Sunday, 8 May 2011

Captive of Babel.

Phew, I am now finally starting to feel a bit more alive than dead. Hopefully soon I'll have the energy to take care of other things apart from uni work. The dissertation might be done and over with (Wohoo~~!) but there is still a lot to do the next week or so. So bear with me until I make a proper comeback... 

Anyway, I had to write here today just to inform everyone how I am totally hooked on Nana's 囚われのBabel today. Why didn't I pay much attention to this before? I love it. Can listen to it from [here] if interested. The first two seconds of the song remind me of Michael Jackson (Songs like Dirty Diana and Another Part of Me, start with a similar sound!) and then it turns to a game-ish style which makes me reminiscence the great times I had with Megaman X4 - I need to play that game again!  I love the lyrics as well, very powerful song. Definitely would be nice to see live. 

Which brings me to another point. I saw the set list for the concert she had today and it was amazing. Very strong start with songs like SCARLET KNIGHT, ETERNAL BLAZE, 恋の抑止力-type EXCITER- and HIGH-STEPPER. Can't really get much better than that! Later on really great stuff too like DISCOTHEQUE, 囚われのBabel (yay, fun coincidence!), Zankou no Gaia, UNBREAKABLE among others and the place of last song went to POP MASTER, as was to be expected. I always did say it would be a very good encore song. Really can't wait to get a combination like this on Bluray! Hopefully the set list among concerts does not change too much, since this combo kicks ass. :)

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