Sunday, 7 April 2013

King Nana x Queen Yukarin

Well, since I have been lazy and still haven't started on my LyriPa V reports (gomen orz), I thought I'd put this here to keep you company in the meanwhile. Drew this for Nina-sama about a year ago, since I promised to make a Nana x Yukarin fanart for her. 

I promise I'll get started soon! *runs*


  1. waaaa...cant wait anymore! TAT....20 days already pass! plz post ur report o >.< o i wan to no what happen at LyriPa V (≧▽≦)/

    1. Ahhh, gomenne. orz I got busy with school projects.
      I will get a move on now with my LyriPa V reports! Mou sukoshi matte ne~! m( _ _ )m

  2. Maybe I am the culprit for keeping you busy w. Aside from that the picture is very well drawn. I immediately recognize Nana-sama without looking the context. It has that cool looking side as Nana King. And ofc Yukarin www.

    And I finally get to see your drawnings and I hope to see more and more :3


    1. Maybe~~~ ww

      And thank you very much, I am glad you like it! The thought of drawing Nana (and Yukarin) somehow really scared me because I didn't want to mess it up haha. :3 I will show you all the drawings you want~ I don't draw new ones very often though, somehow I really need to be inspired before I pick up my pencil. orz But when I do I will be fully concentrated on the picture till it is done w.