Monday, 26 March 2012


My face when I was working on this.
I really should post things more often... there have been many Nana-related things I've wanted to write about, but then I just never find the time or energy to do it, and thus I end up not doing it at all. x_x I shall try to make amends from now on!

So yeah, to today's topic. My friend thought I should do this, so here it is (even though I don't particularly like doing memes xD). I have to say that doing this was really agonizing, since picking just one thing for the answers really tore my heart... Wahhh! I was going to have this done in one sitting, but I ended up taking over a week (nearly two)....

1. When did you become a fan of Mizuki Nana and how?
- Well let's see... It's a long story. Like I've said before, Nana's been part of my life for a long time now, more than 7 years (see what I did there?), thanks to my enthusiasm towards anime. At first I didn't pay much attention to seiyuu, but once I got deeper into anime after a couple years of pause, I became very conscious of the voices and what I had heard before. Thus I stumbled upon Nana, who I had heard in many series along the years and liked the roles she had done. I was more of a Hikki music fan then, but once I heard Nana in Darker than Black, my curiosity about her skyrocketed and I found out all I could about her, thus falling in love with the person she is, not to mention the amazing music she makes. 

2. First song you heard
- Take a Shot. I think anyway. xD

3. First PV you saw
- ETERNAL BLAZE, that song totally captivated me so I snooped around and came across the PV.

4. Favorite anime role
- Kirihara Misaki. She will always have a special spot in my heart, no matter how much I love her other characters as well.

5. Favorite album track from supersonic girl
- LOOKING ON THE MOON, this song just somehow soothes me and calms me down. I really adored Nana performing this song on LIVE GRACE.

6. Favorite album track from MAGIC ATTRACTION
 - PROTECTION, this was one of the very first songs I fell in love with due to its very catchy melody. Used to love listening to it when giving my friend a lift home.

7. Favorite album track from DREAM SKIPPER
 - Sabaku no Umi. I seem to have a thing for Nana's songs that have something to do with a desert. xD I really love the mood and feel that this song sets. Makes my soul reverberate somewhere deep.

8. Favorite album track from ALIVE&KICKING
 - Innocent Starter, it's such a gentle and sweet song full of emotion. Plus it's the OP of Nanoha! <3 Wah, Nana singing it in -King's Night- was such a special moment.

9. Favorite album track from HYBRID UNIVERSE
- ETERNAL BLAZE. First song I fell in love with head over heels. Ah the lyrics! Ah the violins! Ah the melody! Such a masterpiece.

10. Favorite album track from GREAT ACTIVITY
 - Orchestral Fantasia, definitely. Being a musical person, the lyrics to this song are beyond amazing to me. Such brilliance.

11. Favorite album track from ULTIMATE DIAMOND
- Maria&Joker, since this song is special in such a way that well... My best friend is named Maria and thanks to my username in the university system in the UK, Joker became one of my nicknames. Thus to me this song is like, our song.

12. Favorite album track from IMPACT EXCITER
- Silent Bible, this song is just special to me.

13. Your favorite single
- Man, I really love all of Nana's singles. I guess if I have to pick one though, I'd go with SCARLET KNIGHT, since I really love HIGH-STEPPER and SCARLET KNIGHT has become very special to me due to being the first song I heard live from Nana.

14. Favorite PV
- Aoi Iro. I just can't get over how awesome it is with it's continuity! Not to mention it always succeeds in making me smile and I just really love it when Nana draws Nanette on the blackboard. Not to mention the fact that she wears glasses for a moment. xD

15. Best b-side of a single
-  I think this was the most difficult question for me here. I think Nana releases the most amazing b-sides. I really love all of them, especially HIGH-STEPPER, Tenkuu no Canaria, PRIDE OF GLORY, Juujika no Spread, Soredemo kimi wo omoi desu kara -again-, UNBREAKABLE, Hime Murasaki, etc.... so this question totally rips me apart. (´Д`。) I guess I'll just go with what I am currently hooked on, which would be Risouron. Playing it on the violin really makes me happy and it offers my feelings some release.

16. Your favorite live performance
- LIVE CASTLE -King's Night-. Or wait, should I like, pick one song? I refuse to do so.

17. Favorite concert DVD
- Very hard choice again. I really love them all. I guess I'll go with LIVE GRACE with all its violin goodness and amazingly pretty songs. Not to mention that I love how it brings the focus on just Nana. A close runner up would be LIVE GAMES, since I am quite the game geek myself. Though, I'll prob change my mind once CASTLE x JOURNEY gets released.... xD

18. The song you relate the most to
- Silent Bible, it could just as well be written about me.

19. Your favorite lyric
- "だから決意は強き翼 運命なんていらない". Or did this mean a whole song? Then I'll go with Thermidor. I really love the way things are expressed in it and the story it paints in my mind.

20. A song that you wish had a music video
- All the ones that don't have one? xD Maybe Thermidor or Maria&Joker. I think you could make a really great movie-ish PV out of either of them.

21. One song that you’ll never get tired of
- Sorry but... all of them. I cannot choose just one. xD

22. Favorite animelo collaboration
- This is a hard one too... Can't I just pick my least favorite one (*eternally bitter about Ali Project making a mistake in ETERNAL BLAZE*)? xD Okay okay, I'll narrow my favorites to two. I'll go with Nana x Yukarin from 2008 because they are so cute and adorable together and Nana x Okui Masami in 2010 since they do an epic job on UNCHAIN∞WORLD.

23. Favorite TV appearance
- Do the Smile-gang anniversaries count (were they shown on TV or did they just come out on DVD?)? I just really love them all, especially the one where Nana and Misato are not allowed to laugh. Haha, that guy running down the street with his loincloth flapping... xD I did also really love Nana trying to make Keitan do things in Say! You Young and young Nana performing What cheer? on some program. Oh yeah! I guess for this I'll go with the Junketsu Paradox release broadcast thing where Nana kept getting questions wrong and having to wear weird things... I found that so hilarious!

Mustachio!! xD

24. Share a moment when you were extra proud of being her fan
- When I got to be part of Nana making her Tokyo Dome dream come true. It really felt like it was my dream that was coming true as well, like her dream had become mine.

25. Tell us what you believe is her charm point
- Everything about her. Sure, I could list all of them separately, but let's face it - I'd sound like a perv then and I'd like to avoid that.

26. Have you been to any of her concerts?
- Yes, LIVE JOURNEY @ Niigata and LIVE CASTLE both nights.

27. Do you own any goods? (picture not necessary)
- Yes, of course. I hamster away as much as I can. No pic included because... I am lazy. xD Plus I've posted some before!

And with that ends this post~!
I'll try to write more often from now on. ^^;


  1. that answered all my questions, thanks am making a similar post on my blog.

    1. Glad you found my post useful! ^^ Looking forward to yours.

  2. Nice to meet you, dear European Nana fan!!

    I am very glad to find another Nana fan. Especially someone being a fan longer then me. Or should I say ''senpai''? j/k Surerly you see me post here and there. I want to reply to all the posts but that seems like spamming - which I want to avoid.


    1. Woop, nice to meet you too! ^^

      How long have you been a fan? Also, feel free to reply to as many posts as you want! xD It is nice to hear what other Nana fans think. ^^ You should do this meme thing too!

  3. Yeah I was a normal fan when I knew Nana from her seiyuu works. - euhhum Fate, like most ppl orz - I did buy one or two singles from her. Since Impact Exciter that was the floodgate, for the first time when I bought a CD, I didnt skip any songs. You could I became sort of recently fan of hers.

    About the meme, it is a brilliant idea. I will do it as soon as my BDs have arrived. Perhaps then I would have more inspirations.

    Hope to see more of your blogposts! You can make sure there will be a regular visitor to your blog from The Netherlands!