Wednesday, 6 June 2012

In Honor of June 5th

This day is pretty special to me, as on this day last year I went to my first Nana live ever. LIVE JOURNEY in Niigata. It still feels like a dream. I really couldn't believe it, that it was actually happening, not before Nana showed up on stage. And even then, it took a few songs for it to register in my brain - that I was actually there. And that's when I cried silent happy tears.  June 5th will definitely always be a very special day for me, because of Nana and also because.. 

This day a year ago, was the day one girl started making her dreams into reality.

It marks the turning point in my life, when I could finally start working on achieving the things I had only had the chance to talk about before. Sure, in truth it could be said dreams started becoming a reality a couple of days earlier on the day I arrived in Japan, but it only really felt concrete to me at LIVE JOURNEY.

I was a bit disappointed earlier today, since there didn't seem to be any way for me to celebrate this one year anniversary in any way. When I got home from work though, I had received an e-mail from KMD. I really couldn't be happier. To be honest, considering how it's been so long since I got accepted into the graduate school I've had plenty of chances to doubt that it actually happened haha that I was still dreaming.. pathetic. xD But now it has become very concrete and it's finally time for me to start preparing for my Japan adventure little by little.

So once again, June 5th has become an important day for me this year as well. Pretty fun, considering tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the day when I went to visit KMD and to see if it was what I thought. All doubt really disappeared from my mind then and my determination sky-rocketed.

Little did I suspect when I took this picture that I'd be accepted on my first try! ^^

きっとDreams come true~~!


  1. I think to be able to go Nana Live is really a dream wish. Let alone to see Nana from up close. I am very happy for you to realize your dream. BANZAI!!ヽ(し^o^)丿how should I say this; Congratulations on your first-time-experience-Nana-live-anniversary! Is this even correct? Nevermind you know what I mean. (#3#)

    But what is the term KMD? I am not familiar with it. Google is not always my best friend. I think your life will surely change in some way. At least a great impact.

    I am feeling excited (eventhough it has nothing to do with me), let us know how it will go!

    1. Indeed! Saaaaankyou! I hope you'll be able to see Nana soon too! ^^ There's one bad side to seeing her live though, and that's the fact that it leaves you craving for more and the idea of skipping a live rips your soul apart. That's why I just had to go to LIVE CASTLE too (that + the fact that performing in Tokyo Dome meant so much for Nana), there was no way I could've skipped it. x_x; haha Nana addiction?

      KMD is the abbreviation for the graduate school I am going to go study at, Keio Media Design. :) And yeah, there is definitely no doubt about my life changing once I go. Will be very exciting!

      Yes, I will do my best to write about as many things as I can on here once I have gone to Japan! \o/

  2. I'm really glad that your dreams are coming to fruition!
    You've always worked hard to achieve great things, to realize those dreams of yours. To see those coming true, that is something you've looked forward to for your whole life.
    You're the type of person that has the willpower and hope to make those dreams come true. Maybe even more willpower than a Green Lantern(DC reference, yay!)! If anyone deserves them to do so, it is most certainly you.
    It is indeed an anniversary to be celebrated!
    I've know ya for 8 long years(though it feels longer). I can say that I've seen and helped you achieve some goals. I remember helping you see Utada. That was a pretty big dream, and you just wouldn't let it die. We had to do everything possible to get that ticket. Spending hours searching auction sites and other sites to find that ONE ticket. But we did it! You got to live thru something that your heart was set on. Now, this Nana dream was much easier, but it must have felt the same. I know it brings you happiness and joy, but I just wanna say that it brings me and others happiness and joy that you are living your dreams. You'll soon get to experience another dream, and I'm sure it will be everything you fought for. Before this post gets too long, I just wanna say that you're living your life very awesomely and you're doing such a great job. Keep doing it, no matter what~

    1. Thanks Kurisupoo! :) I will definitely always keep on striving forward and always keep in sight the things that matter to me. I look forward to the new adventures ahead! \o/ Maybe I should get a Green Lantern ring so I can pretend I am one? xD

      Haha also I am not sure if the Nana thing was any easier.. but challenge is always good so bring on the adversities! x'D

    2. I'm glad ya will and glad you're looking forward to the future! :)
      You as a Green Lantern? That would be sexy ;)
      Imagine all the things you could do with a Green Lantern ring lol

      Oh, right. I got Journey and Castle mixed up XD
      Yeah, I remember helping you search for a ticket for Journey now. Pretty much the same as Utada... just cheaper on the ticket front :P