a actor

      not only Japan, i will say the whole world, Nana is not the only one doing the less sleep

    5. Well, since I've already attended two and will still attend Yokohama I won't let missing this one dampen my spirits. :) I have also considered Singapore as a graduation trip for myself, but we'll see.

      Looks like her condition was worse than they thought initially, so I hope now with the added resting time she will be able to recover. Wouldn't surprise me if this inflammation has been in the making for a while, considering how she doesn't allow herself to rest normally.

      Tbh, I am surprised she has made it this far without falling ill even once considering how heavily she uses her voice all the time and her tight schedule... I mean, it is a very human thing to happen. My sister is a musical actress and keeping throat infections from bothering her work takes a lot of effort and sometimes it just can't be helped. Nana is a superwoman, but these things happen to everyone.