Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Candle for Japan.

Well I just felt like I needed to write an entry about Japan.

It's been ripping me apart reading about everything that's been happening there the past couple of days and I've been greatly saddened by the fact that there is nothing I can do to help. It really leaves you feeling so hopeless when you realize how powerless you are against natural phenomena. I've been thinking about it a lot today and wanted to say that even though I cannot go there and help with the rescues and such, there is one thing I can do - and that is to show that I care, that I really do care. I'm going to look into how I could donate something from my limited student budget tomorrow. I think I saw a link for that on Twitter earlier today.

My whole heart and all my prayers go to Japan.

And I also have to say that everyone who says something as stupid as "serves them right for Pearl Harbor" is a retard. Seriously.


  1. My fansub group set up donations for GlobalGiving.
    So far, we have raised around $1200.
    We're doing what we can.
    Donating is probably the best way to help.
    Let's just hope that Japan has a speedy recovery and lots of help.

    And yeah... You always get retards like that during a disaster...

  2. Yeah! We're doing what we can. :) It definitely feels nice to do something, even if it is not much. Thankfully many countries are sending help to Japan so hopefully things will turn for the better soon.

    And indeed... people need to grow a brain - one that works. -.-