Saturday, 5 May 2012


Wahhhh, so so so so happyyyyy to get theseeee! <3

I am so grateful to Finland and its efficient and fast post services. From Japan to here in just 2 days! I have to say though that I nearly shat my pants today, since my package had arrived at the customs but I hadn't gotten the arrival notification in the mail yet (horrible horrible disappointment when I thought I'd have to wait over the weekend)... but luckily, picking up with just the order number was possible! That made me so happy I could've nearly cried.

And man was I so happy too when the player on my laptop that I use for Blurays did not complain at all! I usually have the bad karma of it stopping working when I get a new Nana Bluray (because of some impossible to acquire update missing etc) and then I desperately need to find a new one... BUT NOT TODAY, OH NOHOHOHO!

Thus, all the free time I have in the next few days (aka when I am not working) will be dedicated to pure blissful Nana goodness. Nothing will come between me reliving my amazing LIVE CASTLE and JOURNEY (okay so the concert I went to from JOURNEY is not included, but I don't care!) experiences! 7th Heaven awaits, see you on the other side!

P.S. I was planning on resisting the posters for now, but no dice. I MUST put them on my wall. Sorry Yuna, your time is up.

Also I have to say, definitely the best [name day] I've ever had. xD Surprisingly many people remembered to wish me a happy name day too, hahahaaa, not that it matters...


  1. High five!! my copies came in yesterday, I have to say that you're right wine told me the BD experience would be just as awesome !!

    1. Yay high five! \o/ Deshou! The BDs really are stunning - Nana is so amazing. Ahh, perfection. <3 So what did you think about LIVE CASTLE? :)

    2. I loved it!! moved to tears at the end of king and queen nights. but my favorite part was watching the cherry boys dance !! so awesome !!

    3. Yes! The end of both nights had the same effect on me! Nana's MC before Ano Hi Yume Mita Negai moves me especially. Bless her. <3 Haha so I love how they made the Cherry Boys dance, so great. I also really love the Team Yoda showcase(ah the song <3) and Nana's 1..2...1..2..3..4's! too much cuteness. xD Seeing all that again really leaves me craving for more. I really really hope I can go to LIVE UNION! >.<

  2. BANZAI!! Kitaaa!!

    I might be asking for long shot ... Did you also preordered at CDJapan?

    I could guess the post office in your country is much better. Yesterday I checked my tracking code; the package has arrived on 9th May. Yet I haven't received anything. Blame the donkey post office here! How dare they T_T

    Anyways enjoy your BDs!!

    1. Haha yes I did preorder from CDJapan too. xD

      Maybe yours got stuck in the customs too? :( But yeah, Finland's post seems to be really amazing with CDJapan. When they sent me Synchrogazer, I got it a day before the release. o_o

      The BDs really are worth the wait though. <3 Hope you'll get to enjoy yours soon too! \o/