Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Nana's 23rd and 24th Singles!

I would like to apologize for the lack of entries lately, my dissertation has really chained me down completely. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to ramble on about useless things a bit more, such as finishing my 30 day song challenge...

ANYWAY. So, I'm visiting home currently and I spent the other day throwing a lot of my past away. It's funny how many memories something simple like a shirt or a magazine can have. It was time to let go of those things however and now I feel like I have a lot of room in my life for what the future brings! So bring it on!

And now for the main topic of the evening - Nana's new singles, SCARLET KNIGHT and POP MASTER. I regret not having the time to write about them before but hey, at least I am doing it now! I nearly exploded from joy when they arrived in the mail last Thursday and needless to say, I quickly ran to my room to open them. I really loved the casings for the pair, and was completely enchanted with the plastic CD cover for SCARLET KNIGHT being well, scarlet, and the one for POP MASTER being white! Brilliant idea! But shit, I realized I neglected to take a picture of them.... I'll add one here later, sorry!

Now to the songs.... !

Ahhhh, what a lovely happy song! You can just feel happiness oozing from this song! Perhaps not the song that deals out the most impact between the four of them, but I think this song will be very lovely to hear live. Will probably work well as an encore song, similar to POWER GATE, since the diving diving diving and such parts give a splendid opportunity for the audience to participate. Also I can already see Nana running around on the stage smiling like crazy during the instrumental bit, ahhh. I am melting. So yes, this song will certainly make you happy. I mean seriously, who wouldn't be happy having Nana ask them are you OK? 

Is it just me, or does like every artist have a habit of making a song named Unbreakable? I had a few examples in my mind earlier but now I can only remember Michael Jackson's. WHERE DID THE OTHER ONES GO?! Oh well. Needless to say Nana's Unbreakable takes the unbreakable top spot for me. This song is quite powerful and really drives you to keep going I feel. Nana calls many things unbreakable in this song, such as this wish, the heart, us, and so forth.. and listening to her I really feel that way too. Yume miru koto mo wasurete don’t waste your life! I won't waste my life Nana-chan! *salutes* Really a good song to come out during the time of the Japan disaster. I hope listening to this helped many people.

This I already wrote about [here], so go read it you mongrels! I won't repeat myself - hell, that might make me come across as boring. ;) Anyways, love this song very much! The violins, the violins!!

OMG THIS SONG! THIS SONG! First off I must say it was nothing like what I was expecting, not that I can really describe what I was actually expecting - but it definitely wasn't this! This song totally blew me away. It was so different from anything Nana had made before AND it was full of Nana English. Love at first sight, totally. And call me silly or whatever, but I totally creamed myself when I realized Nana says a couple of Hikki's song names in this song (Kiss&cry, Keep tryin') - I mean, could a song become much more perfect than that? A combination of Nana and Hikki is like the perfect dream come true! But ehum yes, I love the don't mess with me bitch please -feel the song gives out. Makes you feel like you are plowing through on top of the world! 予測不可能だからI feel good. Listen, 常識なんてno, no! I could listen to this on repeat non-stop. Well, any Nana song really.

Well that's it for today. I would definitely love to see and hear all of these live. I am sure Nana will give us a really epic performance of each!


  1. "It was time to let go of those things however and now I feel like I have a lot of room in my life for what the future brings! So bring it on!"

    Well said! :D

  2. Thank you! :) Will do some more of that this summer..