Wednesday, 29 February 2012


So today I battled the frightening forces of nature in order to get to my violin lesson today and I have to say that I am really glad I did. So.....

... I've really been obsessed with the Risouron violin melodies ever since the Synchrogazer single came out and I heard it for the first time. As I wrote in one of my entries before, I had already been learning to play it by ear with my sister and today I asked my violin teacher to listen to Risouron so that we could brush up my playing. And man, what followed was a lot more awesome than I had ever imagined! Firstly she corrected some parts for me, making them more complex (well I should say, making them how they were supposed to be exactly xD) and then she got really enthusiastic about the song itself and actually even said that "this is a really good song". Wahhh, made me very happy! And now as a result we're now going to do a proper violin duet out of it (hopefully the whole song :3). She had some really great ideas on how we're gonna do some bits and I really can't wait to work on this more with her. Till my next lesson I shall perfect and speed up my playing. This is going to be so amazingly awesome, I can feel it! o(≧∇≦o)(o≧∇≦)o I've even started to play around with my pens at work in order to give my fingers a workout.. xD

But yeah, Risouron. I feel really at peace when I'm playing it. I mean it's somehow like the powerful and melancholic melody provides me with a very efficient outlet for my own sadness and frustrations. Like I can just let it all flow out in my playing. It's funny though, because at the same time Risouron does also sort of make me sad. "遠くでずっと 見守っているよ", I told a friend something very similar (if not exactly) to that some time ago. And even though, maybe that person doesn't really see it in such a negative light as presented in the song, it does make "優しさの...はき違い" ring in my head and thus it works as a reminder of the sadness I've caused for my friend. It is a burden I must bear though, since it was caused by my choices. So yeah, Risouron creates contradictions within me and thus gets to me in many levels. I should also mention that I do really like the lyrics to this song (regardless of them making me sad xD), it's again something new in Nana's big selection of unique kinds of songs. ^^ All in all a really amazing song to me. I really hope I can hear it live so I can smile and cry at the same time.

 Also! I updated my [Top 10 Mizuki Nana songs I want to learn on the violin] list finally!

And just so you know I haven't yet abandoned my idea of a travel journal for my Japan trip, I just really had to write about Risouron since I was so stoked today about the violin duet. xD

Here shall end my idealism~

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