Sunday, 4 March 2012

BJMA 2011 - Congratulations Nana!

Winner! <3
So yes, congratulations Nana-chan for winning the award for Animation Artist in Billboard JAPAN Music Awards 2011!

Man I am so happy that Nana won this. I was feeling very grumpy about the results of the seiyuu awards (rawr!), but this makes me feel a lot better. Nana deserves to win something! Every time! Everywhere! (*≧▽≦)b Also, I have to say I really like the outfit that Nana wore to the awards! It's.... it's.... gorgeous.


  1. you have an amazing blog, definitely a great place to go to get Nana news I especially love the live and dvd reports you post. Just one question, I haven't finished reading all the older post on you're blog so not sure if said it already but how did you first get in to Nana Mizuki?

    1. Thank you! I am glad you like my posts and find them useful. ^^ Sadly I haven't had as much time to write entries this year as I'd have hoped, but hopefully I'll have more time again soon. As how to came across Nana, I did briefly talk about that in my Top 10 Nana songs entry, but my next entry will also touch upon the subject so wait for it (because telling you here would be too easy muahah ;D)!

    2. thank you for responding to my comment I look forward to reading the next post. ( come to think of it I haven't posted on my own blog how I got in to Nana ? my last post i just talked about Okui Masami -_-)

    3. You should do the meme thing I did in my newest entry too! xD