Wednesday, 23 May 2012


So yeah, a preview of the METRO BAROQUE PV has been released!

I was going to wait for the full PV before I write anything about it, but yeaaah, no way I could wait that long. The preview was way too awesome for me to keep quiet about it. xD

First off, I really like how Nana-chan is zooming back and forth in her red dress. Makes me think of this really awesome Twilight parody on YouTube that I saw ages ago (way better than the movies haha), since they had Edward walk away in a similar fashion. Not that I am comparing Nana-sama to that, the zooming just reminded me of it. xD But due to that, it does bring the word vampire into my head, which I guess is fitting considering this is a Blood-C song. I also really love that part where she splits in two... well, there are four such parts in the preview so the second one is what I am talking about now. It in turn makes me think of how I was saying some time ago that Nana-chan could've done all the cool dancing herself instead of that guy in the Synchrogazer PV, since now she's doing a similar sort of thing - and I really love it!

And then to my favorite part - Nana with a katana!!! キタ━━(゚∀゚)━━!!!!!! Wahhh, I am so happy about that somehow. xD There is just something magical about Nana with a blade (well, there is always something magical about her, but you know). Definitely highlights the fact that this is the song of a girl who has been betrayed by everyone and who is out for revenge - so yeah in other words, Saya's song. Really looking forward to seeing more katana swinging action in the full PV (inb4 the preview contained all of it xD). \o/

Also, since I like to talk about similarities between Nana's PVs - does the Nana lying on table part remind anyone else of Silent Bible? I mean this:

Okay so she doesn't look like an innocent child in the METRO BAROQUE PV (she looks absolutely gorgeous doesn't she? I mean oh my god that stare after the table part), but still. :D

I'd like to make more comments and observations about the PV, but I think I better wait till I see the whole thing. So, I shall end it here for now!

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