Friday, 22 July 2011

「純潔パラドックス」 PV

I was threatening in my previous entry that I'd write about this next, so here it is!

So yesterday morning I managed to find the PV for Junketsu Paradox to my great delight. I had no idea it had actually come out already, so it was a really nice surprise to start my day with. (^-^) Later on I even stumbled upon the second song of the upcoming single, 7COLORS - how lucky is that?! If you want to give it a listen you can do so [from here]. I probably won't write about it before the single actually comes out, not long till that now anyway!

My first thought when I watched the PV was "this is like the dark version of Etsuraku Camellia" and I know I am not the only one to think so (*winks at Amy*). Nana embraces a very Japanese approach in the PV and that makes the whole very beautiful aesthetically. Nana looks amazing in Japanese-style clothes and the outfit she wears in this makes me think it's a clever feminine version of something that a samurai would wear. That plus the fact that it has an amazingly high cut in the front really makes me melt. Also I love how she has one of her shoulders bare, really smexy. Is it wrong that a bare Nana shoulder drives me wild? ( ̄▽ ̄;)

Story-wise it seems that the Japanese dancers, the lady in the mask and the demon, represent the namesake paradox of the song. I assume the lady masked lady represents good or pure-heartedness, while the demon represents the dark side and presumably they are competing for domination -within- Nana. Judging by how Nana and the demon seem to be spinning in similar fashion close to the end of the video the demon might be winning....? Naughty Nana, naughty naughty! 

Also, has anyone else noticed how there seem to be reoccuring phenomena in Nana's PVs? The one present in Junketsu Paradox is something I like to call an "epic slow-motion turn", which seems to happen in the PVs for epic songs. Coincidence? A PV without the epic slow-motion turn is clearly not epic enough to be considered epic. That is the conclusion I've come to. Here's a few examples (not exhaustive, I just used the ones that came to my mind first).

LEFT TURN BEGINS...                   RIGHT TURN  BEGINS...

Scarlet Knight is clearly doubly epic, since it comes equipped with not just one but two slow-motion turns.

Next on the list of slow-motion turns is just  Etsuraku Camellia, no right turn for this second phase.

Next up, Musterion and Silent Bible, spiced up by a slight upwards head tilt!

Last but not least - Mugen and Junketsu Paradox finishing the turns!

LEFT TURN ends...                    RIGHT TURN ends...

See! The turn - it's everywhere! And that's not the only phenomenon I've noticed. There is also [THIS]. The examples are not exhaustive again I just used ETERNAL BLAZE, SECRET AMBITION and Justice to Believe to demonstrate my point. Mmmm, Nana just can't get enough of those flowers! They should all be roses I tell you... ;D

But yes, back to Junketsu Paradox. Here are some lovely screenshots I took from the PV. Indulge yourself in the pleasure that is Nana.

Ah, what lovely hand movements..

I love the close-ups in this PV. :3

Smexy pose #1

Smexy pose #2

Nana is the new Jesus? :'D


And I think I shall leave my Junketsu Paradox PV report at that. Definitely excellent work from Nana yet again, I do immensely enjoy watching her PVs - nearly none of the music videos here in the Western world have any point in them. Really looking forward to seeing the POP MASTER PV next! o(^-^)o

This is RjOkami signing off - the next entry might be about me going on about Final Fantasy Type-0 (I am very excited about that game), but we'll see!


  1. I'm glad I finally got the translation down for this lol
    Ya should be able to see the finished product quite soon! :)
    And stupid video site not letting me watch the PV ;_;
    Hopefully someone uploads it to Youtube or something.

  2. I was gonna ask you about that, but then I forgot! :O Can't wait to see some Blood-C goodness!
    You rarely see Nana'S PVs on YouTube, King Records watches out for them like a hawk. :( Maybe I'll eventually upload it on fb for you.

  3. Yeah! You'll see it soon :)

    Well, hopefully you can upload it one day.
    Would be great to see it!

  4. I BETTER! :D Quoting Arcueid from Tsukihime:
    I want it...................your blood.

    Dun dun duuun...... perhaps perhaps. ;) Can't blame you for wanting to see it, it is hawt. xD