Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! (<- I said that in similar fashion as Nana in Zankou no Gaia) I have been so eagerly waiting for the full version after the amazing preview came out and finally it's here! I was going to post this entry yesterday, but due to an excessive amount of morning shifts at work I couldn't stay awake and had to succumb to sleep. But here it is now! Enjoy my rambling after the PV itself (and of course, enjoy the PV).

Since YouTube took it down, you can still watch the PV from here: 

So yeah, since I already talked about this a bit when the preview came out, I'll try to now focus on things that weren't shown on it.

So.. the PV starts off with a subway. Very fitting I would say considering Blood-C The Last Dark, and not to mention the fact that the song title has metro in it. Really paints the sort of atmosphere I would  expect and what I saw in my mind when I first listened to METRO BAROQUE. Adding to the effect is the cat! Really love its eyes, especially the reaction to the butterflies (and seriously, I would stare at Nana exactly the same way as it does when she's sleeping). Well made. As are the butterflies, I love them as well.

Next up, Nana's red dress - the preview didn't enable me to fully appreciate its loveliness. Nana looks absolutely gorgeous when she spins around in it. Really takes my breath away... and then they show double Nana twirling in it! Wahhh, overkill! <3

The one thing that I noticed instantly when I watched the preview, but didn't write about in my previous post because I wanted to see the whole video first, was the collars that Nana wears. The one on the red dress is obviously a part of the dress ( still a collar!), but the one she wears with her white dress is a collar any way you look at it. Again the sort of thing that ties the PV + song nicely with Blood-C, considering how Saya is trapped in the game of this one person and trying to break free.

And now then... to my absolute favorite part! 60's shopper Nana! Whaaat? Where did she come from all of a sudden?! So random. xD

We found you, you cannot escape!
"O shi-"

I really can't begin to describe how much I love this part. I think Nana's movements are just perfect and so fitting for the scene. She really does look like a 60's woman! Makes me want to say things like "Oh, behave" and "Groovy baby yeah" (and let's not forget this one "Do I make you h..." no nvm. xD). So anyway, poor Nana can't even shop in peace! I guess there is some sort of time travel involved in that bit, I mean 60's shopper Nana transforms and seems to get transported into present day (and in the progress turns into a vampire?). Goes with the theme of time space. Also, I guess the scene is there to show that even when she's shopping (and in a totally different place) they will find her, and they will take her. To play their game. There is no escape. Unless Nana gets angry and slices them up which is exactly what she seems to decide to do! Ahh, and the way she runs after the transformation~! Did anyone else pay attention to that really high cut opening at the front of her dress? Good, because neither did I.

I will stop here now and go back to looping the PV in order to have Nana stare at me with those deep mesmerizing eyes that swallow me up and have her slice my heart seven times over with her amazing and graceful katana techniques.



  1. Thumbs up for the director of the PV. She/he has done a great job. Even I didnt recognize all the same subtle details. (anyhow need to reawatch it)
    It almost says; 'Go watch the movie and you will understand the PV better. Otherwise Nana will go on rampage biting people who hasn't it'

    Mh I like the red dress too, reminds me of the bloody scenes of Blood C. It looks very nice and sexy. (^0^)<3

    I do envy you to able to look at Nana with her stares and glances. It doens't work for me. I can't look longer then 3 seconds. Then I have to look away and go 'DOUSHIO?' and blush. 'Dont look at me like that' Eventhough my room is surrounded with Nana posters. I can't work this out. Do I have some kind of disorder? :P

    PS: NANA CLIPS 6 where are you??? I want MB on full HD!!

    1. For sure, this is a really amazing PV! It really feels like everything in it has a deeper meaning. ^^
      Oh man, I really cannot wait to see the movie! Did you already see this?
      [8 min sneak peek of Blood C The Last Dark]
      It looks so gooooood~ And Nana already captivated me with that one line she had in that. xD "私に食われたいの" (=Do you wanna get eaten by me) waahhh, yes I do Nana, yes I do. <3

      Yeah, I thought that too!

      Haha well... you should've seen me at LIVE JOURNEY when Nana looked straight at me - I think I died for a moment and my face went completely red. >.< I can look at her staring from the screen, but in rl I am weaksauce. I would probably faint if I got to meet her. A few fans actually did get to meet her and talk to her after -King's Night-. I think if I had been one of them I would've cried (of happiness) and then I would've fainted haha.

      Yeah seriously!! I want my NANA CLIPS 6 already!! So much PV goodness I want in HD! >.< Though I have to say I have mixed feelings about the POP MASTER PV.. Nana is really adorable and lovely but those foreigners...

  2. Thanks for the link. Just watched it, MB has surely lots of references to The Last Dark. Nana waking up in the dark, the red background with black bubbles and the subway lights, practically the same mood. I thought I saw a deja vu with the preview. 'When will MB start playing' lol

    Although I am not such a gore fan, I find the start was mild in gore and violence. I hope this stays like that. Otherwise I just cover my eyes for it throughout the movie.

    But Okami san, we can all dream, right? About the smallest opportunity to meet Nana. Perhaps it will happen if you wished hard enough for it. Have you seen the video where people got suprised by Nana? It was about Blood C promo.
    Might aswell post link :P

    I wonder if you can survive it.

    yes I was abit jealous and mad when I saw those foreigners on the PV. it was weird. I dont know it kinda ruined it. I hope for pete's sake weren't just pick off from the street because there are gaijins. NinaWolken must be jealous too. (030)/

    1. Yeah, the PV and the movie seriously go together in every possible way. I think the movie does have quite a lot of gore too like the series, but that the story will also play a bigger part.

      Indeed! I like to think that meeting her is within the realm of possibility. We'll see what I come up with! \o/ Hahahahah yeah I've seen that before, really made me laugh. Really awesome of Nana to do something like that! You can tell she's enjoying it so much too. xD She can't stop laughing at that poor guy.. Really don't know how I would've reacted to her sneaking up to me.. prob would be in a daze of disbelief for a while.

      I really hate the way they act. I mean, kind of makes me feel ashamed of being foreign if the Japanese think we act like that... or that those foreigners on the video are making Japanese think we are like that. xD Well if they were picked off the street, I hope that happens to me eventually too! Haha I did get interviewed for some TV program last time in Japan when I was just walking down the street..