Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Awaiting releases~!

New design to celebrate the approaching release of NANA MIZUKI LIVE CASTLE x JOURNEY (and also due to my undying lust love for King Nana)~! I really cannot wait to get my BDs and relive LIVE CASTLE. o(´∇`*o) Also I am really pumped up about getting to hear Nana sing more old songs in LIVE JOURNEY, since when she sang Supersonic Girl at Niigata it was simply stunning and so different from what it was when Nana first recorded it. I do kind of hope that the making of  LIVE JOURNEY would have Supersonic Girl on it so I could hear that again too, wah~. I also hope my package arrives one day before the release again as it did with Synchrogazer, since then I could lock myself into my room, get absorbed into blissful 7th Heaven and be completely oblivious of all of Finland going crazy and getting wasted due to May Day (yeaaaah, I don't like May Day xD).

Anyways, back to Nana. I'm really excited about her upcoming single! It gets released a day before my birthday~! \o/ I'd say best birthday present ever, but besting LIVE JOURNEY, which was my birthday present last year, is not very easy. In fact, I think it's nearly impossible, it being my first Nana live and all. xD So yeah, I am very intrigued about TIME SPACE EP and what Metro Baroque and the currently untitled song are like since I really like the wholes that Nana's singles make. I know I already love the Meiji tweet mystery song and ONE sounds very lovely from the preview too. Can't wait to see the cover either with all it's time and space -iness~! Nana seemed to have a lot of fun at the photoshoot (well she always seems to xD). :D I do hope we'll get a new album soon too~!

And now I shall stop my hyping since I need to go to work... >:
I'll leave you with a pic of King Nana~!



  1. While the single may not be better than last year, I bet it will be one hell of a gift anyway ;)
    The single seems like it will be great!
    To me, it gives a sense of darkness and mystery.
    Or maybe that is just from Blood-C: The Last Dark.
    I don't know XD

    Looking forward to the pics from that photoshoot and hopefully a new PV~
    Anyway, have fun with your new BDs when ya get them! :)

    1. Indeed, it is the best I could've asked for this year prolly. :P

      Yeah! I thought so too. But when you look at the Tweet Mystery song on those CMs, it's not very dark (maybe it has to be counted as mysterious since it IS the Tweet Mystery song xD), and then ONE is a very beautiful love song as far as I can tell from the short preview that's out on the internet. So that leaves Metro Baroque and the untitled track to turn the mood around. Metro Baroque will quite probably be dark and ominous, even without it being for Blood-C since baroque is a form of art that's supposed to give a sense of drama and tension. So maybe two songs to bring an ominous mood, and two to lighten it up? :D

      And yeah! There definitely will be a PV of Metro Baroque! It being the main single song and all. Maybe we can secretly hope for two since last time Nana released a single with a similar name (Starcamp EP) two of the songs got a PV! :D

      And thank you, I will without a doubt~! \o/

  2. I still am jealous of everybody how got to go to Live castle. but the new single coming out the day before you're birthday has to be some sort of strange Nana fate that only crazy fans get ( expect me!! >o< )

    1. Don't worry, I am quite sure the BD/DVDs will still be a very magical experience too! And you're going to Live Union, right? ^^ Nana always does what she can to best herself, so Union is sure to be amazing! I know how you feel though, missing a Nana concert always makes my heart bleed. >.<

      Nana fate. xD I have some fun coincidences in my life concerning Nana. Like for example, one of my chihuahuas is the same age as Keitan, except that I got mine half a year before Keitan was born. So Nana copied me? xD haha. I am sure you will get your Nana fate soon too~! \o/ Good things come to those who wait.