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「DOG DAYS 特別興業 -フロニャ祭2012-」

I was going to have this done the day after the event, but suddenly a week has passed by.... orz Anyway! Prepare yourself for a long but fun (I hope) entry!

I was really excited to get to attend this Flonyard Festival since I hadn't had the chance to participate in anime events yet and didn't even really know what exactly awaited me. I had heard about what sort of things happen in these events, but coming from a country where the best thing offered to me is a seiyuu interview at an expo/con I really couldn't even truly fathom how amazingly hilarious tonight was going to be.

Also, I wasn't really expecting much from my seat, but to my surprise it ended up being really good. I was situated on the first row of the 3rd balcony close to one corner. Sure, I wasn't that close to the stage itself (but I wasn't far either, mind you), but I was very happy with just my unobstructed perfect view of the stage. I was also very pleased about SCARLET KNIGHT playing when I entered the hall. Perfect timing~! /o/

Opening Act

It took the event a while to actually start, but when it did I was shaking from so much excitement since they announced that first up would be Nana singing FEARLESS HERO and instantly she walks on stage. Yay! It was clear to see that most people in the audience were Nana fans with their blue pen lights at the ready, but somehow everyone else close to me on my row weren't - they didn't even bother to stand up for the song. Others farther were doing it though so I decided to go for it too to show my full support. I felt a bit silly being the only one standing in my corner, but turns out I made a good choice.. since thanks to me being the only one I got blessed by the heavens and Nana pointed at me. (*-*) I could feel an instant blush on my face.. I am so weak... orz

I was hoping for SCARLET KNIGHT as well, but after the song Nana marched off the stage again and it was time for... 


First the narrator voices introduced themselves and then the seiyuu present were called up to the stage one by one. My apologies for the old pics, I just took them from  MAL since they're all nicely the same size.

Miyano Mamoru as Izumi Cinque

Horie Yui as Firianno Biscotti Millhiore!

Taketatsu Ayana as Martinozzi Eclair!

Koshimizu Ami as Galette des Rois Leonmichelli!

I was really looking forward to seeing Ami-san live, since Horo from Spice and Wolf, a character she voiced, was my number one favorite character for a long time. Shiawase daaaa~!

Mizuki Nana as Takatsuki Nanami and Elmar Ricotta!

Nana's introduction was perhaps the most epic cute thing ever. She started with her Nanami voice and then switched voice in the middle so she could end with Ricotta's signature "de arimasu~". It nearly killed my heart.

Yuuki Aoi as Eschenbach Pastillage Couvert!

Oh man, the way Aoi-san was dressed and the way she was acting really reminded me of a squirrel. She was totally in Couvert mode tonight for sure. xD

Takahashi Mikako as Anderson Rebecca!

After everyone had entered the stage, the staff brought everyone chairs. However, the chairs were ridiculously tall and most of the women had trouble sitting on them due to being so short. Whoops. Aoi-san actually even dropped her shoe on the way to her chair and Mamoru-san commented on how it was too early in the evening to pull a Cinderella. xD While the others clambered onto their chairs one way or another, Nana approached the matter very sneakily - she first would settle to leaning on the edge of the chair seat since she could reach that no problem, and only when everyone's attention was elsewhere would she magically pull herself up on the chair.

Also on a side note, I have to say I was so ecstatic that Nana was sitting closest to me out of them all. So luckyyyy~~! (*>_<*)

Now, let the games begin!

Best Partner

The first game of the event was Best Partner! The narrators would call up one person at a time, who then had to choose their "best partner" from the series after which they would proceed to answer questions related to the character of the called person. The goal was of course to pick same answer for as many questions as possible.

Mamoru-san was called up first and he started wondering who he should pick. Hocchan is coughing in the background to indicate that the choice should be clear, but Mamoru-san decides to go with Mikako-san. Narrator asks him why not the princess and he goes to explain about Cinque's and Becky's close friendship. The pair get to a good start with the questions (sorry, I don't remember the questions anymore... orz), but then after the third one the questionnaire glitches. The only way to fix it is to start again. Time is rewinded and Mamoru-san gets called up again, and again he wonders who he should choose and Hocchan coughs in the background. This time he goes for the princess and the narrator asks why he didn't choose Becky, so he gets to explain again.. xD In the end they get 3/5 points.

Hocchan is up next. This time it's Ami-san making hinting noises in the background while trying to look seemingly indifferent. xD Hocchan picks Nana-chan instead though and Ami-san demands an explanation hahaha. Hocchan says it's because Rico is a close friend and Ami-san attacks with Nana clearly being in Nanami mode and belonging to Galette's side - even the location of her seat indicates it! Nana-chan swears she's all Rico though so Hocchan sticks with her initial decision regardless of Ami-san's efforts. xD They didn't do so well though, if I remember correctly result was 2/5. 

Ayana steps to the pedestal now. She decides to surprise everyone by choosing Aoi-san. Think the reasoning was "business chance". xD Reoccurring theme of the night haha. They end up getting 3/5 I think (memory fail lol).

Nana takes the spotlight! Ami-san is making her noises again in the background and Nana chooses her.  I was expecting great things from this pair since they were all buddy buddy while sitting on the side, but I think Nana's questions were slightly harder, since due to her voicing two characters they weren't very character specific. I remember there being a question about what Nana would pick if curry wasn't available or something like that (answer was okonomiyaki btw, but Ami-san got it wrong)...  xD In the end they managed to score 1/5 hohohohoo epic.

Ami's turn is right after! She decides to pick Nana-chan again - guess she's determined to redeem their last round of failure. xD Since they were both pumped up to do better, they managed to bank 3/5  points this time. Otsukareee!

Aoi now takes the stage. She chooses Mikako-san as was to be expected. They do pretty well and score
3/5. Seems to be the magic number tonight, is anyone gonna go past that? xD

Mikako is last up! She chooses Mamoru-san so they can finish what they started before the glitch occurred. They weren't able to break the trend though and ended up with 3/5 points as well.

Final battle between pairs Mamoru x Hocchan and Aoi x Mikako determined by audience cheer. Aoi and Mikako emerged as clear victors and won plushies of Dog Days beaten dog and cat soldiers in ball form.. xD

That ends this round! Next up...

Tea Summit

Two sets of dining tables are brought on stage and the seiyuu are split up with the rulers (Hocchan, Ami, Aoi) in one table and the heroes in the other (Ayana, Mamoru, Nana, Mikako). Someone dressed up as a maid shows up on stage pushing a trolley with tea. Seiyuu wonder if it's a member of Aniplex staff and narrator makes comment but didn't quite catch what he said. The maid hands out tea in a nice tea set to the rulers and gives something a bit different to the heroes and Mamoru-san of course comments on it. Then he goes on to say that he can't enjoy his tea with the microphone in hand, so he places it on the table and the heroes, especially Mamoru and Nana, engage in a hilarious silent conversation pantomime. xD Narrator then makes a comment about private time haha.

A digital number screen sign has been brought into the middle behind the tables. Narrator informs that there should be a button for everyone underneath the table or behind them. Mamoru and Nana look a bit suspicious when trying to locate theirs and the narrator points this out. xD Finally once everyone has their buttons, it's time for the usual (at least I think it's usual?) "press the button if you agree with the statement" section and then the number of people who pressed the button appears on the screen. Again, I don't remember all of the questions, gomen. One was about Cinque and women and everyone agreed with that statement haha. Then there was also one about Couvert being better (I am not sure about this, but something along those lines anyway) compared to Millhiore and Leo-sama, to which Mikako and Aoi of course pressed their buttons.... but there was one more person who agreed. A heated discussion followed on who the traitor could be but no one confessed. In the end the narrator ordered everyone to close their eyes so that the one could raise their hand and thus tell the audience of their choice without the others knowing. Turns out it was Ami-san (Leo-sama) hahahaha. xD Last question of this round was about if they would like to do a 3rd season and everyone agreed.

Also, on a side note - at one point during this section, Ami-san referred to the previous game as "best couple" instead of "best partner". Whoops! Can't blame her though considering she was paired with Nana-chan all the time.... xD

Now then...

Union Fest

The competition between the nations is here! Thus, the seiyuu were naturally divided into teams representing each of the three nations - Nana-chan and Ami-san for Galette; Hocchan, Ayana-san and Mamoru-san for Biscotti; Aoi-san and Mikako-san for Pastillage. Galette team was situated the closest to me yet again, yay! The prize for this was a weekend stay at a hotel and Mamoru-san asks if it could be onsen and thus.... the prize is transformed into an onsen trip. All the seiyuu are really ecstatic about this.

The first challenge in the Union Fest consisted of short video clips made by the seiyuu of the series who weren't present at the event itself. The idea was for the teams to choose correctly what was going on in the videos. This was by far my favorite section of the whole event. xD

This section was kicked off by a video from Asumi Kana, the seiyuu for Panettone Yukikaze

Kana-san is sitting inside a cat cafe. She keeps talking about stuff which are supposed to serve as hints while petting and playing with the cats around her. The question is "Why is Kana-san in a cat cafe?" and there are 4 answer options. One I don't remember but the others were "to buy a cat", "there is a cat with the same name as a character from Dog Days" and "to buy a dog". xD Biscotti and Pastillage team went with the cat with character name, while Ami-san and Nana-chan went with the dog option. I would've so been compelled to go with that option too. xD Cat with character name was the right choice though, so a point to Biscotti and Pastillage.

Then it was Hikasa Youko's turn, in other words Brioche d'Arquien's!

Youko-san's video consisted of her doing.... something weird. Looked like a combination of yoga moves and fighting an invisible enemy. The part where she was sitting on top of this invisible something and slapping it around made me laugh so hard. xD Her question was something like "What is Youko-san doing / why is Youko-san doing this?" Not sure on what the options were, but after the teams had made their choices (they were all different btw) the video clip was showed again, this time with Youko-san speaking while doing her thing and in the end Gaul's seiyuu appeared and knocked her out. xD Nana-chan and Ami-san got this one right somehow hahaha.

Third up was Kitamura Eri, who does the voice for Grand Marnier Adelaide!

In Eri-san's video, we see her dancing a very energetic and funny dance to some song we cannot hear because the sound is off. At one point she even exits the screen, then returns with glow sticks and starts doing a proper wota dance. xD The question of course is "What song is Eri-san dancing to?" The first two choices were energetic dance songs, of which the first was called DESTINY and the other I don't remember. Then there was also Nana's FEARLESS HERO and Hocchan's Natsu no Yakusoku, both of which definitely didn't seem to fit the dance in any way. xD Everyone thought that too, and chose one or the other of the energetic dance songs. Turns out Hocchan's Natsu no Yakusoku was the correct answer, so no points for anyone. xD Hocchan so couldn't believe this to be true, but when they played the video again with sound this time she had to admit that it did work somehow haha. She seemed so depressed about not getting it, poor Hocchan.

And then last but not least was Kakihara Tetsuya, the seiyuu for Galette des Rois Gaul!

Tetsuya-san's video consists of him saying stuff in German to the camera and pointing. The question, as was to be expected, was "What is Kakihara saying?" Again, I don't remember all the options, but there was at least "Something was forgotten" and "Saying everyone should enjoy the event" and then a fifth bonus option appeared that was like "None of the above, what he said doesn't make sense". I can't remember what the Pastillage and Biscotti teams chose, but Galette, being the "black sheep" of the family, decided to go with the bonus option. Since there was no sign for the extra option, Ami-san formed the letter E using her body and Nana-chan followed her soon after. Already at this point I knew they got it wrong. Again. xD Biscotti happened to get it right though! They showed Tetsuya-san's video again and from what I can tell it seemed to be a message to not you, or you, nor you but Hocchan - she's getting a lot of attention in this section haha. 

Section over! Time to look at point situation. Galette is lagging behind badly, while Pastillage and Biscotti are tied at this point of the game. Nana-chan and Ami-san have sunk into deep reaches of depression by now and Hocchan hints to Nana that she could come to their team any time since she is Ricotta after all. Nana is very tempted by the offer, but feels bad for the depressed Ami-san. Nana and Hocchan do this reaching for each other's hands thing all dramatically, but in the end Nana-chan cannot abandon Ami-san. Sasuga yasashii Nana-sama. (T^T)

Time for the next challenge! This one is solely for the heroes of each nation, haha, ganbatte Nana-chan!  A table with a button was brought to the stage as the challenge this time was to press the button when exactly 30 seconds had passed.

First to the post was Ayana-san (even though she's not even a hero xD). She was facing the audience with the button in front of her, and behind her on the screen footage from Dog Days' started playing with the time running on the bottom and also the points you'd get for pressing at that time showing up. She did pretty well, pressing the button somewhere around 26-28 seconds earning something like 40-50 points. Not a bad start at all! Don't remember what scene the video stopped at for her though. :3

Next up, was Galette's hero, Nana-chan. Nana came up with this brilliant tactic of singing SCARLET KNIGHT while the time was running in order to use the lyrics as a pointer to where 30 seconds is. Holy... I have to say her humming/lalala'ing the instrumental part at the beginning was really epic and hilarious to hear. xD I felt so happy that I got to witness it. She pressed the button at 27.62 seconds (for 50 points) though, due to forgetting that the instru part of the TV-edit was a bit shorter than the actual one, so she was all muttering that she should've still sang "OVERFLOW". Grumpy Nana then goes back to stand with Ami-san. xD Also, the scene the video behind Nana-chan stopped at when she pressed the button was of Godwin looking all manly with a bare chest, haha.

Then it was Mamoru-san's turn to give it a go. Two tries for the Biscotti team for some reason. Perhaps because they have the most people? Everyone is trying to distract him while the counter is rolling, haha. In the end he presses the button at around 27-28 seconds I believe (50-60 points), right when there is Cinque dressed in Becky's yuusha clothes on the screen looking very queer haha. Well timed!

Last but not least, Pastillage's Mikako-san. She goes to stand in front of the button with her eyes closed with a look of extreme concentration. Everyone again is making quite a racket around her in order to make her mess up. It looks like she's about to press the button at 29 seconds, but stalls a little bit and....... HITS BUTTON RIGHT AT 30.00!!!! ∑(O_O;)Shock!! Is that... is that even human?! Hitting the button at the exact right time gave her 10000 points hahahaha. Guess it's pretty clear who is going to win the whole competition? xD All the other seiyuu are really scared about Mikako-san's result.

Everyone is so upset about this turn of events that the Biscotti team, being second point-wise, get yet another try. Since Ayana-san and Mamoru-san have already had a go, they pressure Hocchan to go and lead them to victory. She tries to refuse but in the end accepts her fate. Meanwhile, Ayana-san and Mamoru-san are both kneeling and praying towards the screen in the background. Aoi-san points out that she can see Mamoru-san's underwear looool so he tries to hide them but in the end decides to not give a shit. xD This time there's a catch to the points on the screen though - instead of gradually building up, the points before like 29 secs are all huge minus numbers haha. You can hear a muffled "Eeeh?" from some of the seiyuu when they noticed that and try to not make Hocchan suspicious haha.  Hocchan ends up pressing the button at 32 seconds, earning the Biscotti team 8000 more points. Not bad, but not enough to win.

After this, the Union Fest game has ended, and the Pastillage team is announced the winner of the onsen trip without question. Mikako-san is also voted as the MVP of the night, no question about this either. xD Hocchan now leaves the stage to go prepare for her performance as the closing act. The other seiyuu are left on the stage with nothing specific to do so they talk about random things. Soon after, they leave the stage too and we are left with video messages from the seiyuu that appeared in the first challenge for the Union Fest where they say things like that they hope everyone has enjoyed today's event and whatnot. 


Closing Act

Hocchan returns to the stage to sing the ED song of Dog Days', Natsu no Yakusoku! I wanted to use my awesome multi-color penlight for this since it had a pink color option as well, but it didn't want to work at all... orz I had no choice but to use the special Dog Days' glow stick I was given upon entry (which was probably the better choice since it was meant for this event after all xD).

It kept glowing for the whole night and still the next morning too. xD

The people sitting around me didn't seem to be Hocchan fans either, since again they were just sitting with pretty minimal participation. (T.T) After finishing the song, Hocchan continues on to sing the ED song of the first series too, Presenter! As happy as I was to hear Hocchan sing more, this just made me even more sad that Nana didn't sing SCARLET KNIGHT after FEARLESS HERO in the opening act.. orz So thus, while I was energetically waving my glow stick around for Hocchan, I kept thinking if there was any chance of Nana still coming back to sing more. In the end though, I came to the conclusion that it would probably not happen, since it didn't make much sense for her to come back again.

HOWEVER, after Hocchan finished her second song and walked off the stage while waving to everyone, Nana runs back on stage from the opposite side shouting "私も歌います!" (=I will also sing) Aahhhhhh! The SCARLET KNIGHT opening bells sound I am in heaven! I decide to give my multi-color penlight another try since it is the only red color one I have with me tonight and miraculously it worked now! I was seriously completely in my Nana Heaven bubble during this song, and again the only person standing and jumping from my part of the balcony. xD

After Nana finishes her song, everyone comes back on stage and it is time for... 


When everyone is back, a new button is yet again brought to the front of the stage. Mikako-san gets the honor of pressing this special button for being the MVP. Everyone is wondering what might happen when the button is pressed, perhaps the whole stage will explode? After the discussion dies down, Mikako-san presses the button and the whole stage goes dark while a video clip on the screen is triggered. The video clip shows scenes from Dog Days' that are important to the characters' feelings. The climax of the clip is of course..... announcement of season 3! I wasn't that impressed with Dog Days' compared to the first season, so normally I wouldn't have been too excited about this revelation.. but since I got the chance to see all the seiyuu first hand tonight, I have to say I am more than happy to know they will all be coming together once more to work on another season! Maybe the third season will focus a bit more on story than second one did. ( ̄∇ ̄*)b

After the announcement, the seiyuu make their way off the stage one last time... *sniff* All of them are waving like crazy while walking and once again I am blessed with Nana-sama's attention - this time in the form of a beautiful smile and an eager wave~! I am almost at the point that I could die happy, haha.

With that, my amazing night of awesomeness has come to an end. Here still as an icing on the cake, is a picture of the whole gang from that night~!

The whole gang! I was mesmerized by Nana's legs all night.. (*-*)

I hope I will get the opportunity to go to more events like this in the future, I really don't exaggerate when I say this was one of the most hilarious things I have ever attended. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ ワ~イ! Really makes me want to become a seiyuu even more haha. *goes to study Kanji reading*

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