Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Anniversary of the Best Day of My Life

So a couple of hours ago it had been exactly a year since a very happy girl wobbled out of the O2 Academy in London drunk from the captivating presence of one Utada Hikaru. It was a magical night the girl would  cherish in her heart and never forget.

Yes, that girl was me.

Looking back now, I could not be happier that I decided to buy the retardedly expensive ticket even though back then it was a really hard decision to make. Considering how Hikki's gone on hiatus now and also the effect the concert had on my mental state, it was definitely worth every penny.  Also I have to say that I am still convinced she was trying to throw a signed baseball to me - I mean seriously, her chucking was all random at first but after the first ball she threw in my direction (which went too far), she instantly threw another one (which sadly went too short). Sigh, if only!! :(

No but seriously, I couldn't be happier for the fact that I got to experience this wonderful event.  It was the most amazing live concert I have ever experienced, and I have experienced quite a few in my life also compared to which this was quite a simple one - but even so! The best concert ever. I did not even realize my feet were dying so bad from standing on my toes and jumping for two hours straight until after I was outside again. A really big thank you to Hikki for helping me out at a tough time in my life! I love you! If only I could have a happiness booster like that this year... guess I'll have to figure something out for myself this time. :) According to Hikki she WILL be releasing video footage from her In The Flesh tour, so perhaps you can see me on there waving and jumping all frantically in the crowd - that would be so amazing!

This picture is sadly not from London, not much material out on the net of that night.

This on the other hand, is from the right night. ;) KUMA POWER!!

Now I can only hope I will get to experience such a magical night with Nana-chan, and hopefully again with Hikki! <3

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