Thursday, 14 April 2016

『Super☆Blossom 』 is a wrap!

I was in such a rush in getting everything sorted regarding Super☆Blossom before departing to Japan, that I didn't have a chance to post my cheesy ramblings about it being done on here, but you can still read it from the [tumblr dedicated for the project].

I had greatly underestimated how long it would take me to nicely prepare the DVD versions for Nana. Big thanks to  @ヘイちゃん for suggesting that I make both a DVD format and data format DVD just to be sure (with instructions, since you never know xD and also the YouTube link just in case!) and to @flying_mug for taking the trouble to go to a print shop to print out the cover pictures in high quality and even finding a nice star adorned ribbon (very LIVE GALAXY appropriate \o/) to go with the DVDs.

Anyways! So what happened to Super☆Blossom at LIVE GALAXY?
Let me tell you! \o/

The plan was to locate the so-called "gift box" at the venue on Saturday, and then on Sunday try to give it straight to an actual person and if no go, then just put it in the gift box. Couldn't even find the gift box (lol), so that gave us more reason to bug someone on Sunday. xD

So, on Sunday morning, we staked out the Fan Club counter trying to determine which of the three staff members there looked most approachable. When we finally made our pick, we honestly expected one of the following to happen:

a) she would show us to the gift box
b) she would be like "nope sorry"

But the moment we talked to her (really huge thanks to @mrmkichi for taking charge of the talking, I was super nervous and the likelihood of me producing intelligible Japanese was very low orz), she was instantly willing to take the DVDs from us. We wanted to make sure however, that she knew how awesome our present was though, so we asked if she would like to see it. She was like "Sure, but I don't understand English" and we were like oh no no, no English involved, don't worry you'll understand everything for sure.

She watched nearly the whole thing (till he video needed to re-buffer during the final chorus) and she was super impressed! While watching it, she told us that they have fans from Asia approaching them often to give gifts and such, but never really fans from anywhere else. Thus, she was really happy and excited that our video had fans from all over the world participating in it.

Afterwards, she took the DVDs and said she would get all of the staff to watch it together, since she was sure everyone would really love it, and then after she'd make sure it would get it to someone who could and would take it to Nana herself.

So all in all, a great success I would say!! \o/ Not sure if we'll ever find out if Nana did see it herself, but hopefully we'll be able to spot some indication in that direction from her somewhere.

Thank you again for everyone who participated (and thank you for putting up with my lengthy instructions!! You all did so great, it made me so happy), you guys rock!! Let's do something amazing again in the future! \o/

And last, but not least, I give you Super☆Blossom!!

(If this video doesn't work, or it eventually gets taken down by YouTube, you can still also find it from dailymotion here: [Super☆Blossom - International Fan Project])

Also, just as a fyi, the YouTube video is unlisted, so it won't appear in YouTube searches and to view it you need to access the link directly. This is just a precaution to keep away the wrath of King Records for using their song (so I'll probably keep it set up this way). This, however, doesn't mean the video can't be shared, so...

Feel free to share the link and pass the video forward!!
\o/ Otsukare everyone!!

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  1. you still have this video?

    Video already deleted from dailymotion and you tube