Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Top 10 Obsessions

So of course right after I say that I'll do a top 10 list each week, things come up that make me a couple of weeks late. Thank you Heathrow and Christmas. :P But yes, now I am back on track! Hopefully..

So yeah, I decided I'd do a suggested list every other week and in between do one of my own. So, this week's list has been suggested by Chris, and the topic is obsessions. Basically things that make me go like this: 

Hiiiiiigh tension!
And like this:

Hauuu, omochikaeriiiii~!

So yeah, behold - the list!

Top 10 Obsessions

10. Pocket watches
I bet this came as a surprise to many! But yes, I am quite obsessed with pocket watches. The obsession is not too strong anymore, probably mainly because I am quite poor but when I was a kid I would beg my parents to buy me any pocket watch I saw. I have to say my favorite to date is probably my Bugs Bunny pocket watch. I would really want a pocket sun watch.. or the one that Cal has in Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom!

9. Hats
I love buying hats. The more weird and unique they are the better! I have tons of hats and all of them are quite lovely I have to say. I guess this is quite understandable, as I do basically wear a hat whenever I go out of the house.

8. Mugs
 I always used to complain about how my mom would buy a new set of mugs quite often even when there really wasn't any more space in the cupboards in the kitchen... but now I understand her very well. After I started living on my own, I've become exactly the same, though instead of buying sets I buy individual mugs. If I find a fun/cool mug I am very trigger happy to buy it. Which is why some of my friends quickly say "NO" and steer me away from mugs if I start staring at them. :')

7. Sevens
Of course I had to have my obsession of 7s on the 7th slot! So yeah, thanks to Nana-chan I am obsessed with collecting sevens. It's a fun way to spend time I admit, it's like a game that's constantly in motion. :) Makes life less boring (not that I ever thought life was boring).

6. Certain animes
Whenever I watch a really good anime, I can't help but obsess about it once I finish it, as I don't really want it to end. So I guess obsessing about it is my way of keeping it alive. That's where cosplaying definitely comes in handy haha. Oh and I'll include my figure obsession here, as it is deeply linked with the animes I obsess about - I just can't help but buy a figure if I find one of my favorite characters. Also I have to say that with Darker than BLACK I am not satisfied with just obsessing about it - I DEMAND a 3rd season! You hear me, Bones / Aniplex?!

5. Grammar
I am a proper grammar and spelling nazi, as most of my friends have probably noticed.  I do admit that I can't help but slightly look down on people who clearly just don't know how to use English, if they indeed should know how to use it. Also if my friends make occasional mistakes I usually have to correct them as my English Teacher -mode will surface quite easily. :P

4. Elvis > chihuahuas > dogs
 This is what happens when I don't live with him anymore. :/ I mean he is my king whenever I am home and nothing means as much to me in the world as he does, but now when I live apart from him I have to make a comment in a silly cutesy voice whenever I see a chihuahua, or just a dog for that matter. More reason for me to love Nana since she has her little Keitan!

3. Japan
 Everything about Japan fascinates me and I really want to experience it first hand, regardless of whether Japan actually is the place for me or not. I so love the food, the culture, the language, the art, the music, the people I've met so far and.... everything really. Why do I have to be a gaijin? :c

2. Music
Music means a lot to me, I could not live without it. It helps me through tough patches in my life (as was quite apparent last spring when I attended Hikki's concert) and just generally helps me cope every day. I feel music very deeply and will be touched by very beautiful songs easily. I also love clever lyrics quite passionately. Songs might captivate me to such an extend that I'll listen to a particular song non-stop for days.

1. Utada Hikaru + Mizuki Nana
Do I even need to talk about these? I'm sure you all have heard quite plenty about both of them haha. I am so relieved that Chris told me I could put them both as number 1 and did not make me choose between them... as that would have been an impossible task. This list would have remained undone if I had to pick. :P But yeah, the reasons why I respect and admire Hikki and Nana so much are 1) They are unbelievably talented in what they do, 2) They work really hard and don't take things for granted, 3) They are genuinely very nice people, and 4) let's face it, they are really pretty. Even though I am not into women I'd go for these two any day. ;)

So yeah, that concludes the list for this week. Hopefully the next one will be next week like it's supposed to be. :)


  1. Pretty nice list ya got there! :D
    I very vaguely remember you telling me of the pocket watch one.
    The only one I didn't know about was the mugs.
    Guess ya learn something about someone everyday :P

    Also, if you tried to choose between Nana and Utada, I think your mind would explode taking us all in the blast lol

  2. You should see my new hat and pocket watch, btw.. :D
    And am I glad I got you one of these things as a Christmas present... :P
    But where's MJ? And for that matter, games? D:

  3. @newtype510: Thanks! :D And wow, quite surprising that you've heard about the pocket watch one, I only remembered it when I was stuck in London, since they had those at the science museum haha. But then again, you've known me for ages so... :P And no wonder about the mugs, I've kept quite quiet about those... apart from when someone catches me staring at them in a store. XD

    and LOL you make a very good point there.. So good thing that we were able to avoid that disaster... this time. >.>;

    @mediavikingrants:: You sure you want me to see them? They might mysteriously disappear.... >:D
    Haha and yeah, that was quite an impressive present pick, but that's to be expected from an employee of mine!
    Games (probably since they are part of my studies as well) and MJ, even though I am quite driven in matters dealing with them, are not quite up there to be in the top 10, let alone be called even obsessions. But combining them together definitely scores quite high on the obsession meter! :D