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Top 10 Mizuki Nana Songs I Want to Learn on the Violin *Updated 2012/02/28*

So since my Arfu loves it when I stall the revealing of my Top 20 Nana song list, I shall stall yet again. (^o^)/

I went to buy myself an electronic violin today and I was really surprised at how much they sounded like a normal violin. I was expecting something... else. Obviously. xD I found a really lovely one that I bought. It looks so cool and it's red. (^-^) So now I am really stoked about finally having a good quality violin again and I am actually very excited to start relearning to play. So considering how that was the highlight of my day, I felt making a top 10 list of the Nana songs I eventually want to learn how to play was a very appropriate thing to do.

So enjoy~!

Nana + violin = <3

Top 10 Mizuki Nana Songs I Want to Learn on the Violin

10. Orchestral Fantasia
Only found a live version of this song, my apologies - though I am sure no one here minds watching a bit of Nana in action. :P But yush, this is another really powerful song and I really love the violin parts in it even if again, there are a lot of parts without one. Also, I don't think just me playing this alone on my violin would do justice to this song - quite far from it I feel. That's why, when I start learning this my friend Tommy better do the guitar parts for me so that we can make a very epic musical piece together. ;)

09. Stay Gold
[No preview available]
I really like the melody here and I was so happy to see that the Junketsu Paradox single had not one, but two awesome violin tracks on it!  Yay! \o/ I like the feeling of hopefulness in this melody, and it in itself does give off the impression of well, "to stay gold". I don't really know how to explain it. xD I do hope I can learn to play this soon..

08. Astrogation
Again a live version, this time equipped with a crazy Nana hanging from wires. :O This song has become quite close to my heart for various reasons recently, which is one of the main reasons I'd really want to learn to play this. I  also love the way this song somehow sounds like it's full of hope and promises a happy tomorrow (again, this is the feeling I get from listening to it) and I really want to play something like that and be all happy happy yay!

07. Junketsu Paradox
Only found the Blood-C ED cut of this song, so you gotta make do with the shortness of it. :( Anyway, I fell in love with the violin opening and instantly just knew that I wanted to learn to play it. The song is filled with quite nice violin bits anyway! Really lovely song and somehow I really love how the violin brings forth a sense of urgency in the melody.

06. テルミドール -Vingt-Sept-
[No preview available]
I'd love to play this song for a few reasons, 1) I love this song, 2) the atmosphere is different from any other Nana song, 3) the violin part during the instrumental is amazing. Somehow I think that violin part really captures the essence of the whole song, like that melody embodies the message of the song. I don't know why or how but that's what it makes me feel like. Playing this would be like being part of a melancholic dream.

I really love the violin parts in this (the piano parts too). There are not that many violin parts in the actual song but it can be played completely by violin. Even so, ETERNAL BLAZE hasn't made it to the top of the list because this song is one that many people have already covered. I always sort of prefer going my own way, as I am sure all of you are aware

04. Silent Bible
Heh heh, I always have to link my AMV whenever I mention this song... I'm not self-centered at all. xD I naturally had to add this song, considering it's my Nana horoscope song and all. The violin in this is kind of quiet, but hey, at least it's there! I think this is again the sort of song you can easily get lost into. Really looking forward to learning it.

Ok the video is very bad quality and short, but it was the best I could find on YouTube - please forgive me. The violin playing nuns in Nana's PV for this totally sold this song to me. Okay not primarily. The main reason is the amazingly epic violin part at the beginning after Nana's first line. I just seriously love it. This song holds a special place in my heart anyway, due to its epicness and also because it was the first song I heard from Nana live. <3

02. Tenkuu no Canaria
The violin in this is something unbelievably beautiful (as is the whole song) and makes me emotional every time I hear it. This is seriously one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and I would love nothing more than to be able to play something like it myself. I will totally be lost in the story of the song whenever I play it. Definitely. I really hope that learning this song will become a reality one day. And oh yeah, the video for this is a live one again, because I wanted to ogle at Nana singing this amazing song. Yet again.

01. Risouron
[No preview available]
The violin melody in this song completely captivated me the moment I heard it for the first time and  thus made it skyrocket to first place on my violin list. Unbelievable. It really moves me somewhere really deep. The strength and the melancholy of it really gets to me and playing this song provides me with a nice outlet for my own sadness and frustrations... because yes! I can already play some of this violin, yay! \o/ It's really incredible how satisfying it is for me to be able to play some of this... Total inner peace.

Not sure if I'll ever be able to master all of these (and prob not in this order either), but I will do my best. There are also many other Nana songs that have a violin I love, like Black Diamond, Dancing in the velvet moon, 恋の抑止力-type EXCITER-, SEVEN and Tear's Night etc etc, but this was a top 10 - what can I do? :P

That's all for today and  tomorrow I shall fuck off to the middle of nowhere for a few days. See you on the other side!

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