Tuesday, 8 April 2014

水樹奈々 YouTube Official Channel

Well, I am super busy these days but I thought I would take a moment to celebrate this new milestone in Nana's career - the other day her [official YouTube channel] was born! And not only that, it is also viewable everywhere in the world! So this new step goes beyond of her starting her conquest of social media as it also seems to be yet another step in conquering the world as well. She is inching forward little by little~

I am not sure if it was on purpose, but Appassionato was perhaps the best song to kick off the new Youtube channel with.

I mean, if you think about the opening line of the song which is:

 ("For the sake of meeting each other, we were born here")

It's like she is telling her fans that in order to meet all of them, she has made a channel ("born") on Youtube ("here"). I really hope this was all cleverly part of the plan, instead of this all being a coincidence and I am just too clever for my own good. orz

Well regardless of which, it still is quite fun how well it fits and what is stated by that first line of Appassionato is exactly what is happening on her channel - it is the fans all around the world who are feeling strongly driven to comment now that they finally have a place to show their support "directly" to her. Even if I doubt that Nana or her team can understand what is exactly said in the comments, I am sure the love from everyone is clear enough and it is a nice way for her to see how much support she has outside of Japan.

I also hope she will actively use her channel, perhaps by following Hikki's example and uploading some of her older releases or performances as well. Maybe at this point that's too much to ask lol. One step at a time!

So once again, congratulations on this new milestone Nana-san! And otsukaresama deshita! I was considering to write about the Appassionato PV itself too, but I don't think I can spare that much time for the time being.

Thus, last but not least - if you haven't subscribed to her on Youtube yet please do so now to show your support!


  1. I love that the channel is available for viewing around the world, I hated wanting to watch a video only to see the content not valuable for viewing in our country sign. Am glad Nana didn't go down that path of evil unlike others ( Akb48=Evil).

  2. Replies
    1. Ooohhhh hisashiburiiii Sunao-chaaannn! *ruffles hair* hope you subscribed to Nana like a good girl. :p

  3. "It's like she is telling her fans that in order to meet all of them, she has made a channel ("born") on Youtube ("here")." Suuuuuure. It's very poetic however, so you get a 3/10. +1 of bonus for the effort. /ich is too good, ich knows.

    And yeah for KR finally giving Nana a channel (\ °^°)/ Better late than never~

  4. Habaaa takuu yoo... *slaps*
    I think I deserve more than one. Because of my long absent in replying all your hard work, I am back here.

    I haven't thought about the deeper meaning of having a youtube channel. However! Nana-san is all about deeper meanings, especially in her written songs. So for her it must be indeed the next big step for other fans. euhmotakueuhm ... So actually everyone has a different interpretations about it. I am actually suprised that it's allowed by KR. Knowing how strict everything is in Japan. I hope more good things are coming ... and hope they won't any fps countries restrictions... I am already crying I can't watch anything on gundam info channel.

    Anyhow good luck to the channel!