Sunday, 12 December 2010


Don't you wish you were the World now? I know I do. Now let's imagine Nana could actually do that (I mean of course she can, but the "imagine" part is there for the people who aren't aware of her powers) - what would you do? I know I'd make my way to the roof of the tallest building nearby and fervently wish that the country I am in will be at the point of impact. Judging by where she's kissing the globe on that picture though, she won't be anywhere near to where I am. :/ Chris might have a chance, since Nana seems to be very near if not smack bang on the United States of America. Damn you Chris! *shakes fist* Oh but I guess she's more toward South America actually.. Oh well. :P *stops shaking fist*

Anyway, isn't it fun how similar the text on her shirt is to the Fazer logo (Finnish chocolate brand nom nom)? Her shirt actually says Frozen, but you gotta admit - it really is similar!

As you can see I am really trying to distract myself by whatever random thing I can just so I wouldn't have to work on this silly assignment... but now that I got this blog post out of the way I have no choice but to return to the report once again.... sigh.


  1. I actually thought that said 'Frasier' for a moment... I love that sitcom :D



    Well, enough stalling I think... guess I'd better start this report too :'(

  2. :D
    Death by huge, crushing Nana kiss... One of the best ways to die :P
    I'd make sure to get crushed by those lips enough for the both of us lol
    Or at least die by drowning from her sweet saliva.

  3. @Drunken Monkey: Pff, how dare you confuse the godly chocolate of Fazer with something else?! Shame on you, shame on you!! Fazer is the best tasting chocolate in the world, [FACT]. :D

    @newtype510: LOL Chris, you sure know how to make my day. I definitely needed that in the midst of this retarded assignment. XD