Wednesday, 29 December 2010


So today, after a very torturing wait of a few months, the letter dropped through our mailbox: "You can pick up your goods at customs". So after finishing with the live streaming of Nana, I am sure you can guess where I eagerly made my way. >:D

It was rather funny at the till at customs, as I was standing there focusing on resisting grabbing the envelope and running away screaming of joy, the lady working there asked what's in the bag (Haha It's in the bag) and my dad replied "Concert discs, my daughter's into Japanese music". The lady then exclaimed "She should start learning Japanese then!" That snapped me out of my little Nana bubble and me and my dad, both at the same time, declared that I can already speak Japanese. The lady then was rather impressed and said: "You should go to Tokyo next then. You can make all the Japanese stand in awe when a pale blonde girl like you just starts talking away in Japanese!" So even the customs official thinks I need to go to Tokyo... I can wholly agree!

Now back to my Nana bubble. After stepping out of the customs clutching the envelope tightly I quickly made my way to the car to open and examine my treasure: 2 Blu-rays and....... 2 posters?! After the realization of getting more than I expected dawned on me, I felt like laughing maniacally. Though in order to maintain at least some facade of sanity, I settled for just doing so mentally, like this:

This was happening in my mind, in case you're wondering how this is "laughing mentally".

I thought nothing could stop me from being the happiest person in the world today.... but I was wrong. I was confronted with the lovely issue of Blu-ray region restriction codes. I have to say my laughing stopped quite abruptly then.


I read up on the region codes and found out the curious thing that Japan was part of the same region code as the USA. Wuut? So at least that was a step in the right direction, as this meant I could watch them with my PS3, but not my laptop. Well of course I had to despair for a moment, but then I went back into being the geek that I am and started fixing the problem. First, I tried PowerDVD. Everything went smoothly, except that the sound did not play properly, it kept freezing for a fraction of a second ever so often. NOT GOOD. I was ready to lose hope again, but then I figured I would give WinDVD a go as well. AND HOLY HELL DID THAT WORK PERFECTLY!! OH MY GOSH!!!

I took a peek at all of the Blu-ray discs (I couldn't watch much since I need to focus on assignments, sigh) and OH MY GOSHHHHHH Nana looks amazing in Blu-ray HD! Like seriously! It's like you could nearly reach out and touch her...... though then you realize that you can't and it shatters you inside. But then you get absorbed into the amazing HD again.... And end up looking like this:

So yeah, after going on about my jackpot today, here is photo evidence of my Nana Mizuki Live Games x Academy -Red-, Nana Mizuki Live Games x Academy -Blue- and the posters.

Nana Mizuki Live Games x Academy -Blue- / -Red-
-Red- and -Blue- surprise bonus posters!
And last but not least (sorry about the picture spam btw, I won't stop yet though oh no), to finish up my Nanalicious adventure, here is a picture of Nana-chan telling her friend Terry-san how I went screw loose and bid farewell to my mind when my brain zoomed off to 7th Heaven after experiencing the HD of the Blu-rays (Btw, notice how she actually has the Blu-rays on the desk!):

"And then she went cuckoo - I shit you not!"

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