Saturday, 20 August 2011

Top 10 Mizuki Nana PVs

So I randomly remembered today that I was going to make a Top 10 Nana PVs list. That had somehow completely escaped my mind, but I guess that's understandable with the new single hype and then me going to Germany and whatever else.. I remembered it today only because I was listening to Trickster, which made me think of the PV, which in turn reminded me I had not put that on my list for some reason and had to make amends.

First before I begin, a little side note. You know you've been playing Persona a lot when this happens - I was trying to decide what to do tonight when I got on the computer and since it seems that nowadays I only have time to do one of the following, I thought:

How will you spend your evening ?
a) Watch anime with Chris. Since you have Mara, a Persona of the Tower Arcana, you might want to spend time with this Social Link. 
b) Play FFXIV with Eva. Since you have Lamia, a Persona of the Hermit Arcana, you might want to spend time with this Social Link.
c) Look at Nina's artwork. Since you have Jack Frost, a Persona of the Magician Arcana, you might want to spend time with this Social Link.
d) Do work. Doing work will increase your Academics.
e) Write a blog entry. Writing a blog entry will increase your obsess... krhm.... expression.

So yeah, leveling up obsess.. I mean... expression tonight it is! I'd like to mention that the Arcanas present in my evening planner were carefully selected to be most fitting to the people they are representing and then I just picked a random Persona from each. Couldn't resist using Mara for Tower Arcana, since it was so -handily- available har har har.... Onward to the list of my top favorite Nana PVs! I have to say deciding the order for these was very hard. xD

Top 10 Nana PVs

10. What cheer?
Boink boink.

I only saw this recently after I bought NANA CLIPS 2 from the Nana concert I went to in June. Nana is so adorable in this, doing silly gestures to the camera while she tries on clothes and walks down the street. It's so random - I love it! The PV also includes the really adorable What cheer?-choreograph, which makes me smile every time I see it. Also, Nana nodding and smiling at the camera when she sings "I'm Satisfied" overloads me with cuteness. xD

09. 悦楽カメリア (Etsuraku Camellia)

Nana in Japanese-style clothing is instant win for me. They know how to tempt you by showing a little bit of skin here and there. This short-skirt kimono is such a tease. Even more so the way Nana prances around in it. Ahhh. xD *takes a deep breath* For some reason Nana has blue contacts for some parts of the PV and that looks really weird, but adorable. I really love the setup of this video - the items in the background, the colors.... everything really.

Liiiiiiifeeeeee is wonderful!

There is not a lot going on in this PV, but the surging positive energy Nana has in it is really unique. Every time I watch this PV I cannot help but think that the world is wonderful, life is great and everything is worth smiling for. I love the way Nana wears make-up in this as well, since it's not her usual get up but a little bit more on the natural side. Suits her really well. The see through piano she plays in the PV is really awesome too. Would be amazing to get to try playing one. I have to say there is one thing that bugs me in this PV though, and that is Nana's shirt. It clearly says: 3 + 2 - 2 = 7 haha. I thought I've been misreading it all the time so I always try to read it more carefully whenever I watch the PV again but still no explanation other than Nana can make any equation magically equal seven. x'D

I am awaiting that day eagerly Nana. <3

This is the first Nana PV that I totally fell in love with. The style used in this is just so hilarious and Nana is so cute and silly with the way she moves, it's like a cartoon! And oh my god, the little Engrish typos. "I want to be exited" especially cracks me up. xD The PV was what originally made me love this song as well, even though I had been listening to it for quite a while before I saw it. This is also where she has the shirt with something that looked scarily similar to the Finnish chocolate brand's, Fazer's, logo. I wrote about it a long time ago, can find that [from here].

06. Trickster

I can't believe I forgot this from my list when I was first planning it! Really unforgivable. This PV is magic. You rarely see something as visually artistic as the water splashes in this. The water dripping from the neck of the bass, the guitarist stomping down and all of them jumping at the part from which I included the screenshot of all really make me shiver from its beauty. I also love Nana's outfit (I think I'll prob say this for nearly all the PVs...), yay Nana in a tie! Kind of like a gangster image. I love it!

05. Silent Bible
Silent Bible + snow fall = perfect combination.

This PV is really beautiful, it holds within it many different Nana outfits and scenes which all work really well for their parts of the song. I don't know why, but I think Silent Bible goes really well with walking in the falling snow. I thought so already before I even saw the PV for it, and I was really happy that Nana actually does that herself in the PV! It's like meant to be. xD I also especially love the white-outfitted Nana sitting by the stream, goes really well with the question of whether true happiness exists or not. I am really glad yet again that this is my Nana horoscope song. <3

04. Orchestral Fantasia
I envy that violin in her arms..

Nana hugging a violin is really enough reason for me to put this quite high on my list being the violin-enthusiast I am. I really love the scene where she lies in the sand under those strings, I don't think she could've hit the very core of the song any better than she did with that. It becomes simply perfect when she hugs that violin during the part "SUTORINGUSU no umi de samayou Ah…" and the note sheets start falling on top of her. This PV is a really beautiful master piece.

03. 純潔パラドックス (Junketsu Paradox)
My most favorite part of the song AND the PV.

This PV sky-rocketed to the top 3 of my list instantly when it came out. Nana's outfit in this PV is so drool-inducing that I would have needed multiple buckets if I wanted to prevent making a mess. THE SHOULDER. OH. MY. GOD. What did I say about Japanese-style clothing huh huh? xD I also really like the depiction of the paradox using a form of Japanese performance. Nana clearly has a point in all her PVs, which I love. It's nothing like the mindless ass-shaking you see most of the time on this side of the world. I wrote quite a long blog entry about the Junketsu Paradox PV before, you can read it [from here].

 02. ミュステリオン (Musterion)
Mmm, dictator Nana.

I was really obsessed with this PV a while back, so of course it had to be put in a very high spot on my list. Nana in her dictator outfit is just unbelievably hot. Also the way she moves in this PV - so smooth yet badass. Really makes me melt. I also really love how it is so clearly Nazi-influenced. And before you get me wrong here - I DO NOT like Nazis, it just amuses me how anywhere else in the world you would not see music videos referring to them in anyway. Japan however, can do anything. xD Oh and I must say, Nana in an eyepatch. <3 I think if I ever cosplayed as Nana this is the outfit I would make.

01. アオイイロ (Aoi Iro)
I love this face. xD

Aoi Iro takes the number one spot for me, no doubt about it. I love how it's all been done in one shoot - the camera follows Nana's movements through the school and getting everything to go perfectly in something like that is not an easy thing to do. That's what Aoi Iro is though - perfect. I love how it includes 1) Nana in glasses, 2) Nana drawing, 3) Nana dancing and 4) Nana stripping. Not a lot more you could ask for in one video! Also, if this video does not make you smile then there is something very wrong with you!


    TELL ME............... WHY?
    Call me...Forget me not!

    I took a similar picture of my character. >:D [Eyepatch Neon]

  2. lol Penis with tentacles on a chariot
    Anyway, any of those choices for spending your evening sounds like a good idea! Tho, working doesn't sound like fun and choice A sounds the best :P

    Also, all very good PVs.
    Really don't know how you were able to give them an order since they are so good!

  3. lol maybe I'll finally get to fuse it in P3. xD Was soooo close in P4!
    And orly? I would never have believed you'd think a) would be the best choice. :P

    Well seems pointless to just list them without an order and what not, so it has to be done even if I'll change my mind the very next minute on the exact order. xD Mmm I should hold a Nana PV marathon soon. <3 Also, I hope your friend appreciates the love I showed Aoi Iro this time around. ;)