Monday, 29 November 2010

Epic find!

I came across probably the most epic thing ever today - videos of the smile-gang! I already thought the audio clips from them were hilarious, but these videos were totally nuts! I love them to bits and spent most of my day in their pleasurable company. I don't think I've ever laughed this much when I've just been sitting alone in my room. So even though I didn't get much done yet again today (I did get something done though, already better than yesterday haha), it was totally worth it since now I just feel extremely happy. The smile-gang is definitely called that for a reason!

For those of you who wanna see those videos as well - I could've shared them on here, but since I would rather watch them with you when you do, I won't. Let's have fun times with the smile-gang together, yes?! :)

Here's a little sneak peak:

And now for some randomness.

 I thought it would be fun if I shared some things people have said about my Nana hyping, since my friends say some rather memorable things.

"You could survive on Nana-related items instead of food."
- Max

"Ah, so you stare at the mirror in your spare time fantasizing about being Nana until you fall asleep and start dreaming about her, right? I've got you sussed :)"
- Aaron

"Sitting in class, have a Nana moment. Walking down the street, have a Nana moment. Thinking of Nana, have a Nana moment."
- Chris

And also, I devised a great fan mail idea for her yesterday - see what you think!


Our dogs are the same age and breed - let's be friends!

p.s. Here is a Mighty Perky Nana for you.
p.p.s. I have a friend who doesn't like tomatoes either... we definitely should meet up - this has to be fate!"

A fool-proof letter don't you think? If that doesn't win her over I don't know what will! :D


  1. A horse with a human body about to munch on what appears to be a life-size china doll and the two obligatory hysterical Japanese women?

    OH MY GOSH! YES! :'D

    Oh, and the Mighty Perky Nana idea is pure win. Just don't mention to her you don't like bananas- because as we all know, baNANAs are awesome :)

  2. Posting blogs, have a Nana moment.
    Posting comments, have a Nana moment.
    Having a Nana moment, have a Nana moment.

    Also, awesome letter!
    I think just writing "Hey!" and sending a picture of yourself would have the same friendship effect. :P

  3. @Drunken Munkey: Haha well said my friend! I'd drink to that... but we know how that ends. D:

    And yeah, I'll keep my banana-disability as just my knowledge. If we became friends and Nana offered me something with banana though, I would eat it. That's how deep my love is. <3 x'D

    newtype510: LOL yes! That is indeed what happens every time I do something with this blog. That's the reason why I had that Dictator Nana pic in the previous post - I wasn't gonna put it there but then I had a Nana moment and was like hey, it fits with the topic!

    Haha! That is actually a very good idea.... I think I might try that. x'D Seemed to work with Black Eyed Peas just fine and I didn't even need to say "Hey!"... Nor send a pic - they found me on their own just fine haha.