Sunday, 26 May 2013

Tour of LIVE GRACE -Opus II- x UNION & Preserved Roses

Okay this comes a bit late too, but I really wanted to get both LyriPa V days out of the way before posting anything else. orz So anyways, I went to take pictures of LIVE GRACE -Opus II- x UNION and Preserved Roses promotion stuff in celebration of their respective releases! Enjoyy~~

Firstly, I will start with the LIVE GRACE -Opus II- x UNION material!

Stop #1 - Shibuya

I first went here one day before the release of LIVE GRACE -Opus II- x UNION so there really wasn't anything to see yet.. so took random pictures related to it. 

Nana's autograph at Tsutaya

Random adds for both LIVE GRACE -Opus II- x UNION and Preserved Roses release at Animate.

Aaaand a close up of one.

That concludes my "too early tour", and the next time I went there was already this~

Yay, big banner Nana made a comeback!

I also saw a CM for LIVE GRACE -Opus II- x UNION on the screen on the wall of the 109 Men's building, but wasn't able to take a picture - first due to being taken by surprise at seeing Nana's smiling face suddenly when I looked up.. and the next time because my phone wasn't responding to my touch. And then my friend refused to wait any longer for the CMs to loop lol. orz

Stop #2 - Akihabara

Most of the interesting stuff was here (which is no surprise).

Flags on the street outside of Gamers. Sorry, the lighting sucks.. orz

And a closeup of one. Again, very horrible lighting.. sorry.. orz

A big Nana and Yukarin grace the wall of Gamers once again~ reminds me of the good times of LIVE CASTLE.

Window display at Gamers.

The elevator in Gamers.

The display of LIVE GRACE -Opus II- x UNION on the BD/DVD floor. Notice how there are none left.. xD

The LIVE GRACE -Opus II- x UNION  exhibition on the 5th floor of Gamers! I wish it was allowed to take pictures of her outfits.. they are so amazing to look at. (T^T)

Tokuten on display at the entrance to the exhibition. 

And then the cardboard Nana inside the exhibition with which you could take a picture. A bit too small to be life-size though.

The elevator in Toranoana.

And if you turned around at the elevator, this was there to greet you~

Window display at Animate.

Display on the BD/DVD floor of Animate.

And then also caught the truck while it was doing its rounds in Akiba! Playing Kiseki no Melodia.

Also popped by Tower Records before leaving Akiba, and they had Nana's signed apron on display.

Stop #3 - Ikebukuro

Really went here just for the truck and nothing else. :3 So here's a little bit of picture spam of it, plus the two Nana cars stalking it around lol.

That concludes my touring for LIVE GRACE -Opus II- x UNION, though I still by chance bumped into Nana on the train when I was leaving on a little trip with my friends.

It made me ridiculously happy to see her in the train I usually take~ yay. xD

Now...... onwards to Preserved Roses!

Stop #1 - Akihabara

 This was pretty much the only stop I made for Preserved Roses. But still a nice amount of things to see!

Window display at Gamers. Sorry the picture is only of a part of the window, it was so sunny that my reflection is fucking up the rest of it so I cut it off.. orz

Display on the CD floor of Gamers.

Elevator in Animate.

And a closeup.

All the elevator walls on the inside was covered with Nana and T.M.Revolution too. This was the best I could do in that confined space + with other people in the elevator. xD

The display on the CD floor of Animate. Nana and T.M. Revolution everywhere! Behind this they also had the outfits of the single cover on display, but like usual no photos allowed.

Elevator at Toranoana.

Toranoana also had a screen playing the PV~

And this ad sneakily on the alley beside it.

And that was all for my Preserved Roses tour, though once again I later bumped into Nana when I was least expecting it. She popped on the TV when I was at an izakaya with my project group holding a welcome party for the new students. xD

Yay Nana, keep following me around everywhere~

And thus concludes my little promotional tours. I might or might not write something about Preserved Roses. We'll see how I feel.

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