Saturday, 23 June 2012


Okay, first off I'm not going to compare this to ETERNAL BLAZE, because in my opinion that is a very silly thing to do. They are two different beautiful songs that are both used to represent the same story, that is, the story of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's. So in my opinion the interesting thing is, does BRIGHT STREAM fit Nanoha A's as well as ETERNAL BLAZE does?

Yes, I think it does.

The one thing I really loved about the first Nanoha movie was the fact how its focal point was subtly different from the series and I felt that I learned a lot of new things, things that weren't told in so much detail in the series. This made the series and the movie into an ultimate combination, where each filled the other one out and was necessary in order to get as much out of the story as possible. I  really loved that. And I think ETERNAL BLAZE and BRIGHT STREAM do the same as songs, they have different focal points and bring out slightly different important themes from the story.

And well... since it was only the preview I heard I'll stop here now. Or not before I say how much I love the all the emotion Nana is putting into singing BRIGHT STREAM, it really stirs me up inside (Ahhh, and the violin <3). I can see why singing it made her cry when they were shooting the PV. It is simply beautiful.

So, enjoy~

(for a longer version [click here])

I am eagerly waiting for the full version and the PV! ^^ And I reaaaaally hope the movie will be still showing in some theaters when I move to Japan in September. :3

Oh and unrelated to the rest of the post... here is a new trailer of Blood-C: The Last Dark! Really can't wait to see that either.


  1. I like the intro of BRIGHT STREAM a lot. It has a classic anisong feel perhaps. The violin is nice touch. Been looping it for awhile. In the scene that Fate keeps on fighting Signum even Bardiche was cut into 2 parts. That is a nice change from the original serie. Was there anything else confirmed about BRIGHT STREAM? Like who wrote the lyrics or composer? I do hope it is our dear Nana san. \(^0^)/

    I also watched the new PV of Last Dark. Much more new scenes (0_0) the storyline seems to be more complicated then just Nana ..uhum I mean Saya hunting down Fumito. And loads of other great VA's too. I was hoping for a bit of MB ... but it never came. (0_0)p

    So many movies coming out! I want to watch them all. I think I still need to bear the camrip first when it comes out orz

    A bit off topic; Have you planned to go Live Union, Okami san? IIRC the last one was in September.

    1. Yeah, I agree! The violins in Nana's songs always make me melt. Ahhh~ :3 And I am definitely looking forward to seeing all the different subtle details in the movie! Judging by the preview it seems like the sad circumstances and the pain of The Wolkenritter is getting more limelight in the movie. I predict a proper tear-jerker! :3 And yes, the info on BRIGHT STREAM is released. Nana-sama wrote the lyrics, as is only right. m(_ _)m Couldn't really see her letting anyone else write them when Nanoha is so important to her.

      Yeah! This new PV of The Last Dark really has me itching to see the movie, wahhh. >.< Definitely looks like the movie plot is a lot more complex than what was to be expected! The amount of new characters is immense... well I guess that was to be expected considering how most of the original cast died in the series. x'D And oh well, maybe no MB in the PV, but at least we got to hear Nana talk more!

      And yes, I am planning to go to the last Live Union concert. Will be a great way to begin my life in Japan! \o/ Expect a detailed report on it.