Monday, 1 July 2013

First Impressions on Vitalization

Pretty and vitalizing lady~
Since I haven't done this for quite a while, I thought I'd ganbatte this time. It is probably obvious by now that the entry on Preserved Roses that I said I might make, is never going to happen. Thanks to a certain incident in Valvrap.... ehum..Valvrave, I have sort of ruined some lines from the song for myself (though more for my friend I think haha).. orz But anyways, Vitalization time!

I had been really dying to hear this song and had great expectations, since it follows Synchrogazer as the OP for Symphogear and I just absolutely love that song. So finally Vitalization aired on smile-gang and I got to hear it~

And now I suppose the first question to answer is - was I disappointed? 
No. No I wasn't. I absolutely love Vitalization.

Sure, it is no Synchrogazer, but why should it be? The feel of Vitalization is very different, yet it fits the atmosphere of Symphogear just as perfectly as Synchrogazer did and that's exactly how it should be. That being said, I actually do think the styles of the two songs are quite similar and both songs are filled with atsui kimochi (sorry, somehow saying that in English didn't feel right lol) the biggest difference between the songs  being the impact. Synchrogazer was very "strong impact in the face" from the beginning of the song onwards while I feel Vitalization builds the impact as it goes, peaking at the very end - the end melody is really powerful and awesome to me. This contrast of build up between these two songs is really ingenious in my opinion.

Also, I suppose some might not like the unconventional structure of Vitalization, but I think it is part of the song's charm. Admittedly it could make the song messy, but I don't think that happens in Vitalization at all - instead it helps with the tension and build up of impact. Anyway, I always love things that deviate from the norm. I like Synchrogazer for the same reasons - the switching between slow and fast tempo and high and low pitch really captivates me. 

I'll talk about the lyrics later, once I can stare at them on somewhere.

I think there was still something I wanted to say, but it escaped my mind now... So without further ado, here is Vitalization! Hearts on fire~!

(The cover of this single is such a tease in this horribly hot summer weather orz)

Looking very much forward to seeing the PV (hopefully soon), it sounds awesome from what Nana wrote on her blog a while ago when she was shooting it. Also, really wanna try singing Vitalization at karaoke! lol End of July come soooonnn~

P.S. on a random note, I really love how Nana says Vitalization. It fills my heart with smiles~


  1. Its nice to relisten after the bad rip on niconico. Although I am not a big of the voice changer or synthesized voice. Anyhow it didnt really added for me. I suspect Nana was trying smth new here. But I like the rest a lot. Especially chorus, it stucks very easy on my mind. But I think HOTBLOODED Nana song might be good a description \w/

    I hope the PV will be included in the single release as a bonus or smth. Doesnt matter, its already on my must buy list ww. And tokuten!!! www

    Are you going to translate it too? I am very interested tbh ww.

    Otsuu for blog entry <3 and haiyakuuu end of july w

    PS I am already on my third loop of Vita~ ... screw the weird build up and such. Its brilliant. First 0.00-1.30 .. quite good as anime opening I like it. Then at 2.45 still liking it. The end ... what I want moar ..LOOPU TAIMU w

    1. Glad I was able to provide for you sir~ w Yeah, I am not a fan of the synthesized voice either, but I do sort of understand the usage in a song like this. I do like the flowing pitch changes in Nana's singing in this song though.

      ww probably won't be included in the single, but I am really hoping for a Nana Clips 6 soon.. I mean, there is already enough PV material to put in it (+ gimme Zachou Kouen ww)! Tokuteeen~~ /o/

      ww I can translate it, sure. Since you are interested, I am interested in doing it~

      Sankyuuuu, and yes hurry up July I don't care if you just started!! <3 w

      www that sums up my feelings for the song pretty well too!

      Oh btw, I now remembered what I wanted to still mention in my entry! Your picture reminded me. For some reason the chorus makes me think of Gundam Wing ww I think it's because I used to loop Rhythm Emotion a loooong time ago a lot and I get a similar vibe from Vitalization chorus. I cannot explain why ww