Sunday, 28 November 2010

RJ transforming into....

Well I didn't really get as much done today as I had hoped - in fact I didn't get anything done whoopie doo daa dei. But! At least I did get to go into English Teacher -mode.

This week I've been helping my friend with some fansubbing. Usually I just go through the lines alone, but today I did it together with him and that is what triggered my English Teacher -mode. That basically means that whenever I suggest a correction I have to go into a lengthy explanation of why, whether it is because of a certain grammar rule or because of even such a small thing as intonation. Ah, such enthusiasm.... I swear I looked like this when I was going on and on about the finesses of the English language:

Makes one wonder if I should've stayed in Finland after all and gone to study at the University of Helsinki to become an English teacher. Hmmmm... Think, think, think....Bububuu! Nah, no I shouldn't have. Living abroad is too valuable an experience to just pass on. Plus! Since I am such a global person and am planning on conquering Japan next, I can just get a part-time job as an English teacher there. So I'd get to take advantage of my English Teacher -mode and be in Japan at the same time - I say that's quite a win-win situation. Wonder if Nana would like some private English lessons? ;)

Talking about Nana, if I see anyone make a really horrendous (or slight) spelling or grammar mistake, god forbid if I see you do both in the same sentence, I will go into Grammar Nazi -mode and glare at you like this and say "I kill you!":

And now ladies and gentlemen, witness the huge flood of intentional typos from people as my Dictator Nana threat does not work the way I intended it to - yet again. And Aaron, if you start typo'ing intentionally from now on just so you can comment on my angry face, I shall kick you! That is all.

Ah, what an awesome blog post this was - I got to compare myself to both Hikki and Nana. I have to pat myself on the back for being so clever. *pat pat*

Oh yes, and here's a link to my friend's fansub group's website: Ruri-Subs.
Check 'em out! :)


  1. Free publicity for us, eh? :P
    Thanks for helping with the subs! :)
    Wish more people would check us out and download instead of just going to horrible streaming sites, like Crunchyroll.

    Hmm you as a teacher... I would kill to get into that class! lol
    Btw, I had to do a double take on the Utada pic.
    I thought it was you for a second. You two look similar. Well, when you had dark hair anyway.

    Also, that pic of Nana glaring makes me think "Nice Funny Face!"

  2. You have no idea how envious I am lol...

    Ah well, at least I got a mention, small and chiding though it was xD

  3. @newtype510: Who said that this was free? I'm gonna charge you in unimaginable ways for this, ha ha ha HAA. ;D
    No problemo, I don't mind helping out. :) And yeah, definitely, would think people would rather want to watch quality stuff!

    Haha and oh yeah? ;) We can negotiate private classes... why is this turning into a highly suggestive comment?!
    And wow awesome! Can't get much better a compliment than that! :D Yaaaay, I look(ed) like Utada!

    *Nice funny kill face. x'D Actually it's funny cuz in the song at that part of the music video she sings: "I tell you my mind, forgive me now." Haha makes it sound like sorry but I'm going to say something really bad about you now..

    @Drunken Munkey: Haha about what? :D The fansubbing? Cuz I have an English Teacher -mode? The fact that I could compare myself to both Utada and Nana? Because I am such a globe-trotter? Or because I am me?

    Haha but yeah, at least there was a mention yes is okay. ;)

  4. Oh my... Unimaginable ways, huh? Can't wait :P

    Oh, I'm sure we can work out some private lesson arrangements. Whether suggestive or not ;)
    Yeah, ya really do(did) when she looks like a teacher :D

    lol Nice funny kill face.