Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Well in honor of Dog Days' starting to air the other day, I figured it was finally time to write about FEARLESS HERO (yeah this is my excuse for not doing so before)!

It looks like this single is filled with songs that have quite an interesting structure - Both BRIGHT STREAM and FEARLESS HERO are built up in a unique way in my opinion. Hard to explain what I mean with this.. but you know how sometimes when listening to songs you kind of sense how it's going to continue and usually it does continue that way? Well that's the sort of thing that doesn't happen with these songs. You get the sense, but then the song does not go that way. And that's awesome I think. xD

So yeah, I really like FEARLESS HERO. The beginning is really lovely and the first lines are surprisingly gentle, which I love. And of course it has violins, which is an instant win for me. The start of the chorus reminds me a bit of some Paramore song (but can't be bothered to check which, since I just feel like listening to Nana on repeat), because of the melody. And just to be clear, that's not a bad thing in any way. It creates a certain kind of mood for me. ^^

And last but not least, Nana's way of saying "the end" in the first verse totally kills me. Too cute. xD Ehum. I shall now end this post with a picture of beautiful and fearless Nana. <3

My Fearless Hero <3


  1. Soooo much new Nana stuff!! again great post as always. with Nana-chan releasing all this new awesomeness and a tour I hope she doesn't work her self out.

    1. Thanks! ^^ Yeah... I hope so too, that woman and her crazy schedule. >.< I hope she has made sure she has some time for herself too..

  2. I was soo hyped to listen FEARLESS HERO I downloaded the RAW of DD'. I thought I was getting a struck by Nana brilliance. However the opening didnt blend well with FEARLESS HERO. But that is problem with the anime not Nana's.

    The song itself I was not totally convinced. It was indeed very nice paced and adventurous feel. I just needed couple times more listens. It was better each time I listen to it. The only thing I noticed, is Nana is using a higher tone of voice to sing. A much younger voice I would say. Just my 2 cents, I could be wrong. ><

    I totally understand what you meant with the sense how songs would go. I had it once with STAY GOLD. Back then I was thinking 'No way, no way will it go like this' I was so excited I jumped off my seat. Yeah it was madness. Afterwards I had SG on a loop for 2 days. orz

    However with BS and FH they sound fresh even after a half day on a loop. That's why I like both of them.

    I missed 'the end' part you mentioned. Can you pintpoint on the youtube link? m(._.)m

    Cant wait for SACRED FORCE ><

    1. Yeah... I agree. FEARLESS HERO and DD' don't go hand in hand very well. Well the OP animation at least. The lyrics of FEARLESS HERO fit DD' very well though. I was working on them for my friend's fansub group. Maybe I'll post the OP lyrics on here.

      And yet again I agree. I think this is the sort of song that does require you to listen to it a few times before it sinks in properly. And I see what you mean with the voice. Will be interesting to hear what the live version sounds like!

      And good that what I said made sense! xD It's a funny feeling isn't it?

      Ah yes, the "the end" part is hard to catch, since it reallyyyyy doesn't sound like it. xD She says it at 0:23, in this line:

      "ano hibi no monogatari ni The end wa mada.."

      Hypothetically of course though, since the official lyrics aren't out yet. We tried other options when doing the DD' OP, but they didn't make sense like this line does... xD

      I really wanna hear SACRED FORCE too, August come faster!!