Saturday, 8 June 2013

On June 7th

..... I was born~!
(Many many years ago though)

So, yesterday was my birthday. I've had this idea of writing about it here for a while now, but now that the time is finally - I am not really sure what to write. I was expecting my birthday to be a lot better and special this year than it usually is, but I was still somehow overwhelmed by how amazing it turned out to be. So... I don't really know what to say.

But guess I'll try lol.

It started with me receiving my birthday greeting from the Nana fan club a couple of days earlier. I honestly thought it was going to be a postcard or a picture similar to what is sent for Christmas and such. The envelope felt a bit too heavy though and when I opened it I was surprised to find a birthday message CD inside instead. Still though, I didn't think it was going to be anything personal...... my heart stopped completely when Nana brought out the big guns right at the start and began the message by saying my name. Totally didn't expect that and honestly, I still can't quite believe it no matter how many times I listen to it haha. So ridiculously amazing.


And then onward to my actual birthday celebrations. I told my friend many months ago that I never really do anything for my birthday nor do I particularly look forward to it, and since then she has been determined to organize such a birthday for me which I'd look forward to and enjoy. And I did look forward to my birthday this year. A lot. It was a really nice feeling. I really am grateful. This was the first time anyone has actually arranged something for me for my birthday (if I have done something on my birthday in the years before, it has always been organized by me). So this made me very very happy!

We started with an all night karaoke the night before, so that we'd be there singing when the day changes to my birthday. I do karaoke a lot in general, but this felt much more fun and special than when I usually go (one of my friends had even looped Preserved Roses on the way there just for me so we could sing it). I wanted to end our night by singing Nana's 宝物 and the moment I said it the friend who arranged everything asked me why haha. That quite took me by surprise, I mean, I am an awkward person in telling how I feel so I wasn't very prepared to say out loud that I picked it because everyone there is a 宝物 to me. Because of this I nearly started crying when I was actually singing it, hahaa. Fail. orz

(For lyrics: [click here])

After karaoke I went for breakfast with a couple of my friends (and got stared at by an old oji-san while eating) and then to sleep for 2 hours. After which, celebrations according to my friend's plan continued! We went for lunch and I got taken for dessert at a cafe called Nana's Green Tea. I love my green tea and I love my Nana so very win-win and very nicely thought! It became my favorite cafe by far now. :3

The ultimate cafe of destiny!

waiting number fail. So close but so far. orz

When I was on my way home to rest (though I never got as far as resting, ran out of time orz) I got a very unexpected e-mail from school. It felt so ridiculous to be getting it on my birthday. I won't talk about it here though, because I still have a hard time believing it...

Then in the evening I still got treated to dinner by two friends who weren't able to come to karaoke. Very very nice of them! They know I love my food. It felt like an adventure since before I had even time to say hi to them they told me we need to run to catch a train and I had no idea where we were going, haha.

Afterwards I was quite ready to die already due to no sleep for so long, but as a special surprise and to my delight I got to spent the last hour of the day with the person I really did want to end my birthday with. Definitely served as the icing on the cake.

So... somehow I ended up celebrating my birthday for a full 24 hours this year it seems.

Thank you everyone who was there to make it special for me and thank you for making me feel important! I love you all! みんな、宝物. <3


  1. This comment might come very late.. but omedettou!!
    Although I knew how your day went. After reading your post, I do feel it was very amazing. Well you were the star of the day, it should be special and I am happy things went better than expected for you. Oohh well life is full of surprises. www

    You are a takaramono in many hearts of us. I can guess that many of us want to take care you too. Especially mine *grinning smile*

    <3 (dancing man) ww

    1. Thank yooouuuu! Life is indeed full of surprises ww you were one of them too~ <3

      Awh, thank you sir. I leave myself in your capable hands. Yoroshikuuu~ :3

      ww oh those moves~ <3 <3

  2. very belated happy birthday !!

    1. Haha still very much appreciated at this later time, thank you sir~!