Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Okay so I lied - my next post (this) is not about Gotou Yuuko-san, but I promise the one after this will be! I just had to do a short entry in between about me as a researcher, since I have no idea how I managed to end up in such a favorable position. It seems like yesterday when I first stepped into my supervisor's office, unsure of what I wanted to do with my dissertation but desperate to show that I had thought of something before showing up.

And now....
  • My dissertation is done, with a double A+ to show for all the blood and toil I put into it the past year. That's not really a new piece of knowledge anymore, but the other day I heard that my supervisor got called to the external examiners meeting and they complimented my work to him saying that they wished their students would do something of the same quality (and apparently this came from a school which is considered better than ours, especially when it comes to computing). Ha, wow.
  •  I'm continuing my work through the post of Research Assistant, and will be getting a paper published on the subject at the end of the year (or that's the plan anyway). That's quite an achievement I think, especially at my age. And I even get paid for this, woo~!
  • My supervisor told me to keep him posted on what I am doing after this post in the future, as he and his wife would love to have me take part in their researches (no matter what the subject) again later, because of my expertise and because they feel the three of us work really well together. They said the chemistry is the most important thing, as finding the right sort of people for good team work is not easy. I was very touched by this, I didn't think I've been all that useful, but they seem have so much faith in me and see so much potential in me. I feel very lucky.
So perhaps I will be a top-notch researcher one day. I definitely see that as a possibility, I've always loved to question things and discover new perspectives, which became very apparent when philosophy classes brought me so much joy. Also, when my dad read my dissertation he said that I could definitely make a successful academic career. It's pretty funny - it's like I am turning into an actual Ricotta Elmar. 


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  1. Doesn't surprise me at all :D You're a very, very bright individual and I'm glad I know you! :)

    To repeat what someone said to me recently:

    Follow the path, my friend.