<<Last updated: 2016/12/30>>

Name: RJ
Birthday: June 7th
Occupation: Cinematic Designer
Favorite Artist: Mizuki Nana
Favorite Book: Shin'ai, Tales of the Otori -series, Rei Shimura -series, books by Haruki Murakami and The Hunger Games
Favorite Video Games: Shin Megami Tensei's Persona series, Corpse Party, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VI, Metal Gear Solid series and Jazz Jackrabbit
Favorite Seiyuu: Mizuki Nana, Sawashiro Miyuki
Favorite Quote:  "Why do you want to climb the mountains?
Because it is there." -Mizuki Nana


Not much to say about me - I am a girl who's trying to make the most out of her life by dreaming big (but keeping it real) and doing her best to follow those dreams. So far it's been quite successful and hopefully it will continue to be.

I moved to Japan a few years back, which has been a big dream of mine for a very long time, and did my Master's at Keio University. This period in my life gave me the opportunity to go crazy and attend every Nana thing that happened while I was there, and as a result I had plenty of amazing wonderful adventures (even shook her hand *dies* most horrible and awkward thing I have ever done, but still happy I did it). Not to mention that I had many other amazing adventures related to Japanese culture and Japan in general and I can easily say that these years were the best I have had in my life so far.

Now, sadly, I don't live in Japan anymore but shifted focus to pursuing my dream career. I moved back to Finland to become a cinematic scripter (now a cinematic designer) at a quite well-known game company and shipped my first game in April 2016. I'm learning so much everyday and I am so happy that my job combines two things I am passionate about - video games and film-making.... but not Japan. (T^T)

I hope that eventually, I will be able to bring my career and Japan together and enjoy both at the same time, but for now I will just do my best to gain experience at work while still at least attending all the Nana lives I can. They are my happy pill after all. I just respect her so much as a person for everything she's gone through and done, not to mention I love her voice and her music. She inspires me never to give up.

So, there are many challenges ahead of me still, and I am doing my best to conquer them all! My story is far from over!

Some random interests: Books (I am a proper bookworm), video games (did my Bachelor's on game development), anime and manga (see my profile on []), music (looking into getting back on track with playing the violin) and my little chihuahua boys Elvis and Fievel, whom I love to bits. Oh and I make AMVs when I have the time (so in other words I haven't done any lately) - you can find the ones I've made on here:

Oh and if you want to ask me something, feel free to post a comment here!

Last but not least, my addiction to curry just keeps getting stronger and stronger.