Saturday, 15 December 2012

-Tour de ROCK-

So this week, since @ShadowWizz was here, we decided to do a little tour of the ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS promotional material around the Tokyo area. Here are some pictures, enjoy~! 

Also, a big congratulations to Nana for 1st place on Oricon charts on the second day and 2nd place on the third! Very happy for you! Omedetouuu~! (^-^)

Stop #1 - Ikebukuro

A little blurry due to bad lighting, but here's the big Nana poster close to Ikebukuro station with a lovely Xmas tree~

Same place again, this time with the added bonus of the ROCKBOUND NEIGBHORS truck! It was purely luck that the truck happened to be in Ikebukuro at the same time as us. I was actually waiting for my friend to show up when it suddenly appeared. xD

I had time to run up closer to the truck while it was still waiting at the lights, yay! /o/ Think it was playing Darling Plastic here.

And then last but least, a clearer shot of the big poster itself. :)

Stop #2 - Shibuya

The big panel poster near Shibuya station! /o/

 We were now on top of the truck schedule so we timed our Shibuya visit to when it was there.

Stop #3 - Akihabara

Escalator poster on the exit to Akihabara Electric Town! 

And the one on the other side! Sorry this pic I took sucks. (T^T)

ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS flags in Akiba! Reminds me of the Synchrogazer ones in first season of Switch Girl. Wonder if we'll get a little cameo on the second season too? (^-^)

One of the Gamers flags of ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS. @mikanchu was kind enough to lend her hand in holding it in place for me. Sankyou! xD

Gamers display window for ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS!

Elevator in Gamers.

Display on CD/DVD floor of Gamers.

Elevator in Toranoana~

Display at Animate~

Truck in Akiba this time!

Also saw ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS CM on the display on the UDX building. This pic sucks once again, but currently it is showing a clip of the BRIGHT STREAM PV.

Stop #4 - Shinjuku

Nana display at the Tower Records in Shinjuku! You can even see her on the screen in the background~

Close up of her signed apron and also her autograph panel~! (*-*) Can I take them home?

Full picture of the whole thing now finally when people left and gave me space to take a pic of it. /o/

Almost missed this, but luckily spotted it while waiting for  elevator to arrive. The people queueing were nice enough to give space for picture taking. (^-^) Arigatou!

Last but not least from Tower Records..... Nana's autograph on one of the pillars~! (*-*)

And then, the big poster at the Station square!


Then last but not least, as a special bonus, pics from the two Nana karaoke rooms we went to sing at!

Stop #5 - JOYSOUND Tokyo branch Nana collabo room

We actually went to sing here only one day before Nana herself went there, what are the chances? (゚ロ゚ノ)ノ I still can't believe it.

The Nana greeting us by the lobby entrance~

 The room~~wahh~~!

One of the walls inside the room. :3

Nana left an autograph on this picture of herself when she went, so sad it was after we went. (>_<) though I guess booking the room after that is probably nearly impossible since everyone wants to go now haha. I actually even posed in the exact same way as she did by her picture too.. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?! Seriously. xD

And then the badge we got from singing in the collabo room! Sorry again for the sucky picture, I was in a hurry.. orz

Aaaand special bonus! Went back later to karaoke at this place again (not in Nana room though), so here's a picture of the cardboard Nana, this time with her autograph!

Stop #6 - JOYSOUND Nakano branch Nana collabo room

Nana greeting us in the lobby again. I find it fun that I took the picture just when the flower was on screen so it looks like she's pointing at it. xD 

Nana was on the TV in the room giving us a message the moment we entered~ /o/ Btw, for some reason the room they chose for the Nana collabo room was number 706. So close to a magical number.. orz

The Nana pic on one of the walls of the room~

And then the other wall~

Finally, the badges from both karaoke sessions, Nakano on the left and Tokyo on the right. (^-^)

Stop #7 - Hiyoshi

Not an actual stop, but just happened upon this while I went to buy something before my project meeting (plus this post is immensely better if there are 7 stops in total, deshou?). Very nice spying a little ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS poster close to my campus.

Aaaand, this concludes the tour entry. Look forward to my entry on the ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS  album itself! .... Sometime soon hopefully. (^-^;)


  1. Nana-sama banzaiii!! \o/

    I too want to see Nana-sama everytime I go out in the city. The only place I see her a lot is in my room ... uhum nevermind that www.
    But KR does a lot of promotion stuff.So many big posters everywhere. Almost like Nana saying 'Please buy me album, its good' wwww

    And imo the collabo with JoySound must be one of the best. Although I am totally dame for karaoke, I want to see the big Nana wall www and looking at her all night .. I like the one with Nana-sama 'spreading her legs' .. soo genki and cute >o<

    Otsukare for taking pictures, Okami-chan!!


    PS: I reall really wanted to comment your other posts. But time wasnt at my side and its still isnt orz

    1. www what a coincidence, I see Nana-sama a lot in my apartment too~ But yeah... all oh that promo stuff is gone now.. (T^T) Japan is really effective in cycling ads... all of the ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS posters and trucks and everything was around just for a week or less. Luckily the display at Gamers is still there if nothing else. xD I do hope that all this effort did help boost her sales! I don't see how anyone could resist when she's looking at you like that ww

      Indeed! I think she does a collaboration with Joysound pretty often since they always sponsor her concerts. That is very nice since I definitely don't mind seeing many more of these campaigns! And maybe there could be one when you finally pop by too. (^-^) and agreed! That's def my favorite of the karaoke pics too!

      PS: No worries Ken-kun. There are more important things to focus on! I look forward to your comments whenever you have the time. \o/

    2. That was fast reply, Okami-chan! <3

      They already strip off Nana's stuff >o< (I felt wrong expressing that) That is really quick. I mean did the people actually had time to look. orz The fast pacing lifestyle can be hard for our dear Nana-sama.

      About the promo stuff -which would be heartbreaking if they throw them away-, do they actually give them back to KR? Or can a customer ask the shop to keep it? I mean I wouldnt mind to pay for a cardboard Nana-sama. I think the height is even right too.

    3. And this will be even faster /o/ <3 ww

      Yeah... Gamers actually didn't have her display anymore either yesterday. She has made way for Hocchan w I was a bit sad but then Animate came to my rescue with their Nana window. xD The pace in Japan is really crazy.. (T^T) Nana-sama ganbatteee~!

      I really have no idea. I've been wondering the same thing now.. especially with the Joysound cardboard Nana that has her autograph. Would be awesome to have it in my room www but I really don't know.. Doubt they would give it to a customer though. If it works the same as in the bookstore I worked at in Finland, they will just rot forever in the storage room of the shop. (>_<)

    4. If it's really going like that ... then I am sad as a crying baby. Just how many old Nana's promotion materials are there in storage room.

      I think it's time to use your charm skills to the lad of Joysound. A bit more winking and ah~ should work. www I promise I won't be jealous.

      If that doens't work, perhaps going for a job at Gamers or Animate might help.

    5. Well better that than them throwing them away... that would be... too cruel... (T^T)

      Oh yeah~? You won't be jealous? Hontooouuu? If that's so, then maybe I will go give it a try. I got a lot of charm tricks up my sleeve yet~~

      I considered that too w but sort of don't wanna go into retail anymore... orz but we'll see where my path takes me!

  2. AAAAAAAAAhHHHHHH I miss living in japan!!! to go and see the Nana goodness! also merry X-miss to you and everyone!

    1. Awwww! At least I am doing my best to share the experience with pictures. :3
      A very merry Christmas to you too good sir~! May many good things come your way!