Thursday, 26 June 2014

Two More LIVE FLIGHT Cancellations, Air 7 at Yamaguchi and Air 8 at Tottori

This coming weekend's concerts have now also been cancelled.

Nana's inflammation is more serious than initially thought (not just vocal cord inflammation, but also upper respiratory tract inflammation), and thus she has not been able to recover yet. While it is a shame that the amount of cancelled concerts has now tripled, I am very relieved to see her focusing on recovering properly before setting back onto the stage. If she went back to performing when still feeling below 100%, I am sure that would not have led to anything good. I just hope she won't blame herself too much for this, because all those sad feelings will only hinder her recovery.. It's not your fault Nana!! I am glad to see from her blog entries this week though, that she as a lot of people supporting her and helping her recover. And thus, hopefully by Yamagata she will feel like her old genki self again.

Very smart of them not to wait until the weekend to make this decision too, as this makes it easier for her and also for the fans who had planned to attend.

Cancellation announcement on her website: [山口・鳥取公演中止のお知らせ]

On a fun side note, I received my tickets for the Yokohama Stadium LIVE FLIGHT concert in August today, and thanks to a friend pointing it out I noticed they clearly state "Not cancelled in case of rain". Not sure if they were planning on adding that anyway or if it is mentioned so explicitly because of the recent cancellations. Nana > weather. The only thing that can screw with Nana and her lives is her voice and her voice only. 

Get well soon, Nana!

I'll try and find time soon to write a report on LIVE FLIGHT Air 5 at Kitakyushu!


  1. I hope Nana-san comes back soon! Maybe the next week her powerful voice will be recovered. All my support and good vibes for her! :)
    I'm looking forward for the Yokohama concert! I was able to get my ticket too even if I live in Spain.
    By the way, we are going to do a meeting with overseas fans who are going to attend to this concert. If you want to come, you're very welcome ^^

    1. Sorry for my very late reply... I got swallowed up by my thesis. (T^T)

      I am glad to hear you were able to attend Yokohama and get a ticket regardless of coming all the way from Europe! Was it the first Nana live you got to attend? How was your experience~? Hehe

      Ahhh... I was considering to make an appearance at the meeting, but I ended up being quite busy on that day as well. (T^T) Would have been nice to get to meet you and other overseas fans! Perhaps next time you decide to come. :3 How was the meeting?