Friday, 27 July 2012


I was really looking forward to seeing the whole version of this, and I was not disappointed! This PV is really amazing. At first glance it might seem very simplistic since not a lot happens in it, but in truth it contains a very important message about moving on.

Before I start talking about that, I'll quickly just summarize what we see in the PV in case you can't see the video or it's otherwise somehow unclear... Or something! I don't know! Anyway!

In the PV, we see Nana-san lost in thought about the past, thinking about something that was and isn't anymore. The broken music box represents that something that is gone now. We are shown that Nana-san has a gear, which is presumably missing from the music box and yet she does not reach out to fix it.  She sits down by the piano on top of which the music box rests, leaning on top of the keys letting all the painful memories wash over her. It escalates to the point where we see a tear fall and then a determined Nana-san rises and inserts the gear into the music box, bringing to life not only the box itself but also the clock in which everything in the PV is happening. Afterwards we see Nana-san smiling for the first time in the whole PV and in the end the dancers of the music box keep dancing till their hands meet.

And now to the message! I think this chain of events represents how easily you can break a person (just by removing one small part from a big complex whole), but how at the same time it takes very little to fix the damage. People lose sight of that easily though, since I guess part of human nature is to keep clinging to the past and the pain we've felt instead of letting go. So even if we have the means to move on from our sad predicament, oftentimes we won't do it. At the end of the day though, it's you yourself who has to make the decision to move on and fix what's broken. No one else can make that decision for you. And once you do move on, you will find that new doors will have opened for you.

And essentially, this is what Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is all about too. In the first series/movie, it is Fate who needs to let go of her mother, and embrace Nanoha's friendship gaining herself a new future. In the second series/movie, it is the Wolkenritter who need to fight their destiny and build themselves a new, more happy, future with their dear Hayate. Nana-san did even mention herself that the part where the dancers' hands meet at the end of the PV is like Nanoha and Fate.

The location of the PV also enhances the effect. Nana-san is inside a broken clock, which nicely indicates that her time has stopped, she's stuck in a certain point of time with her emotions (there is even a line in BRIGHT STREAM about a broken clock that has stopped, 止まったままの時計を壊して) and by inserting the gear into its place, she makes time flow again for herself.

Nana-san deep in though.
Reminiscing the past.
Nana-san has come to a decision.
The smile of a woman who conquered her past!
Happy ending~!

Deep stuff aside, doesn't the sound at the start of the PV sound a bit.. ominous? xD Kinda reminds me of the beginning of the Mysterion PV, hah. Also, I have to say I really love Nana-san's movements in the PV. They flow so well and are so in harmony with the song that it gives me sweet heartache (since I would just love to see more and more of it) and just completely mesmerizes me.

Take my hand~!
The look that melts every heart. (*-*)
And now to the flowing movement I was talking about, it floowsss~!
Last but not least, the leg of all legs! (*-*)

Replaced the pictures I had in this post before with better quality ones (and added some more into the mix~!) now that the nico nico STREAM video is not the only one out. Speaking of which, if you haven't watched 水樹奈々のniconico STREAM yet - do it now! Incredibly fun stuff again, just like when Junketsu Paradox was getting its release. Instead of weird punishment facial wear, we get to see what sort of Nanas people like best! There's onee-chan Nana vs. imouto Nana. Then there is....   Nana dressed as a nurse..

Kyah, Mizuki-sensei~! Kokoro ga itai no yo~~!

vs. Nana in wife mode! She's wearing an apron, not really easy to see from the pic. xD

Wife Nana said some naughty things O_O

Then I have to say I was reaaaally hoping for my favorite part of the Junketsu Paradox niconico STREAM to make an appearance again, and to my surprise I got what I wanted! MUSTACHIO NANA!! This time in Hitler style. xD Though on Nana it does have more of a Chaplin feel.


Hoo boy, mustachio style was challenged by an... Amish beard?!?! Wuut? xD

aawwwww! xD

and now I shall stop my merrymaking here. I hope this light-hearted finish did not ruin the amazingness of the BRIGHT STREAM PV, because it truly is incredible and deep. m( _ _ )m I will now go watch it again and have my heart be broken by Nana-san's sadness and then have it mended by her determination~!


  1. I waited till I watched both the PV and nico stream. Which is why it took some time for me to comment. The PV is really beautifully made and also meaningful. I guess it's the first one of the all the previous PVs which has a deeper meaning. Perhaps PhanMin, I am not sure. Anyhow BS PV might become my new favourite. :)

    I think the metaphor does hint for a renai relation and all that 'hold me tight' poses. <3
    IIRC Nana-san did explained in the stream the gist of the story. And the dolls touching hands at the end scene was so nicely done. D'aawww

    As I was saying, I also watched the nico stream -being slowpoke here-. I couldnt be more in heartattack mode than ever. Nana's cuteness AND sexiness were just off chart. Onee chan and imouto Nana were just hnngg. Being waifu and doing the cliche quote in a wrong way was just teasing. I wouldnt say trolling but I wanted to hear the exact words I expected ><. Luckily it became all silly with the beard and moustache ww.

    I enjoy watching it a lot. More than the JunPara one. But did they say they will do it next time on the beach?? But I guess Nana-san in bikini would be NG orz. Thats for sure.

    I hope a HD version of the nico stream will appear somewhere. It will be glorious and all the blood will be drained AGAIN www

    Cheers, Okami!!

    1. You're probably right there, this might indeed be the Nana PV that has the deepest meaning so far. Definitely one of my top favorites too. ^^

      Those poses in the PV are such a tease, really makes you just wanna hug her and be like "Aaawww Nana!" ww xD And you're right, she did explain stuff about the PV in the streaming. Which I have to say I enjoyed more than the JunPara one too, the different kinds of Nana definitely did it for me. Omochikaerii~~!<3 They were indeed talking about having the next one on the beach and someone suggested Nana should wear a bikini to which she just commented that she already did a photo shoot in one many years ago. Guess she only wants to give us the pleasure once.. T.T

      Also, I kind of doubt there'll be a HD version of the nico stream, I mean, the quality of the nico stream wasn't too great and I don't think they show it elsewhere? Or do they? I don't know. xD I would definitely love a HD version of it though. <3


    Here is a 720p version of the 水樹奈々のniconico STREAM posted. Its probably the best quality avaiable. At least, i haven't seen a better one.

    1. Oh sweet, thank you so much! I was actually recently thinking how I would want to watch that again. You read my mind. :D