Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Top 10 Songs That Make Me Happy

So yeah, that pic pretty much sums up this week's list topic. I was going to do a completely different topic, but considering the emoness that has been caused by overwhelming assignments (mainly talking about Java here) this topic seemed more appropriate. I was actually even going to write something else than a list today as well, but hell it's been a week from the last one and I won't break my vow to do one each week again! So now to what I am actually going to do. This list is of the songs that make me feel happy (even if it is only for the duration of the song) no matter how I am feeling otherwise. I also have to say that I had to make an additional rule, namely that I am not allowed to add more than three songs from Hikki and Nana each, since otherwise the list would be just full of their songs and I am not supposed to be making a Hikki+Nana list this week. Perhaps another week. ;)

Top 10 Songs That Make Me Happy

10. Steer by Missy Higgins
This song has a nice melody that just fills you with hope and that basically is the main point in the lyrics as well, as the song is about how you've just realized that you are actually the one that controls what you do in your life. I love this song and it makes me happy, because it really helps to be reminded from time to time that you are the master of your life, especially if you've just faced many hardships and setbacks. True, not all things can be controlled, but just do the best you can with the things you can influence! So now you finally know, that you control where you go - you can steer!

9. Satellites by September
I was quite addicted to this song during the second semester of my first year at uni, mainly because I had all year been trying to remember what the September song I knew before I heard Cry For You was. I had even heard September perform it live when I was at NRJ Music Awards, but I just couldn't remember! So yeah, I finally figured out that it was Satellites and then I watched the music video and it was just so bright and happy and even though I am not the biggest fan of music like this, I do think September does a good job - a lot of her songs are quite fun. :D It's a beautiful morning, for satellites! Ooh oh oh oooh!

8. Goodbye Happiness  by Utada Hikaru
Okay I know the name of the song is quite the opposite from the purpose of my list, but this song makes me happy! So deal with the contradiction! Ha! I would have liked to put this song higher in the list since I love it very much, but since it also makes me feel melancholy to some extent I can't put it higher on this list. :( Just wait for a different list... heh heh heh..! Anata no hitomi ni utsuru, watashi wa waratte iru wa / Reflected in your eyes I'm laughing!

7. Sharada by Skye Sweetnam
This song is so about me haha. It's so carefree and full of anticipation for great things for a dreamer-like person and let's face it - that's what I am. It might seem like I am not, since I work very hard to make my dreams come true (hence they become something more than just dreams) but everything always starts with a dream. But yeah, it makes me happy since it just makes me feel important and interesting somehow. ;) And when they told her she's delirious, she didn't care - she's just oblivious. She likes to make everyone curious, one day she's gonna be famous!

6. MonStAR by Hirano Aya
This is such a cute happy song yay! Definitely my favorite Aya song. Plus, she's performed it with Nana @ Animelo 2009 so can't get much a better deal than that. ;) This song is just seriously a happy one and it just makes me think that even monsters can be happy, even though that has nothing to do with the song and stuff, I blame the name! Plus every time I hear it I see Aya and Nana dancing and singing on the stage so happily in perfect sync that even that is already enough to put a huge grin on my face. Twinkle twinkle little MonStAR!

5. Zankou no Gaia by Mizuki Nana
 Ah, this is such a lovely song! I love it! I really love it. Did I say I love it? Because I really do. So yeah ehum, anyway... this is one of those songs again that fall into the category of being very much full of hope and listening to it just makes you nearly believe you can even fly if you really try (I am sure the line Yes, fly away! has nothing to do with this).  Ah and the melody, it makes me think of Ireland and the sort of music with similar melodies is always quite uplifting as well so that adds a lot to the effect. There's also a lot of drive in the song that just makes you wanna push forward even harder. I wish... search for the light and find it in the endless time!

4. Celebrate by Utada Hikaru
Heck, even the name already tells you to celebrate! So celebrate instead of being a gloomy sausage! But yeah, this song is what kept me really happy last May. It was truly blissful walking to campus in the sunshine while listening to this song. I just wanted to bust out random dance moves and just show everyone I was happy about life. YEAH! Just enjoy the art of life!

3. Keep Tryin' by Utada Hikaru
I love this song, it really helps me to keep trying when I feel I've reached a wall. The lyrics are quite fun and make you smile no matter what. That combined with the awesome and epic music video that's definitely one of my top favorites (really hard to beat a town full of Hikkis) makes this a combination that's really hard to beat. She also tells you to take a break from time to time in the song, which to a person like me who keeps going even in a killer fever and whatnot is really important. Thank you Hikki, I will do my best! Dakara, keep tryin'!

2. SCOOP SCOPE by Mizuki Nana
This song is so fun and silly that it just makes me really happy every time I hear it. Even more so now that I saw the really hilarious choreograph Nana has for this. The first time I saw it the other day I was full of disbelief at how someone could make such a fun dance. It was not complex or anything, it was just really funny in a simple sort of way. And anyways, if Nana smiles again I have to smile again too! Also, she sneakily reminds us in one part of the song of a very important thing that people tend to forget and what is one of the main reasons people's relationships might go on a crash course. That line is understand understand watashi wa watashi de kimi wa kimi de. I'm not gonna translate that, I'll let all of you figure it out for yourselves. ;) I smile again, you smile again!

1. Aoi Iro by Mizuki Nana
I love this song as well. Hehehee, this song is just really lovely. It just makes you feel like there are many happy things to come. With that it kinda nudges you not to care about bad things that much and just to focus on getting back on your feet and reaching for those happy times again. Nana even says she sings happy songs just for me, best gift ever thank you Nana. I could kiss Nana for making this song, but then again I could kiss her for no reason at all too. :) The music video for this is really lovable as well and just really cheerful that it makes me wanna strut along the uni corridors in a similar manner as she does. Plus her trademark bird makes an appearance! Btw, you might want to watch this video asap, before it's taken of YouTube again haha. Always, I can put rainbow here now!

That's the list for this week folks. Next week it's time for a suggestion list again. So keep those suggestions coming! :)