Monday, 3 December 2012

LIVE CASTLE 2011 -Anniversary-

~I was there~
On this day last year, I was enjoying a little piece of heaven in LIVE CASTLE -Queen's Night- with -King's Night- still ahead of me. That weekend will always remain very important to me - it was very special to Nana herself and also to me. Thus this post to celebrate its anniversary!

I spent a lot of time thinking last year whether I should come for LIVE CASTLE or not, since it felt very conflicting with my mission of saving every penny I could for this year, but I know without a doubt that I made the right choice. I was in a very bad place around this time last year due to emotional, mental and physical stress (eg. I was working two jobs nearly every day - one during the day and one in the middle of the night, among other things I don't particularly want to think about even now) and my short trip to Japan and LIVE CASTLE were exactly what I needed to give me that very important dose of happiness and energy I was lacking. Don't know how I would've been able to cope with the months that came after otherwise. For that I will always be very grateful and I am happy to say that today, on this very same day, everything is a lot better and I am able to be myself again properly.

Also, during my LIVE CASTLE weekend last year, I met a lot of great people and I am glad they have remained my good friends ever since. I am really happy I had the chance to spend time with you, have  already seen some of you again later, will actually be seeing some of you again this week, and still more of you come January!

Not to mention I made a lot of great memories on that weekend - from ridiculous queueing in a horrible rain storm and being interviewed for some TV program (+appearance on LIVE CASTLE special!) to amazingly fun dinner and all night karaoke with a bunch of Nana fans! Truly happy days.

Then on a random note, 夢の続き randomly popped up on my Nana playlist this morning when I was walking to school and I felt it was very appropriate for this day, even though it wasn't actually part of LIVE CASTLE in anyway. Just felt right since the dream is currently continuing for me. (^-^)

And last but not least, everyone who's coming to LIVE GRACE 2013 -OPUS II- in January, let's have another amazing Nana weekend together~! And for those who are not, let's have amazing times together otherwise wherever, whenever~! いつもあいたいよー! ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

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