Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The new single SCARLET KNIGHT

I know I already went on about this on Facebook, but I don't care! I'm going to go on about it here too - it's so awesome. I tend to be very skeptical towards new songs of the artists I like, as quite many of them have let me down, like for example, I used to like the unique style of Shakira and Avril Lavigne a lot, but the way they've been going with their latest albums they've just basically invaded the main stream which really doesn't do it for me at all. Bleh is all I have to say!

But yesh one of Nana's new singles was aired on the smile-gang the other night, and thankfully the radio rip of it can be found on YouTube, hallelujah! I have been saved from an agonizing few weeks (still agonizing, but not as much as it could've been).  Nana, just like Hikki with her batch of new songs in her Single Collection Vol. 2 earlier, has succeeded in impressing me. SCARLET KNIGHT is a very unique and powerful song that just screams Nana from start to finish. Needless to say, I am quite in love. Sadly my Japanese is not proficient enough to make out the whole song yet, but judging from the parts I do understand it seems like a very fitting song to be released at this time. I am sure it getting to hear this song has helped and brought hope to her fans across Japan. They definitely need something wonderful at a time like this, and Nana delivered for sure.

I really love the parts in the song where she sings:

"Do you have something to protect?"
"Do you have something to believe in?"
"Do you have something important to you?"

After hearing this song I definitely cannot wait to watch DOG DAYS, in which Nana voices one of the main characters and this song is used as the OP. As a nice bonus, the other two main characters are voiced by Horie Yui and Miyano Mamoru and one of the supporting characters is voiced by Koshimizu Ami, whom all were on my top 10 seiyuu list. With a package like that, no matter what the anime itself will be like, it will be epic in my eyes. I mean seriously, that's some good shit right there!!

Also, I was planning on ending this entry with a rant on how Nana needs to write in her blog again as it would be nice to know she's still okay since knowing she was okay on Friday is not good enough anymore - but alas, as I started writing this entry she did post! It's relieving to hear that she and her little Keitan are fine, I think I would have died inside if Nana had lost the light of her life, her little doggy, in this disaster. She's already so shaken with what she sees on the news and how there isn't much she can do. Poor Nana-chan, you are really such a nice person. Ganbatte Nana-chan, I am positive your new song already helped out a lot. <3

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