Sunday, 3 June 2012


FINALLY I have heard all the songs! And I am quite happy! \o/ Really needed something like this right now. Nana is always thinking of my best. <3

So yeah anyway, since I've already talked about [METRO BAROQUE] and [ONE] before, I will focus on 時空サファイア (=Jikū Safaia) and PARTY! PARTY! in this entry. So... let's get to it!

I have been entranced by this song ever since I saw the Meiji Tweet Mystery CMs and fervently hoped we'd get to hear the whole song one day! Needless to say, I was overjoyed when I read it was going to be on TIME SPACE EP and have eagerly been awaiting to hear it in its full glory. And I have to say, I am not disappointed. I love this song. I really really love the way Nana sings very fast in this song (though that shatters my dreams of singing it in karaoke any time soon). And it's so full of drive and passion and happy times. Somehow it makes me feel hopeful (about life, the future, people etc). Also man, I have to say I am relieved. My little preview of this song had the old man from the Meiji Tweet Mystery CMs talking at the beginning of the song and I was a bit worried it was an actual part of the song itself... but I am glad to see that's not the case. xD So... I was pretty sure 時空サファイア would be my favorite song from this single, but I am now torn because of..

Somehow, I was definitely not expecting a song like this, but at the same time, if I had to describe this song in two words I would say "Party! Party!". The song fits together with its name like a fist to an eye (lol this is a saying in Finland, pay no heed). I have to say this song was like a similar surprise on this single as was the 60's shopper Nana in the METRO BAROQUE PV. Like you think you have the whole thing figured out and then boom,  BABY IN THE FACE! xD I could actually see 60's shopper Nana sing this, even if I can't help my mind being flooded by beach scenes when I listen to it. PARTY! PARTY! actually reminds me a bit of how Koda Kumi was a decade ago, especially her song Come with Me. Similar atmosphere. But yeah anyways, this song is quite different from the usual Nana, but she makes it work perfectly yet again. Like she always does no matter what kind of song she makes. ^^ Quite a lot of Nana English involved in it too, which is always a very big plus in my book - it's so adorable! Because of that, PARTY! PARTY! causes an instant K.O. to me. My poor heart.. I can't have Nana whisper "like this" "oh yeah" "I like it" "be my baby"  in my ear and survive. AND WHAT IS THAT AHHH AT THE END?! The ultimate special move that is an instant overkill to people like me...? I seriously can't listen to this song without getting knocked out several times during it... o(´∇`*o) I think this has made it to my list of "Nana songs that make me happy" with how it fills my heart with sunshine and envelops me in a carefree mood.

And now I am gonna stop writing and focus on listening. Adios amigos~!


  1. I am getting all excited from just reading. I want to listen to all of them. But isn't the release date on 6/6? Or did you listen to it on different source?

    Time space sapphire? Do I say this right? I like it very much. I had this on my mind like it is perfect theme song for any super heroes like Kamen Rider or Super sentai. It would fit so good. Just my 2 cents.

    About the tweet mystery thing, I haven't understood what is all about. I thought it was a new anime about twitter mysteries. A lad and girl (Sugita and Nana combi! finally (^0^)/) who solve them. Till now I haven't see anything about it.

    Does it party! party! got the same of adorable Nana engrish accent as Young Alive? Now I can't sit ... I want to listen it badly >_<

    1. Yeah the release date is on 6/6, but the single is already available online. So I went ahead and listened to them. I couldn't resist the pull. ^^;

      Yeah, Time Space Sapphire. :D I see what you mean, it would definitely fit as a theme song for something like that.

      The tweet mystery thing is not an anime sadly. Shame, I really love the Sugita + Nana combi myself >.< Have you seen the plays on NANA CLIPS 5/THE MUSEUM and THE MUSEUM II? They do such a splendid job together, I love them!! I am not quite sure how the tweet mystery worked exactly, but it was launched by the Meiji candy and involved Sugita's and Nana's character having their own channels on twitter. Maybe the buyers of the candy could take part in the mystery they were trying to solve on twitter somehow? Something like that.

      And yeah I'd say it has that same adorable Nana Engrish accent. I seriously can't get enough of it. I've been looping PARTY! PARTY! ever since I woke up today... :3

    2. Yesterday I got my mail from CDjapan. I hope it will arrive soon. >_< for TIME SPACE EP.

      Yes that combi is undoubtely awesome. Sugita is all swag to ask Nana to say; Goshujin-sama. And saying on podium that she is just too cute. In deep in the heart, he is just a Nana fan like all of us.

      Party Party also has been looping on my phone/notebook. That 'Aah' is unbeatable. How suggestive and arousing it is. Will you also post the lyrics and translation of it? I am very curious. More then MB actually orz

    3. Nice! Hope you'll get it soon. My dad is currently in Japan so he bought it for me there.. I gotta wait a couple of weeks to physically have it here with me though I think. T.T

      Haha yeah I thought that too! Sugita is so one of us! xD

      Yeah, I've pretty much only been listening to PARTY! PARTY! for the past few days... it's soooo addicting! I guess I could indeed post a translation for it, the Japanese doesn't seem to be very complex in it so I should be able to manage okay. ^^ I'll wait for the kanji lyrics first though.