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Top 10 Mizuki Nana Choreographs *updated 20/03/2011*

Well since my friend Amy is working on her Nana song list, I wanted to do something similar to that again too! Plus, I need to think of fun Nana things after this anime we just watched, Natsuiro no Sunadokei, which didn't give her or itself any credit - a true shame, as the synopsis sounded quite promising. So yes, that's when I came up with this splendid idea and my eyes began to twinkle....

Now, onward to the list of the week!

Top 10 Mizuki Nana Choreographs

10. Mr.Bunny!
[No online video available for this, sorry.]
Really not a very complex dance, but oh my god it's so cute. This choreograph is just filled with good mood that even already the first move just makes you smile no matter how shitty you feel. The way Nana herself is all smiles throughout the whole routine just enhances the effect. It all just goes really well with the atmosphere of the song itself and creates just one big happy combo. I love it. And I also love the song. It's always fun starting to randomly dance this in the kitchen, or in the hallway, or wherever really... :'D So every day, every smile!

9. Inside of Mind
[See for yourself!] 
Best shake ever in this! Me and my friends tried to imitate it, but man it's pretty hard - it's like, half a shake followed instantly by another half shake then finished with a full shake. Or something like that anyway. Looks really magical when Nana does it... not so much when we do it, haha. This choreograph goes really well with the song and the group bits are very excellent. She needs to perform this in better outfits though, haha.

8. Soredemo Kimi wo Omoidesu kara -again-
[No online video available for this, sorry.]
This dance is quite kinkeh, with lots of shakes and even a pump move, woo~. As far as I am aware though, she's only performed it during one concert, Live Museum, which is a shame. Might be that she has performed it in her earlier concerts, but getting a hold of those is quite near to impossible sadly. Hopefully, she'll perform it again soon, since she does seem to have some cycle going on with the dance numbers she chooses for concerts. So anyways, it's fun how my favorite part of the dance is during my favorite part of the song too, which is when she says baby in the face - awesome slow shake right there. ;) Something I love imitating, haha. I've been learning some of this too, one day I'll know all of these choreographs by heart!

[No online video available for this, sorry.]
The funniest dance ever! I already made an entry on this before [here] talking about the fact that this dance just makes me think of the steps you need to take when breaking up. I really love the part where it looks like they're bitch slapping someone four times and smiling wide while doing it, haha. This dance is sure to bring a smile to your face as well when you watch it. Quite simple I think, so probably will embark upon the journey of learning this dance soon.

6. Still in the groove
[See for yourself!] 
This dance definitely has the best instrumental bit choreograph out of all Nana dances - there's a couple of different awesome shakes and even a spank move! I've started learning this one too. I find the "steps" dance move really fun and awesome and really love doing that myself. The choreograph really goes well with the song. It is a huge pleasure to watch. Now Nana, spank me please~! Best performance of this in Live Museum in my opinion, even though it is great whenever she does do this dance!

5. Chronicle of Sky
[See for yourself!] 
Not the most difficult dance, but I love this a lot. There are a few bits in this that truly mesmerize me, but I don't really know how to explain them so if you're interested in knowing you'll have to watch it with me and I'll point them out to you. Things go really nicely to beat on this one and I really love the mechanic/robotic feel in it. Really love the instrumental bit in this too. A nice shake is involved too! Best performance in Live Games Blue! Think the tight mini shorts and bare stomach might have something to do with it... And OMG, I just realized I never paid attention to this in Live Fever - what the fuck? How could I possibly completely forget that it was on that?!

4. Gimmick Game
[See for yourself!] 
This dance is really fast pace and I really find it unbelievable that Nana can do all THAT and still sing at the same time. That crazy talented lady! I especially love the Live Diamond version of this, it somehow really works with the outfit she has on there. Not so much in what she wears in Live Academy, although I may be biased here as I think that outfit is just really weird (why would she want to wear shorts like that?) - she reminds me of a chicken. o_o I mean seriously, [look at it] - doesn't that look chicken-ish to you?! Especially since (well can't really see that so well from the picture) the shorts are all puffy and fluffy like a feathery bottom... Why Nana, why?! But yes, I really absolutely love this action packed dance and my favorite part is when she sings "watashi no zenbu dakishimete" (=embrace my all) and does this demonstrative move of embracing herself. Ah, it makes me melt. Oh yes and this is like the most erotic one of Nana's songs lyrics-wise, which I forgot to mention in my favorite song list. You can see here for yourself: [clicky for lyrics]. Ahhh. No wonder I love this song so much. Let's have a gimmick game together Nana, I can break you down with shaking shaking emotion! (^/////^)

[See for yourself!] 
Ah, man I've had many good times doing this at the same time as I'm driving. Well of course I wasn't doing it properly, just what I could do with one hand... But yes, this dance is really fun and cheerful. I also think it fits the name really well and just makes me want to go dance under (or on top of) a disco ball, or like Nana says it, mirroru booru. This is the first Nana choreograph I started learning, ah, good times. I really love the shakes in this. (^_^) Happy happy yay yay!

2. Dancing in the velvet moon
[See for yourself!] 
This song seems to have locked on to spot 2 in all my Nana lists, haha. Anyways, I really love this dance as it really goes well with the vampiric and playful atmosphere of the song. Nana always seems to have so much fun when she's doing this dance as well, and that really makes me smile too. OH and, it was during this dance that the legendary multiple Nana flashes occurred in her Live Fighter Blue Side! Excellent, excellent~. This is the choreograph I am currently learning. Woopa woop woop!

1. 恋の抑止力-type EXCITER-
[See for yourself!]
I'm sure all of you knew this would the first - I just can't get enough of this dance! This is the only one of her choreographs I've learned perfectly so far. I just really love how it moves along so smoothly, watching it is really enchanting. I really am amazed at how she just makes it flow, even live as she demonstrated in both of her Live Games concerts. It really is unbelievable how she can do all these dances and still sing perfectly at the same time. Mmmm mmm mmm~~! (* ̄▽ ̄*)

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