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Lyrical Party V @ 3月24日

Well once again I was more late with this than I intended... gomen. orz I have so much backlog on what I should write in my blog that it's not even funny haha (<- yet still I laughed, I am full of contradictions like my friends say orz). Anyways, enjoy the second night of LyriPa V, should be a bit more detailed than my account of the first night. Maybe. You decide.

On the second night I was feeling a lot better compared to the first, I think seeing Nana and Yukarin and everyone else really did have a healing effect on me. \o/ My seat was on the opposite side of the stage tonight, and veeery close to it. So close actually that I wondered if the extensive decorations on the stage would block my view of Yukarin and Nana when they would be sitting in the booth. orz

Here's my lovely doodle of the arena setup again, D2 being the seat for tonight: 


Second night of Lyrical Party V hajimarimasu~! Will we get to witness Mid-childa's revenge? Dun dun duun...

Same deal as yesterday - the big screen in the middle introduces all the seiyuu and they walk onto the stage one by one. Now in order to not make this post exactly the same as last night, here is a new picture for the participating seiyuu~

Thank you to @Kelvin Liu for the scan!

Tonight though, we get an additional guest! The Belka team is graced with the presence of...

Kobayashi Sanae as Reinforce!

So this time the Belka team even has one member more than the Mid-childa team. Is the Mid-childa revenge doomed to fail?

Once all the seiyuu are lined up on the stage, Mishi-P shows up to introduce them again. Aaand once again, he forgets Mikako-chan and jumps over her... perhaps on purpose this time though. We get to witness the frustrated Mikako-chan again. D'aww. While Mishi-P is introducing the rest of Mid-childa cast, I notice that both Yukarin and Nana seem to be staring at my direction and I can feel a huge blush coming on. Luckily, 
that moment did not last too long. It was time to instead again marvel at the amazing change of penlight colors for the Belka team members resulting in more talk about it tonight than yesterday and Ryouka-chan asking for everyone to show her color again lol.

After this, the booths are brought out, with Belka's booth having one more seat tonight and looking like the extra seat had always been there. To my relief, the booths were placed in a way that I had a clear view of the one closer to me too, no need to worry about that anymore! Mishi-P goes over the punishment for the losing team - the popping balloons and Lindy's special tea. You can see the Mid-childa team shivering from the thought of having to suffer the tea again hahaha.

Also, Mishi-P asks how many of us were here for last night too and most of the audience raises their hand. He then tells us that we need to act surprised tonight about the corners and everything else so that it will look good on the BD/DVD. xD

When all the seiyuu have taken their respective seats.. it is time to begin the games!

Drawing Corner

As is no surprise, the first corner is the drawing corner tonight  as well! Nana is looking mighty depressed again. Mishi-P appoints Yukarin as Mid-childa captain and Kana-chan as the Belka captain. The captains will choose the best drawing of their team and the section of the audience decided by roulette will get to vote on which one is their favorite.

First challenge is the scene of Nanoha's linker core getting extracted.

Drawing time starto! Yukarin and Nana are obviously drawing something very..... amazing. They keep glancing over at each other's work and laughing and commenting on how shitty the other's is. Once Yukarin is done with hers, she leaves her seat to go examine the pictures of her team members and just like last night she is mighty impressed my Natsuko-chan's drawing and commenting on it being so eroppoi.... again. Yukarin picks Natsuko-chan's picture for this round and the Belka team decides to go with Sanae-chan's picture. 

The chosen pics are revealed and holy shit, Natsuko-chan's drawing really is so ecchi again! Hahahaha. She really should be a doujinshi artist. The Mid-childa team spices things up by having Yukarin voice Natsuko-chan's Nanoha drawing by doing a very eroppoi "AhHHhnnggghHhh~". The audience applauds wildly, me included. Yukarin says that if their picture wins she will do it again and gets greeted by comments of how that is cheating lol. Sanae-chan's picture is also very good, but needless to say.... Natsuko-chan takes the victory clearly and Yukarin gets to do her eroppoi voicing again. 

The next challenge is to draw Hayate's truck accident.

Yukarin and Nana suck, again. Yukarin is laughing so much at Nana's drawing that even Mishi-P needs to come and see what she's doing.... and nearly dies of laughter. Poor Nana. Everyone is making fun of her. Yukarin does her round of checking everyone's picture again, and even though there are some very good ones in there, she decides to go with hers again... just like last night too lol. Belka decides to go with Sanae-chan for this round too.

I don't even know why I always try to doodle Yukarin's pictures... but really they are so amazing that everyone should get to witness them lol. It's been a while so it probably isn't accurate at all, but you get the idea:

Sanae-chan's picture is quite a good interpretation of the truck and the driver. While the audience is voting, we get to see the other team members' pictures again. Natsuko-chan's picture fails again, since it is not an ecchi picture in any way. xD And Kazuya has done funny close-ups for both rounds again. Can't remember what Nana's looked like, but... I am sure we can all imagine.

The victory of this round goes to team Belka, which really isn't surprising... poor Yukarin, her picture didn't receive much love tonight either. xD

The situation after the first corner is the same as last night - both teams are tied. Next it is time for the corner which is new for LyriPa.

Most Decibel Corner

The life-size replicas of everyone's devices are brought out again to start this corner. The point of this corner as mentioned in the previous LyriPa entry, is for each seiyuu to say a line of their character that they pick out of a hat as loudly as possible and the team with most decibels in total wins the round. Since the Belka team has an extra member tonight, Nana will do lines for both Fate and Alicia to even things out. Poor Nana, she is not very good at screaming her lines at the top of her lungs. At least wasn't last night. xD

After picking their lines, the seiyuu go take their devices and Natsuko-chan and Kazuya go through the complaining of putting on their ears and tails again. This time even Kazuya ends up putting on his tail unlike last night. When all the seiyuu are behind their microphones it is time to begin, starting from Yukarin's end again.

Team Mid-childa is clearly putting more effort tonight lessening the difference in points a lot, especially Yukarin and Natsuko-chan, but once again they are no match for team Belka. Especially since "Shamal Beam" makes a return. Both rounds go to team Belka and there are no special guests for the second round tonight.

Then it is time for the next corner!

Fortune-telling Corner

Mishi-P invites Getter-san to come and do tonight's fortune-telling ranking of the seiyuu. The point of this challenge is for Getter-san to introduce a ranking topic and each team needs to pick who they think in their team ranks the highest in that category. Points are presented to the team who guesses the highest ranking member or who's guess is higher than the other teams. Aaaand, if they guess the worst ranking seiyuu instead, they get minus points.

The first category is something like "Who seems the youngest at heart". Mid-childa picks Mikako-chan and Belka picks Ryouka-chan. The victory goes to Mid-childa, because actually...... Ryouka-chan is on the last place in the ranking because she is seemingly 60 years old at heart lololol. Ooooops... xD Minus points for team Belka.

The next category, to everyone's merriment (seiyuus' and the audience's) is "Who seems the most ero". And holy heeeell does everyone start instantly making fun of poor Nana and her ero lines. Sasuga. And Nana's reaction is pretty much a repetition of LyriPa IV lol.

Yukarin is reaaaally having a field day with teasing Nana about this and Nana gets very worked up about defending herself. So hilarious to watch. Oh. My. God. xD I am sure I don't even need to tell you, but naturally Mid-childa picks Nana as their choice and Belka decides to go with Sanae-chan. The ranking brings a huge surprise our way though............ Nana is in last place lololololol. And the one proudly sitting on first place.... is YUKARIN! Bwahahahaha. With our 60-year old Ryouka-chan. Getter-san tells Ryouka-chan that apparently she will meet a very special someone this year, woo~ So result is..... minus points for Mid-childa and victory for Belka this round.

Time for the last corner!

Seiyuu Shuffle Corner

The most fun corner of them all is here again! A certain scene is given to the seiyuu and the character they will voice in it will be shuffled for them. Then we see them voice the character in that scene. After both teams had done their interpretation of the scene, the part of the audience chosen by roulette would get to vote which team's was better.

The first scene is of Lindy's and Signum's talk and Vita interrupting them all swinging her device.

Team Mid-childa is up first. We get Nana as Signum, Yukarin as Lindy, Kaori-chan as Vita and Natsuko-chan as the device. It is obvious that they have stepped up their game by a LOT tonight for this corner, as their effort with this scene without a doubt ended up being the best part of tonight hands down. So this is what happened:

Nana: Yukari-san, I have liked you ever since I met yoooouuu...
Yukarin: Wait! Nana-chan let me say it. I love you. Let's get married.
Nana: Yukari-san...
Yukarin: Nana-chan...
Nana: Yukari-san!!
Yukarin: Nana-chan!!
Kaori: Hurry up and get married you guys!!!
Natsuko: Congratulatioooonnnssssssss!!!
Nana: Thank yooouuu!
Yukarin: We will go do it tomorrow!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA oh my goooodddddd..... So good. So awesome. So hilarious. I seriously couldn't stop laughing. It was so good that I have no recollection of what team Belka tried to counter it with. That is how good it was. I was so happy that my part of the audience was the one who got to vote for this... YukaNana foreeveerrrrrr! Smashing victory to team Mid-childa!

The second scene of the challenge is of Nanoha appearing from the flames and Vita calling her the devil, and then camera switches to Signum, Shamal and Fate on the roof about to do battle.

This time Belka goes first. And this time I ganbatta! We get Kana-chan as Vita, Asami-chan as Nanoha, Ryouka-chan as Signum, Kazuya as Shamal and Kaori-san as Fate. Their tactic for this scene is to talk about dinner lol. 

Kana: It's sushi!!!
Asami: Sushi is fine.... Yakiniku is no good...... but sushi is fine!!!!

loool and then the rest of the conversation I don't remember... xD I found this food conversation to be quite funny and didn't really think Mid-childa could top it, especially after their amazing tactic for the previous scene lol but I was very mistaken. For them, we get Mikako-chan as Vita, Nana as Nanoha, Natsuko-chan as Signum, Kaori-chan as Shamal and Yukarin as Fate. These guys reaaally are hell-bend on winning this corner tonight. Now it was time for a loli attack.

Mikako: You're a loli!
Nana: Loli is fine....... Loli is fine....... because I am forever 17!!!!"

Nearly dropped off my chair because of laughing so hard again. xD It is sooo hilarious to hear Nana talking about something like this so seriously lolol. Sadly again, I didn't catch the end of the conversation. Again it is no surprise that the Mid-childa team takes the victory for this round too.

Total victory for Mid-childa in this corner tonight. Totally opposite from last night lol. These ladies got really scary tonight, don't mess with them when they are serious!

Outcome and Batsu Game

With all the corners over, it is time to announce the winning team of tonight. It is...... Mid-childa!! They did end up getting their revenge tonight, whoa! Yukarin looks extremely pleased about herself lol like the complete opposite of how she was last night at this point. The balloons behind the Belka seiyuu start filling up, and even though Kazuya is just sitting there normally his balloon takes an abnormally long time to burst. xD

Then the tea trolley is brought out and it is finally time for Mid-childa's sweet sweet revenge. Yukarin starts making the ultimate sweet death tea for Kazuya by basically emptying the whole jar of sugar cubes in his cup and only pouring a little bit of tea in it. You can tell she is enjoying herself tremendously. xD Once the teas are made and brought to team Belka, it is time for the drinking to begin. Kazuya almost dies while drinking his and runs behind the booth to get a box of tissues to clean his mouth with. Even Mishi-P needs to come and take a look at Yukarin's horrible tea and concludes that it looks mighty disgusting.

After this the seiyuu depart the stage to prepare for the live corner, and Mishi-P takes the center stage with Getter-san once again. This time, they are joined by a couple of seiyuu from the Belka team,  Kaori-san and Ryouka-chan. Getter-san does some fortune-telling again and reads from Kaori-san's palm that she will apparently be getting lots of money in her life. Ryouka-chan gets excited about this and asks about her situation but apparently she won't be getting any money. xD But once again Getter-san repeats that she will meet that special someone and get married! And apparently she is very compatible with a Tsuzuki/Suzuki-san (I don't know who this is lol do they mean the creator of Nanoha? xD)...?

Then after Ryouka-chan as had enough fun with her marriage talk, it is time for....

Live Corner

Ueda Kana
01. Snow Rain
Mizuki Nana
04. Sacred Force
Tamura Yukari
08. Little Wish ~lyrical step~
09. Spiritual Garden
10. Tiny Rainbow
11. 微笑みのプルマージュ
12. Beautiful Amulet
13. 滑空の果てのイノセント

The live corner starts of with Kana-chan singing her tranquil song Snow Rain again, with "snow" falling from the ceiling once again. This song is always such a beautiful experience to listen to.

After the song Kana-chan walks off the stage and Nana takes over with her Cherry Boys. She starts the night powerfully with ETERNAL BLAZE like yesterday, and continues powering it up even more with ROMANCERS' NEO (god I love hearing this song live and I looove singing it in karaoke now too xD) and Sacred Force. I thought SECRET AMBITION might've been changed to MASSIVE WONDERS tonight but nope. And not that I mind at all! BRIGHT STREAM and BRAVE PHOENIX brought about an epic finish to her set list again. Those two songs really had me in some kind of peaceful trance. Once again, I don't remember much about her MC in between her songs, but I do think she mentioned hers and Yukarin's marriage lol she seems to be very excited about it. Just admit it that you really wanna do it~~ xD

After Nana finishes, it is Yukarin's turn. We get the big balloons that burst into little heart balloons bouncing on top of the audience again during Little Wish ~lyrical step~. Thanks to not being so dead today, I was enjoying the penlight choreographs for her songs a lot more tonight and was able to keep up better too. I was happy that Tiny Rainbow stayed on the set list today since I already was familiar with what I need to do during it. I had been hoping to hear 星空のSpica tonight again too, but it had been taken off the set list. (T^T) oh well. During her MC, Yukarin started asking about the color-changing penlights that everyone seemed to have and even asked one person from the audience to show her his. She had a lot of fun playing with it and changing the colors and since you need to cycle through the colors one at a time she commented on how fast you need to be to change the color without missing half the song lol especially if you accidentally cycle past the color you want at first.. xD She then asked where you can get these and people shouted that at Don Quijote and then she asked for the price and people shouted 3,200 yen. Then she said to her microphone that for everyone who still didn't have one, they could get one at Don Quijote for 3,200 yen lol. xD

After Yukarin's set list, it was time for everyone to come back on stage for the last thank yous. Yukarin asks Getter-san how young at heart his ranking said she was and he replies that she is 17... which apparently really was the actual result and he wasn't just saying it to please her. xD Yukarin replies that she has always known it lol. Ryouka-chan continues on with the marriage talk saying that during the next LyriPa she will have her wedding and Yukarin and Nana chime in that they will have their wedding then too lol. So... lots of awesome stuff to look forward to in LyriPa VI eh? 

As the icing on the cake, we see an announcement for the third movie again, but this time we get to hear the name! It will be.... Movie 3rd Reflection! The seiyuu discuss a little about what this could mean and then it is time to close up the event. After all the seiyuu have left the stage, I ran off as fast as I could again to avoid the masses of people lol.

And now last but not least, I will leave you with a picture of Nana and Natsuko-chan! Sorry again for taking a million years in writing these reports. orz



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    1. Arigatouuu Mi-chan! I am glad you enjoyed it!! (^-^) Hopefully next time we can go togetherrrrr~! *hugs*