Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Thoughts on 「純潔パラドックス」

ZOMG I LIED AGAIN. No Gotou Yuuko this time either (Forgive me Gotou-san, I will honor you soon! (;_・)), since I heard Junketsu Paradox thanks to it being aired on smile-gang and I just cannot resist writing about a new Nana song.

So yes, Nana's new song which is used as the ED of Blood-C, Junketsu Paradox, was heard in full on smile-gang last night. The name, like she's been explaining in LIVE JOURNEY MCs, means pure-hearted paradox. Sadly I cannot make much out of the lyrics at the moment with them not available anywhere yet (ごめんなさい、I need to better my Japanese (;_・)), but judging by the atmosphere the song creates it revolves around urgency and desperation - well, a paradox obviously. xD

I cannot really say how much I like the song, well I do know already that I like it a lot, but a radio-rip takes away a lot of the impact of the song so I really want to hear the full-power version of it before I make a firm opinion. Nana sang it in Station 8, and I can only imagine how mind-blowing this song must have been live. I really wish I could have been there to hear it, but at least I was fortunate enough to be a part of LIVE JOURNEY so I am content. O(≧∇≦)O I am guessing Nana might be performing it in Animelo too perhaps, along with SCARLET KNIGHT. I shall eagerly await the Bluray for that and LIVE JOURNEY! But yes, before I got slightly distracted with my live and Bluray ramblings, I was going to say that this song feels quite powerful and I really love powerful Nana songs - they fill you with the energy to accomplish anything imaginable. Oh and I just love, LOVE, the violin at the beginning. Another song to add to my list of Nana songs to learn to play on the violin. I'll grow old before I have time to master them all. xD Well really, I'll be glad if I can even play one eventually, I really need to work hard to learn to play again... :3

Also, the Junketsu Paradox pictures make me drool. Love the outfit and the colors go really nicely together. Might become one of my favorite Nana CD covers! Nana is always so lush in Japanese-style clothing (well in any clothing really, but you know..)!

Single Cover

So pretty! <3 I'm not mistaken when I say that I am not the only one who'd like to poke a finger or more down her v-neck am I? Or at least sneak a peek.. (<-- This is RJ "Old Geezer" Okami talking) xD

Also, I am really eagerly waiting for the two other songs on the single, 7COLORS and Stay Gold. The latter makes me think "Utada!", haha and judging by what I've read I am not the only one who's thought that. xD Not a bad thing at all, just makes me expect great things from the song - and I doubt Nana would ever disappoint me. I don't think it's possible. Nana is invincible. <3

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