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Crescent Child -Translation-

When I suddenly remembered that I said that I would translate Crescent Child, I should have also remembered how sad this song was.... since then I would have been (maybe?) more prepared for how depressing translating it was going to be.. orz *blows nose* ehum... anyway. Here it is! Thanks to @DarkSoul4242 for looking through it and helping me correct my silly mistakes lol. Enjoy~~

Crescent Child (translation)
編曲:Integral Clover

今感じたこと 伝えたいけど 
みんなウワノソラ 余裕もないから 
そんな感じ いつもの通り 

I want to express what I felt just now
But it feels like everyone is lost in their thoughts, rushed
That feeling, like always
hurts me a little, yet I smile

空に 漂う飛行船 
まるで 僕たちみたいだね 
戻ること出来ず 飛べもしない 

Floating in the sky, a zeppelin
The buildings, cutting the blue skies
It's just like us, right?
Unable to go back, not even able to fly

僕らがどんなに 叫んだって 
枯れそうなこの声は 誰にも届かない 
でも君に触れて 眠る夜は 
願うCrescent Child 

No matter how much we'd yell
These withering voices do not reach anyone
But on the nights we slept and I could touch you
We at least saw dreams where the world would change
Wishes the Crescent Child 

ミライの予報は また土砂降り 
デリカシー不足 僕ら置き去り 
普通でいい 普通がいいよ 

The forecast of the future, is still of downpours
With no delicacy, we are stranded
Like usual is fine, like usual is better
Even that is not simple

どこに 流されて行くのか 
基本 何も見えないまま 

To where will I be swept away?
Who will be waiting for me there?
Bluntly, I am still not seeing anything
I am waiting for a perfect catharsis

僕らがどんなに 傷ついても 
あしたさえ変わらない 時間も止まらない 
たとえば愛情 それは君の 
祈るCrescent Child 

No matter how much we are hurt
Even tomorrow wouldn't change, nor would time stop
Take the feeling of love,
That's me wanting to believe in that certain warmth of yours
Prays the Crescent Child 

もしも 気付いていないなら 

If you are unaware of it,
It's just you telling yourself not to realize

僕らがどんなに 叫んだって 
枯れそうなこの声は 誰にも届かない 
嘘でもいいから 君が「アイシテル」 
月が満ちるまで Wait for 
Wait for the perfect moon

No matter how much we'd yell
These withering voices do not reach anyone
Even if it is a lie I don't care, whisper "I love you"
to me
Till the moon becomes full, wait for

wait for the perfect moon

And there you have it! \o/ Hopefully I will be dishing out some Lyrical Party V entries soon, though with school starting again I will probably be a bit busy for a while now.. orz

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