Sunday, 20 October 2013

Thoughts on 「革命デュアリズム」 PV~

I know I should be writing about Animelo and not this, but I figured it would be nice to be on time with something for once. Knowing me, too, I wouldn't even bother writing about Kakumei Dualism unless I did it when it's still a hot topic. I'm gonna do a lot of picture spam just to keep things interesting, so don't mind me. Also, I kind of just wrote what popped into my mind on the spur of the moment so I might have neglected to mention everything I planned to or the text might be jumping from here to there.... so I do apologize if that is the case.

So we got to see the full PV for it yesterday, and here it is in case you missed it.
(EDIT: changed to short version since full version was removed orz)

Firstly, I must start with this....

Quoting POP MASTER..... TMR are you OK?

This face causes me amusement every time I watch the PV. Those battle-crazed eyes! Very good job portraying a fighter in agony TMR. I give you full points~ haha :3

Krhm... anyway....

So similarly to the Preserved Roses PV, we see Nana and T.M.Revolution fighting to escape the chains of their current predicament to find freedom, a new beginning, a new hope.

While Preserved Roses was in a very futuristic setting, Kakumei Dualism takes sets us in a time of the gladiators it seems. I like the contrast set in Kakumei Dualism, with the rain and fire and Nana's dark clothes compared to TMR's shining armor.

We did have the contrast in Preserved Roses too with TMR representing white and Nana representing black. Come to think of it, why is TMR always the light one and Nana is dark? Reminds me of old Chinese movies where the protagonist starts of with dark clothes (usually black) and when he has become enlightened and/or gained amazing new skills and goes to beat the bad guys at the end of the movies, he will have changed into white clothes to represent his goodness, enlightenment and justice. So does it mean that TMR is a hero who escaped his predicament, while Nana still continues struggling? Well in Preserved Roses we did see the white-haired Nana gain freedom so that was a nice positive outcome, but in Kakumei Dualism we see TMR break his chains while..... Nana does not? Someone help her? lol don't leave her to suffer.....

I've had enough of this shit. Onwards to freeedoooommm~!

Um.. somebody help me please?

Sure she is wearing lighter clothes in this part compared to TMR, but we still have TMR representing fire, which is a source of light, while Nana struggles in the dark rainstorm. Maybe I think too much. Well, I do know for a fact that I think too much. Anyways, I really like this setting, it looks so good for them both.

Then as the big finale of the PV we see TMR and Nana...... die.

The end...... kidding.

Well not quite. Before ending up dead on the ground we have a magical moment where Nana's tear and TMR's blood combine and splatter (excuse my horror movie language, I bought Evil Dead yesterday) to the ground as one.

The tear.

The blood.

2 become 1.

*splat* (sorry again... orz)

And after the deaths of the two estranged warriors we get the symbol for the freedom and the new beginning, the new hope, that I mentioned earlier in this entry - a flower blooms where the suffering and protest of these two warriors forced to battle united.

So sad end or happy end? You decide. It is a nice depiction of how without an end there can be no beginning. You will always need to close a door for a new one to appear.

One thing I am now wondering about though is....... that since Nana and TMR doing Preserved Roses together caused interviewers to ask them if they were getting married, I do wonder what this becoming one and creating new life in the PV of Kakumei Dualism will bring along with it. Will they now start asking them if Nana is carrying TMR's child? lol

(EDIT: After seeing the chemistry between these two on Ongaku Generation, my friend suggested checking out the symbolic meaning of this particular flower (daisy) and out of curiosity I did. It stands for purity, innocence, beauty, patience.... and loyal love. D'awww~ what might you be hinting at symbolism... )

ANYWAY.... I shall carry on..

Not sure what I think about Kakumei Dualism as a song yet, I need to listen to it much more before I form a proper opinion. I do really love the beginning and the bridge already. The rest I need more time with. Also, thanks to a joke a friend made yesterday ('I just noticed there is a moment of brutal honesty in the lyrics when they sing ´"Kakumei Valvrave sucks". I know! But don't tell anyone...') I am not sure if I can sing this song without giggling in karaoke whenever "Kakumei wo! let's shout" comes up. Much like how I can't take Preserved Roses seriously anymore after Valvrave's rape episode. orz Oh well.

I will leave you with a picture of Nana's epic slow motion turn that we are given in a PV........ yet again.


I really should count how many times they have had her do that in all her PVs so far. I did do a little comparison [here] once, but I am sure more came later. It is nice to look at when she does it, but it does get kinda deja vu'ish having it happen like all the time. xD


  1. dont forget the slow-motion of looking up XD then all sudden smile (crystal letter)
    load of it she did that ^^;; n really give most of us goose bumps XP by doing that

    1. Haha oh yes, there is that too! And this! xD

  2. The interviewers will without a doubt ask if there's something more between the 2 of them. The chemistry between them is awesome awesome and the fans may be ok with the Nana x TM couple, there kid would be one epic talented singer.

    1. Indeed, Kakumei Dualism PV and their more recent duet live performances are really oozing with awesome chemistry. So I am sure interviewers will be much more persistent about there being something than they were before in just the Preserved Roses era lol. It would be great if they did like each other and the fans would be okay with it, but somehow I feel that would be too convenient lol life never seems to go that easily. orz I do wish happiness for them both, no matter who or where they find it from (and no crazy otaku hate).

  3. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, i'm just sayin'.

    And lets not forget the omnious quite background sounds with which most of the recent PVs start and end.

    Also she shouldn't worry if or if not the otakus agree with her private decisions. She can't win anyway. She is either dismissed as being too old (33 seems to measure up to 1033 years for some otakus) or if she would be married, the same people would hate her, too. Some of that otaku culture seems to be build upon BS and impossible to meet standards, therefore dumb it. Personally i think they make a nice couple and in some bits of the last FNS show, they already acted like one. Things that are denied, become often a fact not much later. They could also save a lot of money, because TMR would probably just wear Nana's clothes as evidenced here. Its his size, and its his style!

    Exhibit A:

    Exhibit B:

    I really hated the song at first and thought its vastly inferior compared to Preserved Roses and funnily enough, i also found some other anime boards were some of the people there had the same opinions. But now i came to like it and its much more than noise and radau. And the people at those forums followed suite. Its just a song that takes awhile to get used to it. Its also a great song for big medieval battles in PC games. The PV is awesome, and is surprisingly well done. I say surprisingly because i figured that King Records would spend lesser money on it than Sony on the PRPV (<-say this like a word, its funny), but it looks really expensive and well made. I guess they saved plenty of money on the Vitalization PV.

    However, the first day sales were only 2/3 of Preserved Roses, which doesn't surprise me at all. Its just not the sort of song anyone is crazy about immediatly and who knows, it might sell better after the promotion train starts rolling. There was plenty of TV stuff scheduled for the week.

    1. Haha I was thinking about the ominous sound too when I first saw this PV too! Sheesh, stop so obviously reusing elements in so many of them.

      Like here, yeah~?

      I also just watched this today and I am happy to see how Nana is talking much more now too. She was so timid to be interviewed in TMR's presence when Preserved Roses came out.

      But yeah anyways, that is very true. No matter what she does, she can't please the otakus really. Sigh. So sad that things have to be so difficult.

      Lmfao @ those TMR pics btw. Totally made my day.

      I agree. I think Nana has quite a few songs that require some time for them to find a place in your heart. I didn't think much of Kakumei Dualism at first either and that's why I didn't really want to say anything about it on this post yet. Now however, I am starting to see it's quite an awesome song actually. with all its little nuances. I thought the PV was surprisingly good too, and it seems that King Records has also 1-upped Sony on the promotion and the cd packaging itself (much nicer than the packaging for PR) - went to buy the single yesterday and stores looked literally like they had used the poster as wallpaper, Nana and TMR staring at me from everywhere. xD

      I do hope it will start selling better soon despite the slow start!

      Random fun fact.. I thought..... that in the bridge of the song they sing something like this

      "Justice will fall,
      Just remember
      ... Whole truth"

      but nope found out it is actually

      "Just trust my heart
      Just feel my heart
      ... Hold you"

      Hehehe a little bit more for all the interviewers to grab onto~

  4. Close but no cigar, ;) i've uploaded those happy couple moments here. There are a lot of pictures were they are standing so close, though, they almost bonk heads.

    So, Nana is talking more now? Like she feels more comfortable? Kinda...relaxed? Get my drift? ;)

    Those Kakumei covers are really nice, and the versions are actually different. Its especially cool that the PV is on the DVD, unlike the Preserved Roses one.

    Its today #2, perhaps its getting better from now on.

    And misheard lyrics are fun. I would like to see when they are asked if they manhandle each other and have sword fights before the kid's birth. Its what famous couples do, right?

    1. Haha have you seen the footage from Ongaku Generation from last night yet? This is becoming serious business and way too cute. TMR and Nana baby pictures shown together..... that's where it begins~~~~

      And then they are even singing each other's songs~~

      Nana singing Ignited:

      TMR singing Pray:

      Together too of course:

      For all the vids, this person has uploaded them all:

      They are soooo happy, makes me sooo happy too. :)

  5. Yes, i've seen it. Nana is always smiling on stage, but in this show she was madly grinning. Also during the talk segments they were standing pretty close and often exchanging looks. Go figure!

  6. Woww many opinions are less about Kakumei dualism. Frankly mine wasnt too positive either. It has less exploding effect like PR. After a couple times listen, it went from acceptable to great. Like many mizuki-songs uhumwildeyesuhum. Anyhow I like how the build up to the chorus. Then after Lets shout ... it went down. ''Valvrape suxxxx'' www i blame RjOkami for this w.

    The PV was much better than PR. Seriously both singers take part in the singing lyrics, so they should have equal screentime. And KD displayed it much better. About the clothing I was thinking that a woman sleek figure is better with Assasin Creed'ish dress rather the large and bulky armor for man's figure.

    The theme of fighting in Colosseum in the ''Roman Age'' seems fitting to me. DK has a much battle fighting and mood. Letss shouttt upp ..,.. THIS IS SPARTA. uhum. Let me reword this. It's more hotblooded w. Though I haven't paid much attention to the rest of the PV. Because I couldnt stop laughing at TMR's GRAAHH face in the PV.

    In short DK is for me bit less as song but far superior in PV than PR.

    Greetz, Chuuu <3 RjOkami

    1. What, you finally like Wild Eyes? www That's news to me! VALVRAPE SUUXXXX! ww

      For me actually, now that I have been listening to this a lot and gotten familiar with and -especially- since I have been singing it in karaoke too, I have come to realize that for me this is also much more superior to PR as a song for me. Even though it wasn't to begin with. But there is actually so much more emotion and power in this song than in PR, which is the same thing from start to finish. Last weekend at the live viewing I was really pumped up to sing TMR's parts for KD, but I actually lost interest in PR a bit after it started and kept messing up the lyrics ww that was a bit weird, but it doesn't pump you up the way KD actually does.

      Did you like my analogy with Chinese movies btw? ww a random fact you didn't know about me,but I have actually watched a looooot of old Chinese movies ww I find them fun and interesting.

      Anyways, very nice to get to hear your opinion!

      <3 Chuuuu~