Saturday, 9 April 2011

Arigatou + 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 16

I really love days like this. Even if it was because of some scary shit, it's nice to experience how many people care so much. Makes me realize I am surrounded by very lovely people over here as well, even if my own family is far away. I am truly grateful for everyone who I talked to today, so thank you so much! I love you all very much! <3 I couldn't ask for better friends nor better supervisors. I gotta say that Kinue's little cameo today brightened up my day surprisingly much too. Really nice of her to offer me a lift when driving past, even if I couldn't accept it since I was going to the wrong campus.

Also I have to say the combined dad ambush was.... creepy. o_o

Now onward to today's song..

Day 16 - A song you used to love but now hate
No song

Ha I lied, no song today. Like before, I still think hate is too strong of a word and in my case this usually happens the other way around - I'll dislike something first but then fall in love with the song. That happens quite often actually, and the songs are ones I really end up loving a LOT later. I do that sometimes with people too... >.> Whoops.


  1. The amount of information imped into your comment astounds me and is too much for me to take in at once. :D