Wednesday, 18 July 2012

FEARLESS HERO OP ver. Guess-Translation

So I helped my friend's fansub group (who are working on Dog Days') with the lyrics for FEARLESS HERO! Translation credits go to Izam and I polished them up to be.. ehhh... more poetic I suppose. I figured I'd post them here too. Keep in mind though that these lyrics are just a guess so far, since the official lyrics haven't been released yet. I'll update this post later if changes need to be made! But for now... let's go with this. 

FEARLESS HERO OP ver. Translation
編曲:藤田淳平(Elements Garden)

furui NOOTO ni kaki-tsuzutta
Recorded in an old notebook

ano hibi no monogatari ni The end wa mada...
a story of those days with the end still far...

tokei no hari ga susumu goto ni
Each time the hands of the clock tick on

omoi wa tashika ni chikazuiteku
Feelings are certainly approaching

hito wa negau toki sora wo miageru wake wa kitto
The reason why people look up at the sky when making a wish is surely

unmei no iriguchi tsunagatteru to
because of the connection to the entrance to destiny

shinjite iru kara   boku wa hitomi tojita
they believe in. I close my eyes

kasuka na kibou wo sagasu mitai ni
like I am searching for a faint hope

Fearless! boku wa motto tsuyoku naritai
Fearless! I want to become stronger

omoide ja naku ima no kimi no tame ni
Not for the sake of some memories, but for the present you

negau kokoro masshiro na hane wo yadoshite
Carry your wishing heart and pure-white wings

kimi ga iru ao no hate made mai-agare! 

to where you are at the end of blue, ascend!

I strongly recommend you watch Dog Days' by [Ruri Subs]! They might not be the fastest, but you will get quality from them! \o/


  1. I expected the lyrics goes more with 'lets go on an adventure. You and me, nothing stands in our way'. It gives off like an individual who wants be stronger to search for another. Sounds romantic in a way.

    I like FH, it does keep with high tension momentum of BS. Which always nice.

    Will I be able to see your name on the credits on Ruri subs for translation? :3
    If so, I will definitely change to Ruri subs instead of Doki or Horrible subs. www

    1. Yeah, I was expecting something like that too. But when you think about it, this approach does work a lot better. It's definitely a song about someone you'd call a "fearless hero". Very nice. ^^

      Indeed. Did you read what Nana said about Sacred Force? About how it's sooo full of power? And how she had to eat chocolate and stuff to keep her blood sugar powered up when she was recording it. xD Makes me even more eager to hear it!!

      Haha, Well my fansub friend commented here too (below) and answered your question. Looks like I am getting a mention. :)

  2. Thanks for the free advertising and the help! :)

    How do you think this compares to Scarlet Knight as an OP?
    Probably better to answer that after the series, but I figured I'd ask anyway :P

    As for a little status update:
    01: typesetting the over 9000 signs. Mostly by myself...
    02: translation check

    @Flying Mug Don't watch Doki if ya don't hafta. Lots of TL errors. Same with Hadena. You're better off with HorribleSubs if you want something quick. I guess FBI or Hiryuu might be a little better if ya want something quick. And yes, I'll add her to the credits.

    1. My pleasure! Like we've concluded before, it's good Japanese practice for me! \o/

      Well I am biased towards SCARLET KNIGHT, since it is a special song to me. <3 I don't think either DD OP does full justice to either song though, they're a bit too powerful for a light-hearted anime to bring out everything from the songs, but regardless, I do like both. :)

      Go go Kurisupoo! Show those signs who's boss! \o/ Hopefully there will be less in later episodes.