Saturday, 4 August 2012


Mmmm, Nothing better than waking up to the mailman delivering BRIGHT STREAM to my door (well truthfully I woke up to the racket my dogs were making because of the mailman.. but still.. :3)! Surprisingly fast delivery from HMV, I am very pleased.

I have to say that BRIGHT STREAM definitely is a very strong single with its combo of such powerful and beautiful songs - no wonder it's been selling so well! Really proud of you Nana, you deserve it. o(^▽^)o Though I think the amazing Nanoha energy of this single might be stealing a little bit of FEARLESS HERO's spotlight, which is why it definitely was a good move to place it in between BRIGHT STREAM and Sacred Force as it balances it out.

And talking of Sacred Force, I'll say a few words on it now since I haven't written about it before. This song sends shivers down my spine. I am such a sucker for songs that have parts that reaaaally let Nana demonstrate aspects of her amazing singing skills. Nana said herself this song was hard to sing, harder than Mysterion, and I can definitely see that. Nana pulls it off perfectly though and I am very much looking forward to hearing a live version of this song (Pssst, Nana, when are you going to sing Risouron live for meeee~? (´;д;`)ブワッ ). I can also see Sacred Force being perfect for a Nanoha battle scene, really looking forward to seeing that as well. Also, I really love how BRIGHT STREAM and Sacred Force have been tied together lyrics-wise. BRIGHT STREAM ends with "始まりの場所へと飛んで行こう…" (= Let's fly to to the location of the beginning) and Sacred Force ends with "さあ…はじまりへと 旅立とう" (=Come... Let's set forth for the beginning). Kyah, pretty cool I think. :3

Now on a totally unrelated topic... if you happened to wonder what that paper underneath the single and tokuten in that pic is and why it is there I will tell you. Hum... It might be an AMV-plan. And it is there for two reasons - the first being that I couldn't be bothered moving it out of the way, and the second being that I figured it could serve as a teaser and give a sneak-peek of what's to come. I mean, it is possible to deduce the combination of the AMV from what you see in the pic and all. Look forward to it~! I think it should be done some time soon... xD


  1. that is very quick to receive the single.. just a few days after its release. Did you order at HMV itself?

    I hope I will receive mine shortly. Even it is just waiting for the tokuten. >_<
    I like all the three songs very much. Very nice combination as you said. I hope BS will break the record of any solo singing seiyuu. It is almost legendary ... again. ww

    But ... isnt Nana-san abit on a roll? I mean the single release one of after another. I have almost forgotten about Synchrogazer.

    About Sacred Force, I dont have a clear opinion myself. I think I need to listen to it more often. Still the fast pace and Nana amazing singing still throw me off guard. Sometimes I just stop paying attention to the song details and enjoy it >_< afterwards I always say 'Oh bummer, I said I will listen to lyrics and melody more carefully. Mou ikkai, I guess'

    Mh will you make an AMV with DD'? Anyway I will be looking forward to your next masterpiece. :3

    1. Sorry late reply. I've been distracted. :3

      Anyways! Yep, I did order from HMV itself. I've never received anything this fast from them before, I was really shocked. xD

      Indeed, I am very happy Bright Stream has been doing so well on the charts! It really deserves it. ^^

      Yeah... Nana's really been dishing out the singles. And now with her new album announcement and all... whoa!

      I agree with you on Sacred Force. It takes a while to grasp it properly somehow, can't really explain why. Like, silly example, but I could easily sing Bright Stream at karaoke, but Sacred Force, pff, I have no good grasp on the lyrics. xD I really like it though.

      Nah not DD'. I've actually had this AMV like 90% done since January... just haven't found the time to finish it. And looks like my progress is slowing down again due to lack of free time. x_x; Awh, and thank you for calling it a masterpiece. xD Have you watched my earlier ones?

    2. Yeah I watch from the first one till the last one. Very well done, nice touch on details like removing the original subs and good quality too!

      Looking for your latest creation :3

    3. Thank you for taking the time to watch all of them, Ken-kun. I appreciate it. m(_ _)m

      I'll upload it sometime soon~~!

  2. soooo many new nana singles so little money after my trip!!

    1. I bet you bought lots of great things during your trip though! \o/ How was your Live Union experience?

    2. it was amazing, just amazing. The show didn't come short in anyway. on a sad note kenny will have little to no appearance on this tour. I just found this out! oh and the dance moves for party party party ! were uh, very Nanalicious. ( sexy in the way only Nana can be!!) Also I did buy more nana goods than i wanted to! I had brought an extra suitcase just for this.