Monday, 7 March 2011

Kore wa boku desu.

Thought I'd do something fun and this idea of dividing my personality up by using five anime characters popped into my head. Figured it might be an interesting way to tell more about myself and you might learn something you didn't know before. :)

My Personality 

5% Soryu Asuka Langley
(Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Well I used to even look like her, but mainly chose her because of her way of dealing with things and her fears. Her, like mine, biggest fear is to be left completely and utterly alone. There was a point in her life where that did happen and it is also something I have nearly experienced as well. To protect her fragility she comes across as a very tough and mean person, thus preventing herself from getting too attached to people and also hiding her true self from others. She'll make everything seem like a joke even if they're not and won't share her problems with anyone. That's also something I do, and indeed my fragility is not witnessed by many.... I mean, what fragility? There's no such thing...

5% Izumi Konata
(Lucky Star)

This part of me was more dominant perhaps back in the day when I was such a geek and played Final Fantasy XI every day. Then again, I am still quite the otaku now and my anime/manga knowledge is rather broad - I also have my favorite seiyuu, certain merchandise I would kill to have and series I obsess about. Plus I would go mental for a chance of having a hot shake with Nana / Hikki (or Aya, like Konata). I'm studying as well what Konata's friend Kagami envisioned her to do for a living, game development that is. Konata also sleeps in class just like me..... and aces tests with just revising to them the night before. Ah and the sense of humor with all of its geekyness - I got that covered too. Timotei, timotei, timotei~! Oh yeah, we also have the same Zodiac sign. :P

20% Suzumiya Haruhi
(The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

I am sure everyone who has had to put up with my crazy ideas definitely saw this one coming. She makes her friends do whatever new idea or project she comes up with and is psyched about without really caring what they think - and that is also what I do, though mind you, if someone said they didn't want to do what I was suggesting I wouldn't force them.... or would I? But yes, I get quite as stoked as she does and expect my closest subordinates to be stoked as well. She is also very oblivious to what the people outside of her circle think (then again she might also be oblivious to what the people inside her circle think too..) and does what she thinks is fun, which mostly is true with me too, though I am somewhat aware and bothered by some things. But indeed, my main goal in life is to make it as fun as possible for myself and everyone else! SOS Brigade ok go!

35% Kirihara Misaki
(Darker than BLACK)

Well we might be seemingly different, but considering the passion Misaki puts into pursuing her goals and her awkwardness, not to mention her brains - we are actually quite alike. If she's set on doing something, she will definitely do what she can to achieve it - which is the way I live my life too. That being said, the way she's so focused in what she's doing makes her quite clumsy in matters of the heart, which is also very much true with me - being honest with feelings and pushing aside the awkwardness is something that seems to be quite difficult for me. I will not take advantage of the moment, and will more likely reach for the vibrating phone in my pocket. I indeed rely on my brain too much, just like Misaki. And on my bra too, of course. Oh and I can be quite as serious as she is at times. Believe it or not, I am actually quite a serious person - underneath the Asuka façade, haha.

35% Horo
(Spice & Wolf)

Man did putting "40% Horo" make me laugh, since in Finnish horo means the same as queer. Which I guess concerning Nana is quite true... But ANYWAY. Horo is the perfect combination to describe me - she's a Wolf and she's a God, she's a Wolf God! Need I say more? Well yes I do, since that'll make this more interesting. She, like Asuka, fears loneliness and hides it with jokes, though sometimes her mask does slip off. She thinks she's too different to be allowed to let anyone close to her and tends to be a bit pessimistic due to her fear of saying goodbye. She is also very witty and likes to tease the ones she cares about, which is indeed a very strong and visible characteristic in me as well. She would also do anything for the happiness of the people important to her rather than strive toward her own happiness.  In addition to that Horo is very smart and loves apples. Consequently, from fruits apples are the ones I enjoy eating the most ho ho hoo. She is very cute when annoyed, which apparently I am too - or so I've been told..

= 100% me.

Anyway, to know more watch those series if you haven't already! :D

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