Monday, 6 November 2017

Regarding S.C. NANA NET Fan Club Event VII

Considering I have a decent track record of attending all Nana-centric events, figured I should write a short informative post about the fast approaching S.C. NANA NET Fan Club Event Ⅶ.

Unfortunately, due to an unyielding work schedule and many things happening in too short a time span, I have been unable to make it possible for me to take a trip at the time of the S.C. NANA NET Fan Club Event Ⅶ. So sadly, there will not be a report from me of it to look forward to (a million years later xD). I'm pretty bummed since I really wanted to make it, this being the 7th Fan Club Event and all... would have been the best and most special to make that the first Fan Club Event I'd ever get to attend.... but, it just didn't work out that way.

Hopefully though, sacrificing this event will mean that I will be able to attend LIVE GATE in January, but at the moment I can't even say that for sure. My life is in a bit of a flux right now...

In any case, I will let you all know!
... so you don't wait months and months for a report that is never coming. ( ^-^;;)


  1. work = no freedom TAT
    but no work = no money orz...

  2. Hi,
    Wondering if this is the correct place to ask? This is my first time attending the FC event, and I saw that they may be checking photo IDs when entering the event. As a foreigner with a foreign passport, would they deny me entry since my name probably doesn't match the name on the ticket/fanclub card as the name there is in Katakana?

    1. Heya!

      Is the katakana name on your ticket/fanclub card still your name? If so, I don't think it will be a problem! They shouldn't have any trouble comprehending that your alphanumeric name on your passport and the katakana one on the ticket represent the same name.

      If the katakana name on the ticket/fanclub card is clearly someone else's though, then that would be a problem.

      This is based on my experiences living in Japan in general btw, as I haven't had the chance to attend a FC event yet myself.

    2. It's not my full name, hopefully it wouldn't be a problem. = =||| I'll take the risk and see how it goes. Hopefully they will not be too strict on it. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!

    3. I wouldn't worry about that too much, I'd say it's very, very unlikely that it'll be a problem. ^^ Hope you have a great time at the FC event, enjoy it for me also!

      And no worries! I like helping out fellow fans whenever I can.

    4. Thanks! And I will enjoy it! For you too! :)