Thursday, 9 May 2013

Lyrical Party V @ 3月23日

Okay so... firstly my apologies for disappearing for quite a while. Lots of things have happened in the past couple of months - school has kept me busy, I had a very bad flu, I've been hovering at the border of exhaustion due to no time to sleep etc etc... so I wasn't able to write this before. Hontou ni gomenne. orz But here it is finally~ well the first night anyway.

Also, before I begin my report I have to apologize for something else too. On the day of the first Lyrical Party V I was feeling very shit - I was feeling horribly unwell in the morning to the point I even had to puke and couldn't really eat anything all day..... for a moment even contemplated on being smart and staying home to recover but in the end went to the event anyway. But, as a result... I was pretty messed up and weak all night so I don't remember as many details of what happened as I would have liked. Gomenne. orz I'll make up for it with my report of the second night when I was feeling a lot better!

Anyways... Let the party begin!

The stage setup was really nice, like the city in the movies/series, with a giant version of Nanoha's and Fate's devices on either side of the big screen in the middle. I had quite a nice view from my seat , which was about in the middle of the right side "arena" (when looking towards the stage), with the little middle stage right in front of me. Behold my awesome quick doodle of the setup and my seats, also includes my seat for the second night (D2):


Lyrical Party V hajimaru yo~~!

The big screen in the middle starts introducing all the main characters and then the seiyuu of said character marches to the stage. Using MAL pictures here again because of the convenient same size for all pictures.

Tamura Yukari as Takamachi Nanoha!

Finally seeing Yukarin live for the first time! I was very excited about this.

Mizuki Nana as Testarossa Fate

Yaaaay Nana! Just seeing these two amazing ladies appear on the stage has already made me forgotten how weak and crap I am feeling and made coming here all worth while.

Takahashi Mikako as Harlaown Chrono!

Somehow it didn't cross my mind at all that I would be seeing someone else than Nana from the Dog Days cast here too, but here we have it! Seeing Takahashi Mikako live once again.

Mizuhashi Kaori as Scrya Yuuno!

Kuwatani Natsuko as Arf!

Ueda Kana as Yagami Hayate!

Shimizu Kaori as Signum!

Yuzuki Ryouka as Shamal!

Sanada Asami as Vita!

Ichijou Kazuya as Zafira!

Once all the seiyuu have lined up on the stage, Mishima Akio shows up from the left to introduce them all in more detail starting from Yukarin. Mishi-P totally forgets about Mikako and jumps from Nana straight to Kaori, which results in a very frustrated Mikako exclaiming that she is there too and Mishi-P apologizing a few times. Once Mishi-P gets to the Wolkenritter, I get to experience the huge fandom surrounding this group, haha - 95% of the audience, if not more, meticulously (me included) changes their penlight according to the color of the character that is being introduced; white for Hayate, purple for Signum, green for Shamal, red for Vita and blue for Zafira. The audience was changing colors for the Mid-childa characters too, but obviously less people were doing it. The sea of green and red for Shamal and Vita was especially impressive.

After the introductions are done, the booths/seats for both teams are brought on stage, not very different from LyriPa IV. Obviously the two teams will be the Mid-childa team on the left and Belka on the right (nuuu Nana and Yukarin, why are you on the farther side of the stage from me orz). After everyone has taken their seat (which corresponds to the color of the character once again), it is time to announce the batsu game for the losing team. The balloons attached behind the seats of the losing team will burst on their heads and in addition to that the winning team gets to make Lindy's special tea for the losers. Yay! Tanoshimi ne~~! Then it was time to announce the first challenge... 

Let the games begin~~!

Drawing Corner 

The moment this corner gets called by Mishi-P, Yukarin and Nana look like they are about to die. I was wondering why this might be, but I found out quite soon lol. Let's say that their drawing skills are........ quite unique.

Anyways, the point of this corner is for the team captains, Yukarin and Kana-chan, to choose the best picture from the ones their teams have drawn of a certain scene of the movie after which the audience gets to vote on which team's chosen drawing is the best. The section of the audience that gets to vote on this first round is decided by roulette - it will be section A aka the section where I am sitting, yay!

The first scene of the challenge is the reunion between Nanoha and Fate

After finishing her drawing, Yukarin leaves her seat to examine and comment on the drawings of her team members. As is to be expected, the first drawing to catch her eye is Nana's, of which she instantly exclaims "Definitely can't use this one" hahahaha poor Nana, she is all trying to defend her drawing. xD After Yukarin gets to Natsuko-chan, it is clear that her picture is the one that she'll choose without a doubt. While Yukarin made her fun comments of everyone's drawings, the Belka team has quietly huddled together and picked their drawing.

The chosen ones then show their drawings and man, Natsuko-chan's NanoFate picture is sooooo good, but somehow so eroppoi and rabu rabu. Like straight out of an ecchi doujinshi. xD After this, everyone else shows their drawings as well and oh my god Yukarin's and Nana's are somehow so pathetic hahahaha. Then it is time to vote. I excitedly pressed Mid-childa on the voting page and so did most of section A of the audience. Natsuko-chan's ecchi drawing was the winner without a doubt!

Time for the second scene! This time, the appearance of NachtWal.

Everyone obviously has more trouble with this one than the previous one. Yukarin glances over at Nana's drawing while still working on hers and bursts out laughing and asks what the hell it is supposed to be. Nana is on the defensive again at first, but then glances at Yukarin's drawing and bursts out laughing too and asks why hers looks like a creepy singing bird. Yukarin on the other hand seems to be very proud of her picture and decided to pick that as the best picture of the Mid-childa team. Meanwhile, the Belka team is huddled together once again and solemnly pick Kana-chan's picture as their choice.

While Kana-chan's picture was easily recognized as the NachtWal, Yukarin's picture looked something like this (forgive my horrible attempt at replicating it, my memory of it is not so good anymore either): 

It maybe even had feet... not sure. xD

Afterwards we saw the other drawings. Nana's looked like a creepy lady who had snakes for her dress and somehow looked quite ecchi, while both of Kazuya's drawings are interestingly artistic close-up shots of some part of the depicted thing. This time the center gets to vote, and somehow.... SOMEHOW... the winner ends up being Kana-chan! Hahahaha

Now with the situation tied.. it is time for the next corner!

Most Decibel Corner

Mishi-P tells us that this is a completely new  corner to LyriPa, in which the seiyuu need to pick a line of their character from a box and attempt to say it so loudly that they reach as many decibels as possible. The winning team is decided by who has the highest total decibels. Also in order to get every seiyuu get more into their roles, life-size replicas of their devices have been made for them and are brought out to the stage. Yukarin and Nana are cautioned that theirs are quite heavy.

After picking their lines from the box, the seiyuu get their devices and position themselves behind their microphones at the front of the stage. Natsuko-chan and Kazuya complain how there is no device for them and Mishi-P points out to them that the furry ears are for them. After a lot of complaints, especially from Kazuya, both of them do put them on and they look so adorable hahahaa. There are tails for them too, but Kazuya leaves his untouched.

Then, it is time to say the lines starting from Yukarin, who does a pretty good job of screaming for Feito-chan haha. The rest of team Mid-childa seems to have trouble letting loose. Belka, however, seems to have been born for this - Ryouka-chan's "Shamal Beam" scream being the best of the best hahahaha. The win of this round clearly goes to team Belka.

For the second round, two special guests join the stage - the foreign talents who voice Raging Heart and the Book of Darkness - in other words, Donna Burke and a woman I don't know and who's name I didn't really catch. They don't really add much to the decibel count due to being quite cautious with their use of voice, but regardless, Donna Burke's try of a loud "Caution...... Emergency" is very funny. xD

Not surprisingly, this second round goes to the Belka team as well. The Mid-childa team really needs to step up their game for this tomorrow.

Time for next corner!

Fortune-telling Corner

Mishi-P invites a special guest on the stage to do the fortune-telling ranking, Getter-san! The point of this challenge is that each team picks the person from their team who they think ranks the highest in a certain category. The team that guesses the closest or guesses rights gets the points. If a team guesses the worst ranking seiyuu, they get minus points.

First category is something like "Who looks like they have the most money". Mid-childa team picks Nana and Belka picks Kaori-san. Turns out Nana is the number one on the ranking, so win goes to the Mid-childa team! About time. In other funny news, Yukarin is in last place hahahaha. xD

Second round is something like "Who has received the most love". Mid-childa picks Yukarin while Belka picks Kazuya since he is married. Turns out Natsuko-chan was the first on the list with Kazuya as the second (Nana as 3rd)...... and Yukarin at 8th. Oops. Clear win to team Belka. Poor Yukarin with all her low rankings today - no money and only a little love. xD

Then it is time for the last corner.

Seiyuu Shuffle Corner

The point of this corner is that the seiyuu are presented with a certain scene from the movie and then they are shuffled the roles of the characters in the scene, after which they need to voice the character they get.

First scene is the solemn transformation scene of the Wolkenritter

First up will be team Mi-childa. Nana gets cast as Shamal, Yukarin as Vita, Natsuko-chan as Signum and Mikako-chan as Zafira. They read out the script exactly as it is, but they sound a bit funny even though they are trying to be pretty serious and professional about it.

Next up is Belka with the same team. Here my memory fails me apart from the fact that Kazuya gets cast as Shamal hahahaha. That took all of my attention it seems. xD They huddle together for a while before beginning and they end up saying completely different things than in the actual script, ending the scene with an amazing SHAMAL BEAAAAAAMMMM from Kazuya. Ohhh that made my sides hurt from laughter.

For this the smartphone voting application was supposed to be in use again, but it stopped working. Instead the winner gets decided by loudest applause. First round goes easily to Belka.

The second scene is of Yuuno and Arf flying to assist Nanoha and Fate with the final battle.

For this I have no recollection of who was cast as who on either team. Gomenne, I was so messed up this night. orz Mid-childa team however tries to go for a manly interpretation of the scene, which sounds quite hilarious. Team Belka switches the script again for theirs. This time their different lines aren't on par for a smashing victory so this round ends as a tie.

It is decided that both teams will do the scene again to determine the winner of the round. Now Belka goes first and their approach this time is to be as professional seiyuu as possible and they do an amazing job. You could almost believe they were the actual seiyuu for these characters easily. Mid-childa team counters by sounding overly cute, almost like a horde of Pikachu. xD That was obviously more hilarious to the audience than serious seiyuu business, as Mid-childa actually takes the win for this round.

Outcome and Batsu Game

Now, the competition is over and it is time to look at the total points of the evening. Belka emerges victorious so the balloons behind the Mid-childa seiyuu start to fill up in order to burst on their heads. Natsuko-chan doesn't lower her head like all the other women, so hers pops quite fast. Yukarin and Nana take the opposite approach and lie flat on their desks so that in the end their balloons end up twice as big as everyone else's before popping. After Nana's pops she goes completely ballistic hahaha.  Yukarin on the other hand explains that she had been practicing for this moment all evening as she had been lying on her desk devastated for most of the challenges.

Then a tea trolley is brought out for the Belka team so that they can make their special teas filled with love for the Mid-childa seiyuu. The Belka seiyuu are having a lot of fun popping in lots of sugar cubes and whatnot into the mugs and it is easy to tell there is no way these portions will end up tasting anywhere near good. Kaori-san has decided that she will make Nana's tea so she keeps throwing comments at her with her Signum voice shouting things like "MATTERU YO TESTAROSSA!!" hahaha and Nana looks like she has been  given the death penalty. xD When the Belka seiyuu are ready with their teas, they bring them to the Mid-childa team. Kaori-san continues her fun and when she places the mug in front of Nana she exclaims "NOMUNDA TESTAROSSA!" and oh my god Nana's reaction after drinking the tea is so hilarious, to the point that I am not even sure what she is doing, flailing her arms around and pulling faces and whatever else. xD After everyone has had a sip of their teas they start passing them to each other and turns out that one of them actually ended up tasting delicious.

After this, the seiyuu depart the stage to prepare for the live corner coming up later. To pass the time Mishi-P and Getter-san come to the center stage to discuss more fortune-telling. I think it was Natsuko-chan and Mikako-chan who run to the center stage to join them for the discussion. I don't remember much of this apart from Mishi-P's fortune apparently stating that he will get a new job or something lol.


Live Corner

Ueda Kana
01. Snow Rain
Mizuki Nana
03. Silent Bible
04. Sacred Force
Tamura Yukari
08. Little Wish
09. Spiritual Garden
10. Tiny Rainbow
11. 微笑みのプルマージュ
12. 星空のSpica
13. 滑空の果てのイノセント

First up is Kana-chan, singing her song from the movie, Snow Rain. There is actually even "snow" falling, and the atmosphere seems very tranquil with only Kana-chan on stage with no band or anyone else there at all.

After Kana-chan has finished her song, she leaves and Nana takes over with the Cherry Boys. Yay! I had sworn to myself that I would be taking it easy tonight by not doing any jumping due to my weak state but.... the moment Nana opened her mouth to sing that didn't go as planned. Especially since the first song was ETERNAL BLAZE. Oh well, time to enjoy to the fullest! I did still hold hopes of taking it easy after, but Nana decided to present to me a total killer by pulling out Silent Bible next, which is like my top favorite song ever (and my Nanascope song, yay). After that I accepted the fact that I was doomed to jump and wave my penlight the whole night and face the consequences later lol. I was really happy that she got to sing so many songs, it was great hearing Sacred Force again and SECRET AMBITION too! I was expecting her to end with BRIGHT STREAM but to my delight she still had BRAVE PHOENIX up her sleeve. I think I really needed to hear that song today, haha. I don't remember much of her MC in between, apart from her introducing the Cherry Boys and explaining how she is wearing Fate's colors on her performance outfit. 

After Nana finishes her setlist, Yukarin takes the stage. I had pretty high expectations because of someone~~ and I was not disappointed. Yukarin live really is a lot of fun! During Little Wish big balloons were released into the audience to bounce around and eventually they would burst and little heart shaped balloons that were inside would fall out in a cascade. I was enjoying keeping up with all the different penlight moves there are to her songs, especially Tiny Rainbow. I also came to realize that 星空のSpica is my favorite Yukarin song by far from the ones I have heard. It is really pretty. Not that I have heard that many though. Again, I don't remember much of Yukarin's MC either apart from band introduction and her being gloomy about losing today.

I have to say the combination of Nana's songs and then Yukarin's really made me happy and I felt better than I had for days. Perhaps I could start recovering now...?

After Yukarin finished her songs, everyone comes back on stage for last thank yous. Gloomy Yukarin and Nana vow revenge on Belka tomorrow night lol.

As the icing on the cake, we get an announcement of third movie - but with no details! None at all! Yukarin is all grumbling about whether or not she will even be in the movie lol. Someone really is gloomy tonight. xD

After all the seiyuu had gone from the stage I made my way out pretty fast in order to catch a train before the biggest crowd of people. At the door a little present was being handed to everyone~

Aaaand that's it for the first night. I will try and dish out the second night soon too!

Once again, my apologies for being so horribly late with this. orz


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